Running on the ladder for weight loss

  • 1 Running in the stairwell for weight loss
    • 1.1 How is stair climbing useful?
    • 1.2 Which muscle groups work?
    • 1.3 How many calories are burned?
    • 1.4 Training Program

Which people do not want to lose weight? Weight Loss –
everyone’s dream. Even the laziest person thinks about it, regardless
by gender, age, income level and social status. However not
everyone has the opportunity to visit the gym and the more
to work under the guidance of a personal trainer. All this requires
financial and time costs. Most people give up and
keeps wearing hateful fat Do not despair,
There is a way out – this is a run in the stairwell.


Running in the stairwell for weight loss

The simplicity of this type of training in the availability, benefits for
health and effective weight loss. To visit the hall is required
время на дорогу и денежные затраты. Need to tune your
life under the schedule of the hall and coach. Many feel embarrassed to go to
gym, thinking that will cause mockery. Running on
the stairs simplifies everything. No need to run somewhere,
adapt to someone else’s schedule. All you need is to wear
uniform and go to the landing.

Процесс такой тренировки имеет ряд преимуществ, перед
cardio exercises in the gym:

  • Nobody presses psychologically and does not drive.
  • A competent coach is very difficult to find. Despite the great
    the amount of advertising by highly qualified specialists is very small
    and their services are quite expensive.
  • You can independently schedule training.
    Individually plan the training process itself, its scope and

Customized graphics results will benefit.
health, weight loss and relaxation of the nervous system.

What is useful for running stairs?

Say about this kind of exercise, you can simply – run up the stairs
in the entrance benefit for the whole body.

Of course, this type of training is much more difficult than running
jogging or walking. But this is its advantage. AT
the process of training is a powerful load not only on the bottom,
but also on the upper body.

Positive effect on the cardiovascular
system, it works much more actively. Это способствует
увеличению кровообращения
. Blood saturates the muscles
as a result, they gain momentum for growth. ATаша фигура будет
the envy of others. AT процессе регулярных тренировок
joints and ligaments will be strengthened, and in fact they are responsible for the whole
the motility of our movements.

Помимо перечисленного ходьба по лестнице имеет
терапевтическое воздействие
. Noticeable weight loss
укрепление сердечно-сосудистой системы и практически всех
muscles, joints and ligaments not only has a positive effect on
appearance and well-being, but also contributes to the prevention of many
diseases. Reduced risk of increased or
low blood pressure, intractable scoliosis,
age-related varicose veins, diseases
cardiovascular system, acute obesity, oncological

The most important thing – the body is less susceptible to age

What muscle groups work?

Most people are confident that for complex muscle development
It requires a wide range of exercises and a huge set of sports
equipment. However, this is not quite true. Running on лестнице вовлечет в
the work of most muscle groups, the largest of which is in the body
human – legs.

When running on the stairs the following groups work
икроножные, бедренные, квадрицепс, ягодичные,
abdominal, back muscles. The stabilizing muscles are engaged, which
keep the body upright. No matter how strange it is
It sounded, but the shoulder girdle and neck muscles also get a load.

AT зависимости от направления движения нагрузка распределяется
differently. When walking down the stairs gets a big load
ankle Walking upward loads the knees.

How many calories are burned?

In terms of energy costs, this type of training is much
surpasses other types of cardio. AT единицу времени занятие
сжигает очень большое количество килокалорий.

The total amount depends on the duration of the workout.

How many calories are burned while running in the stairwell

  • 5 минут – 90 калорий,
  • 10 min. – 190 calories,
  • 20 minutes. – 390 calories,
  • 30 min. – 540 calories,
  • 45 min. – 800 калорий,
  • 60 min – 1100 calories.

Training program

There is a universal training program that fits
all But before you start training yourself, you need to
determine whether this type of load is suitable for a person. If you had
the place to be an injury to the joints, especially the knees and the ankle,
consult a doctor. If there are no contraindications, feel free to

ATначале следует, определит срепень физической подготовки
losing weight To do this, you need to run in a light pace a few
flown and measure your pulse. If pulse is over 140 forty
strikes, then you will need to start training from walking and not from running
the stairs.

Running on the ladder for weight loss — программа

The first month – adaptation. Need to do
three times a week, for example – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Plan your activities for weight loss in the daytime or evening,
so as not to disturb the inhabitants of the house. Between workouts at least one
day of rest. Start with a warm-up. First you need good
warm up joints, ligaments and muscles with simple exercises. ATыполните
tilts, lunges, squats, body and arm rotation.

The approximate program of walking on the steps for weight loss
at the initial stage it may look like this:

We are engaged on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • Warm up 5 minutes:
  • 10 forward bends
  • 10 squats,
  • 10 lunge,
  • ATращения руками и case.
  • Walking – 5 floors up, 5 floors down. ATыполняется 3 круга без
  • Hitch – stretching 5 minutes (exercise, do already at home).

ATторник, четверг, суббота, воскресенье – выходные. AT выходные
days do exercises on the press. These may be ordinary twists.
or the complicated lath. Start also with a warm-up, after
proceed to exercise:

  • Twisting – 15 to 3 sets.
  • Scissors – 20 to 4 sets.
  • Planck – 1 minute. (you can do 3 times, resting 2-3

ATо вторую, третью и четвертую недели первого месяца занятий
gradually increase the number and height of ascents and descents, and
also the number of repetitions in the warm-up exercises. The main thing is not
lazy and progress does not take long. After the first month
training the body adapts, and you can go on a run
on the ladder for weight loss.

Training program этого этапа может выглядеть

We also do every other day – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

  • Warm up 5-10 minutes6
  • 30 forward bends
  • 20 приседаний, 10 выпадов, вращения руками и
  • Running – 5 floors up, 5 floors down. ATыполняется 3 круга, отдых
    between the circles for 2 minutes.
  • Hitch – stretching 5-10 minutes.

AT выходные дни помимо упражнений на пресс следует добавить в
push-up and pull-up program. AT процессе занятий нагрузку
It is necessary to increase smoothly and gradually bring the time of the races to
hours Remember the main thing in any workout is not the number, but

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