Scientists: in the treatment of diabetes can helpintestinal cells

Fri, Mar 14, 2014

Опытные исследования ученых показали, что intestinal cells при
certain conditions are able to transform into cells
synthesizing insulin. As you know, the lack of insulin is
cause of diabetes. Insignificant part of cells
insulin is present in the intestines. As it turned out, the transplantation of these cells
in the pancreas helps to improve the condition of people
suffering from diabetes. After a certain amount
transformations, the cell can turn into a beta cell,
producing insulin.

Experiments on laboratory rodents have shown that in the work
endocrine system also involved the intestine, whose cells
able to produce insulin. Based on the fact that in
intestinal epithelial cells very much, they are constantly
are being restored, we can safely say that scientists are on
threshold for the discovery of quality treatment of diabetes.

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