Rules for weight loss Catherine Mirimanova

When I decided to write about the rules of weight loss, I immediately came to mind
the story of Katya Mirimanova. We met her on
съемках программы «Народный лечебник».  

A beautiful, slim girl entered the studio. Looking at her,
it was impossible to believe that two years ago she weighed 120

Rules for weight loss Catherine Mirimanova

Everything that Kate told me seemed very simple, and I would
never believed it, if not a personal example and a huge
the number of followers who lose weight by her method
System minus 60. Today, the famous Ekaterina Mirimanova in our
гостях,  и я готова задать  ей вопросы.

– Katya, many women who are overweight 20
kilograms and above despair. They do not believe that you can lose weight.
You dropped 60 kg. Advise where to start?

– The main thing is to believe that everything will turn out from the very beginning. Not
allow no doubt whatsoever. Not нужно глобально подходить к
the issue. Not пытайтесь сесть на голодную диету на всю оставшуюся
life, optimism in such situations melts very quickly.

It is much better to do something in the direction of your dream figure.
everyday. Let it be a small but daily effort. So
In other words, you develop a subconscious attitude to reduce
weight. And yet – try to make this process enjoyable. Lose weight
fun, and not with a dull face.

– There is an opinion that it is enough to go on a diet and weight
will leave. And the harder the diet, the better the result will be—

— Notт. That is why we repeatedly lose weight again.
The body is a smart, balanced machine that does not tolerate
bullying yourself. Therefore, the stricter the diet, the more likely
срыв, и последующий еще больший набор weight. Give up nothing
it is impossible, there is everything possible and necessary, and in normal quantities.
Just do it at the right time. Notдаром говорят «Всему
its time. “

The same product eaten at different times of the day will be
reflect differently on weight. For example, in the morning you can cake, and in the evening
no longer possible. What to do if you really want? Try this
trick: put off the dish until the morning.

Two scenarios – either you eat it before day 12,
but it will be safe for your waist, or you will not
want to. And so you can do with all the products. The main thing –
form new eating habits.

– Postpone the cake? It’s easy to say, but hard to do. AND
here’s another chocolate – an important part of the diet of many women. You too
sacrificed for the sake of beauty? ANDли можно есть все эти вкусности и
lose weight?

– I donate nothing! I eat pies, cakes, sweets, chocolate. But
if I eat chocolate, only dark. AND от молочного лучше
give up completely, there is a lot of sugar in it. But совсем исключать шоколад
not necessary!

The fact is that the longer you refuse your loved one
product, the more you want it. Sweet need to eat on
breakfast, and in those quantities in what you want it. WITH
one condition dinner should be approximately equal in volume,
so do not try to eat the whole cake right away, think what is
the same amount will have to eat in the afternoon and evening.

This is the main condition for harmonious weight loss. WITHо временем вам
need less food. But начинать вы можете со своего
the usual volume.

– And do you use biodobavki and teas for
losing weight?

— Notт. I am categorically against any dietary supplements, because I believe that
absolutely safe among them. We do not know how the body
will react to that and whether other additive, a grass. Need to know thoroughly
the state of your body, and this, alas, it can not boast
each. And who can be responsible for the quality of additives that
sold on the market today?

This is a very serious and important issue. Therefore, to avoid
unexpected reactions, from allergies to serious complications, I
I use no special means for weight loss and others too
I do not advise. But это все очень индивидуально. Someone is drinking tea and im
helps. The main thing is that everything is good.

– Catherine, share with our readers
weight loss rules.

  1. Rule number 1

    Be sure to have breakfast to run all the exchange processes in
    the body.

  2. Rule number 2

    There should be three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. AND , как я
    already said they should be approximately equal in volume and

  3. Rule number 3

    The last meal should be gradually moved to six hours.
    evenings But если вы ложитесь спать очень поздно, то поздний ужин
    available. AND все же старайтесь не есть за три-четыре часа до сна.
    WITHоблюдая это правило, вы быстрее увидите результаты своих

  4. Rule number 4

    It is important that you eat before 18:00. Notкоторые продукты, например,
    potatoes, pasta, can not be mixed at lunch with meat, which is completely
    excluded from the diet after 12 noon.

    You can make your own optimal list of products.
    or dishes that you can eat for dinner. And you are allowed for breakfast
    everything! This is your time.

  5. Rule number 5

    Not забывайте о физических упражнениях и уходом за кожей. Even
    five minutes a day dedicated to themselves are able to work wonders with your
    figure. Start with light exercises that will not call u
    you feeling irritation or resistance. In the process of losing weight
    it is important to maintain a positive attitude. And if you run through
    disgust, I’m afraid it won’t do you any good.


Not сидеть на диетах. Because those who lose weight gain weight
draconian methods. Those who are gradually moving to healthy
образу жизни, коим по сути своей является «WITHистема Минус 60», набор
weight after losing weight does not threaten, because they forever rebuilt their
body in a new way.

Dear readers, I don’t know if Merimanova’s method is suitable.
to all of you, but personally he inspires confidence in me. First, in the system
“Minus 60 ″ there is no violence against the body. And one of the main rules
naturotherapy – do everything according to your needs
organism. And secondly, Mirimanova does not urge you to take
pills, supplements, special infusions for weight loss, to which I
I am very skeptical. But об этом в одной из моих следующих

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