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Salad Garnet bracelet – general principles and methods

Pomegranate since the time of Adam and Eve is called a ruby ​​nugget,
It was he who grew up in the Garden of Eden and was called the “Paradise Apple.” On
in fact, this berry with a large number (400-700 pieces) edible
seed, medicine and treat at the same time. We use pomegranate
for decorative design of our “garnet bracelet”.

Its name, quite obviously, got a salad because of its
appearance – ring with garnet “stones” resembles the shape
bracelet. To achieve this kind of completely easy – just put
in the middle of the dish is a glass, a jar or a bottle, in general, something round
and volumetric, and then carefully remove this item.

Salad garnet bracelet – preparation of products

�The “right” pomegranate is dry looking, but juicy inside.
The crust of a ripe fruit is slightly dried, and a little tight on the grain.
If the skin is smooth, it means that it is torn off ahead of time. On ощупь
it should be hard, but should not be at the junction with the handle
be green. Best used last year’s grenades –
Their bones become soft, and the grains themselves are sweet and juicy.
To peel a grenade, cut it crosswise at the tail and
dip into the water – this will help avoid splashes from the berries.

Salad garnet bracelet – the best recipes

Recipe 1: Classic Garnet Bracelet

The classic “Pomegranate Bracelet” is a layered salad with a large
number of ingredients, decorated with pomegranate seeds. Some
they also call it “meat fur coat”, since it consists of layers
vegetables and meat.

Ингредиенты: Свекла (2 шт), яйца (2 шт),
carrot (2 pieces), chicken (best is smoked bacon, 200 gr),
potatoes (2pcs), pomegranate (1-2 pcs), nuts, garlic, mayonnaise, salt,
pepper, onion (1 piece).

Способ preparations

Prepare the products, and then form our puff miracle. Three
coarse grated boiled vegetables. Garlic skip through
garlic and add to mayonnaise. Chicken fillet cut into cubes or
straws. Finely chop the onion and fry in a frying pan. Onша задача –
get the shape of the bracelet, we decide it with a cup,
put in the middle of a salad bowl, around it we will lay out
layers. You can gradually add salt to potatoes or eggs. If a
split the ingredients, layers can turn a half to two
more, but, as practice shows, there is no special
necessary – missed with mayonnaise, they are so beautiful
soaked. So – we spread the layers, we coat it on top
mayonnaise, lay out a pattern of pomegranate grains. Last move
– remove the glass, and here it is ready, our juicy and very rich in appearance
гранатовый bracelet. Put it in the fridge – let it soak
It’s better to surprise the guests not only with exquisite views, but also
extraordinary taste.

Recipe 2: “Pomegranate Bracelet” with cucumbers

In principle, many recipes of the pomegranate bracelet differ between
just adding one or two ingredients, while
taste changes. Onпример, можно брать копченое или вареное мясо,
chicken or boiled beef. In this recipe, we replaced smoked
chicken boiled, but they added pickles, so they got
a completely new dish, but in form all the same garnet bracelet –
rare jewel, a real holiday.

Ингредиенты: яйцо (4 шт),гранат, маринованные
cucumbers (4 pcs), beets (1 pc), walnuts (100 gr), cheese (preferably
solid, 200 g), mayonnaise.

Способ preparations.

Everything is also preparing the ingredients – boil vegetables and eggs,
cut and rub. We put all the same glass and spread around
there are layers of it: meat, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, chicken fillet with onions,
beets with nuts. Sprinkle with cheese, mayonnaise and decorate
“precious stones” – pomegranate grains. Onша красота должна
soak in, put the salad for this in the fridge, wrapping it
food wrap.

Recipe 3: Pomegranate Bracelet with Sour Cream and Tabasco Sauce

If a ингредиенты гранатового браслета практически неизменны, но
I want something new – let’s try to change the taste
Salad with dressing. Replace mayonnaise with sour cream, and give it to her
piquancy with Tabasco sauce – garanat bracelet will be
not only precious, but also sharper, airy. Onстоящий
aristocratic salad.

Ингредиенты ( 4 порции): яйца (2 шт), соус
Tabasco, onion (2 pcs), carrots (2 pcs), pomegranate, nuts, sour cream, chicken
(fillet, 150 grams), garlic, potatoes (3 pieces), beets (1 piece).

Способ preparations

Boil egg vegetables and separately rub on a coarse grater. Meat
Boil and cut into small pieces. Fry onion
vegetable oil. Chop nuts and mix with beets.

Cooking dressing: Peel and crush the garlic, in small
Bowl whisk sour cream with Tabasco and garlic sauce. First layer
We lay out the potatoes, then the onion with chicken and carrots, nuts with
beets, all smeared with sour cream dressing and finally lay out
pomegranate grains. We clean the glass very carefully. This salad is possible
serve immediately, sour cream very quickly soaks the layers, our
блюдо будет сочным уже сразу после preparations.

Recipe 4: Cheese and Garlic Garnet Bracelet Salad

The well-known cheese “Spark” is quite possible
модифицировать, если добавить к нему орехи и pomegranate grains. Cheese
“pomegranate bracelet” – this is not a heavy layered meat salad for you. it
a delicate dish, a precious and delicious snack.

Ингредиенты: Гранат (1 крупный), грецкие орехи
(1 cup), hard cheese (200 grams), garlic, mayonnaise, salt.

Способ preparations

We sort pomegranates into grains, rub cheese and fry nuts.
Add garlic to cheese and dress with mayonnaise. We post in
salad bowl, sprinkled with pomegranate seeds.

Salad garnet bracelet – useful tips experienced

Sweet and Sour Pomegranate Sauce: Another Sauce Recipe
make garnet “pebbles” sound in a new way: grind the white 3
yolk and add one egg, 50 gr. sugar and a spoonful of flour. Pour in
this mixture 200 grams of pomegranate juice and cook over low heat,
until the mass becomes thick. Pour into a glass bowl and
beat until cool. We add whipped cool cream (100
gr) – it turns out a great dressing, a real pomegranate sauce.
It does not require a lot of vegetables and meat – to form
salad, enough beets with onions and pomegranate seeds.


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