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Thu, 25 Aug 2016

Ham salads – general principles and cooking methods

Ham is a great ingredient for salad use.
which makes the dish more nourishing and nutritious. This product
goes well with cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes and sweet red
pepper is not surprising that these ingredients are present in
most recipes.

Ham salads are prepared very quickly because the product is not
requires additional processing, as is the case with the same
chicken, beef or fish. If among the ingredients for salad
eat fresh vegetables, they just cut pretty small

Mayonnaise is traditionally used to refuel dishes, sometimes
An alternative to it can serve as kefir. For lovers of salads with
oil, perfect mix of mustard, black pepper, vinegar,
olive oil and salt.

Ham Salads – Food Preparation

The ham salad making process is incredibly simple
no prior preparation of products is required,
it is enough that all the ingredients are finely chopped or rubbed
(we are talking about hard cheese) and stacked in special containers for
filing on the table.

Recipe 1: Salad with Cheese and Ham

Hearty and nutritious salad. The recipe has long been adopted
Russian mistresses who do not forget about him the day before
solemn meeting guests.

Ингредиенты: – 150 граммов ветчины;- 2 яйца;- 1
Bulgarian pepper; – 250 grams of cherry tomatoes; – 100 grams
hard cheese; – 150 grams of salad; – 4 tablespoons of olive
oils; – 1 teaspoon of French mustard; – 2 tablespoons
wine vinegar; – black ground pepper; – salt.

Cooking method

Ham cut into small cubes or strips, the same
do with peppers and boiled eggs. Cheese can be accessed as
want, for example, cut into pieces or grate on a large
grater. Cherry tomatoes enough to split in half.

Getting to the salad, in no case can not cut it, otherwise
taste and aroma will be lost, beautiful green pieces will darken.
Salad tear hands.

Dressing for our ham salad will be specially
cooked sauce. We mix vinegar to a uniform consistence,
olive oil, mustard, black pepper and salt.

All the ingredients of the salad with ham mix and refuel
the sauce.

Recipe 2: Salad with Ham and Mushrooms

Mushrooms wonderfully complement the ham, giving it a special taste and

Ингредиенты: – 200 граммов ветчины (можно взять
balyk, bacon or ham); – 300 grams of champignons; – 3 eggs; – 2
bulbs; – 250 grams of tomatoes; – 250 grams of mayonnaise; – black
ground pepper; – several spoons of vegetable oil; – salt.

Cooking method

Boil mushrooms in advance, cut into small pieces, fry
in vegetable oil for 10-15 minutes. Finely chopped onion,
fry in vegetable oil.

Ham cut into cubes or straws.

Яйца натереть на grater.

Separately, cut the tomatoes into small pieces, after which
Be sure to drain the juice (if it appeared), otherwise the salad will be
look not very presentable.

All the ingredients for the salad mix, pepper and salt.

The final touch is to add mayonnaise.

Recipe 3: Cocktail Salad with Ham

It would seem ordinary products, but sweetish taste added
fruit completely changes the attitude to the salad, makes it
incredibly juicy, letting you call a beautiful word

Ингредиенты: – 300 граммов отварного куриного
fillet (too dry meat should not be taken, it is better to mix the legs and
breast); – 150 grams of ham; – 50 grams of hard cheese; – 3 eggs; –
1 fresh cucumber; – 2 ripe kiwis; – 50 grams of canned
corn; – 100 grams of mayonnaise or sour cream; – greens (dill,
parsley); – salt.

Cooking method

Ham and chicken cut into small strips, the same
сделать с отварными яйцами и киви, сыр натереть на крупной grater.
Prepare mayonnaise or sour cream sauce, you can mix the ingredients
in the proportion of 50×50.

Putting the ingredients in the bowls or salads in such a way
so that the products create a harmony of color. Sauce is poured on top

To saturate all the layers, you need to put a cocktail salad
for 1-1.5 hours in the fridge.

Recipe 4: Salad with ham and cucumbers

Slavs quite often put pickles in a salad, it is worth
note that this product is very advantageous with

Ингредиенты:– 300 граммов ветчины;- 150 граммов
hard cheese; – 2 medium-sized pickled cucumbers; – 2 boiled
eggs; – 100 grams of mayonnaise; – dill or parsley; – salt.

Cooking method

Cut ham into small strips of approximately the same size.
there must be a straw of cucumbers. Cheese is not required to grind
manually, you can grate it. By the same principle as with
cheese, we work with eggs. Prepared Salad Ingredients
mix, salt, dressing with mayonnaise. After the salad with
ham and cucumber is in a salad bowl, it should be on top
sprinkle with cheese and herbs.

Ham Salads – Tips from the Experienced cooks

Try to use dry ham in salads. If from her
water trickles (it happens), squeeze out the product a little, before
by how to chop.

how правило, ветчина нарезается в салат мелкой соломкой, так ее
the taste is more refined.

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