Safe weight loss with water issimply!

pohudenie-s-pomoshchu-vodiWeight reduction with water
assumes that for a certain period of time, you
Do not eat solid food at all, replacing it with abundant consumption
clean spring water.

In almost all religions of the world, this approach is used as
spiritual ritual to completely cleanse the body of accumulated toxins,
and symbolizes a new beginning.

Experts warn that losing weight with water, of course,
may lead to some weight loss, but you are likely to quickly
get better back as soon as you return to what you are accustomed to
food intake.

But! An important feature of water starvation is that
it can give you an impetus to form a whole new look.
on your meals, provided, of course, that you are ready for this, as
physically and psychologically.


So, is weight loss effective with water?


To help your body slow down digestion and
smoothly switch to self-purification of toxins,
A few days before the start of your fasting, eat light meals that
contain raw fruits and vegetables, small portions of lean protein and
brown rice

Then 2 – 3 days before the start of your post, stop performing
any kind of physically strenuous activity or making important and
responsible decisions. Although your main goal is the loss
weight gain, but regular workouts should also be suspended.

Special features

The essence of losing weight with water is pretty simple – you use
water only for a set number of days. If a
this is your first experience, set the duration of the post equal to
one day to analyze how will react to it
your body. Drink as much water as you like, and
use all your free time to read or meditate.


Water starvation can make you feel weak and
dizziness. Be prepared to quickly lose weight up to 5 kg. for a few
days, but take into account the fact that most of this weight
makes up the liquid and she will most likely return as soon as you
start eating again. It is also possible to increase
irritability during fasting.


This type of weight loss will help you to establish a delicate relationship with
your appetite – really the feeling of hunger will allow you
feel your responses to various food
promptings Supporters of Paul Bragg – probably the most famous
fans of wellness fasting – believe that temporary
restrictions on food can significantly prolong your life and
delay the onset of chronic diseases.

Fasting can fix the function of your liver,
kidney and lymphatic system in cleaning the body of toxins that
helps you digest food more efficiently when you return to
solid food.

But remember that in the long run, you should not
count on fasting as a way to lose weight fast at home
conditions. After all, only a healthy and balanced diet combined
with daily moderate activity and regular physical
exercise is the only proven method of long-term
weight loss.

A warning

Although you can burn a small amount of fat with this
Here is a specific liquid diet, but also in the bargain you will lose and
part of the muscle tissue, and this, as you know, leads to a slowdown

Fasting for more than 2–3 days can cause
unpleasant side effects such as sensitivity to low
temperatures, digestive diseases, brittle nails and increased

Repeated fasting periods can cause heart problems.
due to malnutrition. And for some people, it is generally
contraindicated: with insufficient weight, pregnant and lactating
women, people with eating disorders and anemia, and
people with chronic illnesses such as cancer, lung diseases
and diabetes.

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