Scientists: attractive people get sick significantlyless often

Mon, 07 Jul 2014

Учеными было доказано, что привлекательные люди значительно less often
have heart and endocrine diseases. Looking at all,
beautiful people pay more attention to their health regularly
undergo routine medical examinations.

This assumption was confirmed by an experimental study, in
which was attended by 15 thousand volunteers with different
looks. During the survey, the subjects were taken into account, their
age, various social factors.

It turned out that people who considered themselves unattractive,
much more often were exposed to various somatic
diseases. According to psychologists, the moral attitude of a person in
largely determines his physical condition. how
usually depressive mood provokes an imbalance in work
various systems and organs. Moreover, self-confident people
They pay considerable attention to their body, which determines
their health condition.

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