Salad fur coat – the best recipes. How to anddeliciously prepare salad coat.

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Fur coat salad – long-loved by all popular recipe, variations
which is a great many. If you apply fantasy, then you
each time you get a new original dish.

Salad fur coat – general principles and methods of cooking

The main principle of this salad is to lay all products in layers.
Some housewives smear each layer with mayonnaise, while others
pour over it already prepared salad. It all depends on personal tastes.
and preferences. The name “fur coat” already says that it
must be on something “dressed.” A product that requires clothing may
serve herring, all kinds of meat, liver, mushrooms, etc. Also
There is an “empty” fur coat that can be cooked in a post or

Salad fur coat – food preparation

Preparation of products for this salad is mainly
cooking and peeling vegetables, and then chopping them into small cubes or
on a large float. In order to save more useful
trace elements in vegetables, it is preferable to cook them in a double boiler
or bake in the oven (can be in foil or sleeve). This salad will be
much tastier.

Fur salad – the best recipes

Recipe 1: Salad fur coat “Traditional” (herring under a fur coat)

The most traditional recipe, which helped by its simplicity and
popular not one hundred hostesses.


Medium-sized beets – 1 pc .; potatoes – 2 pcs .; large
carrots – 1 pc .; onions – 1 pc; herring – 1 pc. or herring fillet – 2
pieces; mayonnaise; vegetable oil – 2 table. lie.; boiled egg – 1
piece; green onions.

Cooking method

Cook separately beets, potatoes and carrots, cool them,
peel and coarsely rub. Peel herring, disassemble the fillet.
Cut the onion and herring into small cubes.

At the bottom of the oval dish tightly lay cubes of the whole herring,
on top of it – chopped onion and evenly watered with vegetable
oil Next put products in thick layers, smearing
each mayonnaise: potatoes, mayonnaise, carrots, mayonnaise, beets.
Top salad also smear nicely with mayonnaise, sprinkle mashed
fork an egg and finely chopped green onions. Put for
soak in the fridge for at least 5 hours.

Recipe 2: Salad fur coat with meat

Hearty salad, in which everything can serve as a meat component
what is available to you – boiled tongue, chicken, beef, fried
pork, poultry (including smoked) and just any sausage.


Any prepared meat – 200 g; butter – 50 g; hard cheese –
50 g; green apple – 1 pc .; boiled egg – 2 pcs; purple
(regular) onions – 1 pc .; salt; vinegar; mayonnaise.

Cooking method

Cut meat and onions into small cubes. Apple, hard cheese and
grate large eggs. Products spread on the prepared dish
layers, each of which is carefully smearing with mayonnaise. At first
meat, salt and pepper it, grease with mayonnaise. Then bow
sprinkle with vinegar, smear with mayonnaise. Next – eggs, a little
salted and seasoned with mayonnaise. Grated peeled apple
mayonnaise. Тёртый сыр, и снова — mayonnaise. Top salad to decorate
grated frozen butter and put to tincture in the fridge
hours at 3.

Recipe 3: Salad Gelatin Fur Coat

A truly festive meal. To fill it you can
use any figure shape, the contours of which subsequently and
will get a salad.


Slightly salted herring – 1 pc .; boiled eggs – 3 pcs .; large
potatoes – 3 pieces; average beet – 2 pieces; mayonnaise; parsley; gelatin –

Cooking method

Peel carrots and potatoes, boil them in large quantities.
water, adding to it the onion, bay leaf, salt and pepper to taste.
In a separate saucepan, boil the beets, and at this time put
swell gelatin.

Cut the herring into small cubes. Carrots, eggs, and beets
separately potato grate large. In vegetable broth (300
ml), remaining from cooking potatoes with carrots, dissolve the gelatin.
From this amount, 70 ml is poured, and the rest is mixed with

A mixture of jellied broth and mayonnaise gently add to
ingredients separately, but not herring.

Place chopped parsley at the bottom of the form, and then alternately
layers, letting everyone froze well in the fridge: first the beets,
then potatoes, carrots and eggs. At the very end – herring, which
pour broth with gelatin, but without mayonnaise. Again give good in
freeze up the fridge. Next – again pour a layer of potatoes, and
when it hardens – a layer of carrots. Leave in the fridge for
tinctures for the night. Before serving, turn the form on the beautiful
dish to beets on top. Portioned cut.

Recipe 4: Salad “Empty Fur”

Alternative to all meat and fish “fur coats”. Perfect fit
for vegetarians or for those who fast.


Marinated (salted) cucumbers – 4 pcs., Medium potatoes – 4
pieces; boiled eggs – 4 pieces; onions – 1 piece; large beets – 1

Cooking method

Boil potatoes and beets separately in the skin and cool.
Cucumbers, potatoes and egg whites cut into small cubes. Beetroot
large rub. Lay on the dish layers in such
sequences, each dressing with mayonnaise: cucumbers, potatoes,
squirrels, beets. Top salad also smear mayonnaise and sprinkle
crumpled yolks. Let it brew for 2 hours
the fridge.

Salad fur coat – useful tips from experienced chefs

The taste of this salad depends on the quality of mayonnaise and
freshness of other products.


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