Running for weight loss – training program

  • 1 program for running on the track for weight loss
    • 1.1 Simple effective training program
    • 1.2 Program for beginners
    • 1.3 the program of interval running for weight loss

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of cardiovascular training in order to
losing weight The best way to lose weight and keep it
at the required level is running. Run can and should be all
who does not have this special contraindications. If your ok
pressure, no problems with joints, then more than ideal
burn excess body fat all over your body, tone up
muscle and get well, just does not exist. That is why in the morning and
there are so many runners in the parks in the evening, and in the gyms they are busy
all treadmills. Running is useful at any age, because it
Excellent training for the cardiovascular system
musculoskeletal, massage for other internal organs
and a dose of endorphins useful for mood.

In order to lose weight, jogging can be independent.
полноценной тренировкой, а может быть частью занятий в
the gym.
In general, and in terms of losing weight more
effective is street jogging. Yes, running through the area, not by
treadmill causes the body to do a lot of work in
unit of time. On the ground the runner independently makes efforts
to move your body in space, and the running belt
the track moves itself, thereby giving a short rest
supporting leg and the whole body. Yes, and energy consumption for
the same time on the track is less than on the street, but he
there is. But there are many arguments to give preference to running

Here are the main ones:

  • Комфорт. Classes on the track at a convenient
    temperature and humidity levels are much more comfortable,
    than on the street. You will not be forced to skip the workout because
    precipitation, excessive heat or cold. In addition, suffering
    frequent bronchitis, sinusitis, can maintain health,
    doing exclusively on the simulator, and doing it all the time,
    without being distracted by your treatment.
  • Безопасность. Of course, injuries are not excluded when
    any kind of physical activity, but they are not on the treadmill. Knowing
    and adhering to the correct technique of running, you are missing
    the chance to tuck the leg due to the uneven surface,
    slip or fall. The soft surface of the walkway will
    soften your landing, protect the leg joints and spine from
    excessive shock load.
  • Функциональность. You can choose the pace of running,
    type of terrain (angle of inclination), which makes exercise on the simulator
    identical to the street. The presence of sensors showing the distance
    time and speed as well as heart rate allows
    to train under control, therefore, as safe as possible and

The program for running on the track for weight loss

Have you installed a treadmill at home or are visiting
gym to run on the simulator – great.
Занимаетесь вы для избавления от лишних килограммов, если
from physical exertion, you use only running,
the duration of your workout should be 50-60
The thing is that when jogging, convenient for
you speed mode, fatty tissue begins to burn, starting at 20
cardio load minutes. Up to this point, the body gets rid of
glycogen in the liver.

Running about an hour is not so easy, even slowly. Body
need strength for such a load. They should be taken from carbohydrates,
which must be consumed before training for approximately 60
minutes Since the goal of running on a treadmill is the desired weight loss,
you need to eat carbohydrates according to future energy costs, and
better even less. Так, перед бегом продолжительностью 50
minutes recommended to eat about 25 grams of carbohydrates.
may be, for example, one banana or a pair of small peaches. After
running is desirable to take food in half an hour. You can already enable
protein (boiled chicken breast or chicken egg omelet),
which will serve as a building material for your muscles.

Coming to the gym not only for running, but also for the program
power loads with the help of other simulators, welcome
by many coaches. And they are right. Exceptionally thin body without
fat and without a beautiful muscular form looks unattractive,
even girls.

Here the training program and necessary for losing weight
running time varies somewhat. Engage on the track
better immediately after the exercise to build muscle
masses. Afterдующий бег, когда гликоген уже израсходован в процессе
power program may be shorter in time and be around
15-20 minutes In this case, all this time will burn only
fat mass.

Simple effective training program

The ideal program for running on a treadmill for weight loss –
regular. Do not exhaust yourself with daily workouts.
Достаточно заниматься 3-4 раза в неделю, стараясь
do not miss classes. Over time, increasing their stamina and
power indicators you can feel that you can include in
Your weekly program is fast and long lasting.
Increase the load on the body and exercise more often. Not
you should also forget about the warm-up and hitch before and after
Warm joints, ligaments and
the muscles that will do the work. After того, как вы
work out, you need to do a good stretching, she
will lengthen the contracted muscle fibers and avoid pain in
body after exercise.

Running for weight loss – lightweight program

  1. Warm up
  2. Slow walking at a calm pace: 5 minutes
  3. Notбольшое ускорение — спокойный медленный бег : 10 мин.
  4. Moderate run: 10 min.
  5. Slow walking: 5 min.

Reinforced program: 

  1. Warm up
  2. Walking at a calm pace – 5 min.
  3. Moderate running – 5 min.
  4. The fastest – 10 min.
  5. Moderate – 5 min.
  6. The fastest – 10 min.
  7. Walking at a calm pace – 5 min.

Program for beginners

The treadmill program for beginners only
losing weight should not be very intense, like u
trained and hardy people. Perhaps you have a lot
overweight and little muscle mass, and running requires effort. Not
should run, gasping and overcoming painful sensations. First
two weeks beginners should run at a slow pace for
15-20 minutes Gradually, the body will get used to the loads and will
ready for more intensive and long-term training.

Not думайте, что высокоинтенсивный и долгий бег – это непременный
залог быстрого losing weight Success in this matter depends not only on
speed and time, and more from the correct load, it will also
safe. Each person, depending on age, weight,
level of endurance and overall health is your “worker”
threshold. it та частота пульса и терпимая нагрузка, при которой ваш
running is comfortable, but not too much.

Such a pace is considered effective and safe for beginners.
running, in which you breathe with your mouth closed, you can talk to
running alongside a man. Focus on your feelings
looking at the pulse sensor built into the simulator. Load at
running for men should be more than for women.

Running program for weight loss

  1. Warm up
  2. Calm pitch 8 min.
  3. Moderate run 8 min.
  4. Walking 8 min.
  5. Moderate run 8 min.
  6. Calm pitch 8 min.

The program of interval running for weight loss

As the experience of people experiencing efficiency
running different duration and intensity, an excellent option
lose weight by running is an interval program
load. The alternation of walking and running, jogging and sprint is excellent
spins up metabolism. Even after 15 minutes of this alternating
running about 12 hours of subsequent rest, metabolic processes in
body pass very quickly, thereby not giving the body
put off excess fat.

Interval running program can be

  1. Brisk walk 3 minutes
  2. Low intensity run 3 minutes
  3. Explosive jogging in full force for 1 minute.

Повторить все этапы следует 4-5 раз. Before
training, do not forget to warm up, and after – a hitch. For
convenience, you can make yourself a table in which in order will be
run intervals are entered, their duration and enter their
personal achievements.

Interval running is good because after the sprint, in which
burned a large number of calories, the body does not have time
reorganize to a slow run and burns with the same
amount of fat.

Such training takes much less time than a long
running, and its effect is simply amazing. It should be noted that
such loads are quite high and are suitable only for hardy people
with strong muscles, without diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Newbies,
wishing to try such a run should be done less
intensively, starting with the alternation of walking and running or according to the proposed
above program to shorten the sprint time interval. Notдельная
interval running program should include 3-4 classes.

Numerous reviews regularly running confirm that
classes on the track help to lose weight not only in the hips and
legs, but also in all problem areas of the body.

On modern treadmills, you can choose the one that suits you.
run program and lose weight as comfortable as possible, increasing your
endurance, strengthening health, achieving harmony and becoming
more beautiful with each workout.

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