Rosehip for weight loss: use, reception,contraindications

shipovnik-dlya-pohudeniya-polza-dieta-retseptyAbout healing
properties of dogrose, humanity has known since ancient times. Him
successfully learned how to apply in the spaces of ancient Greece, as
written in the book of the great Theophrastus (4th century BC).

In the days of Russia, the dog rose became known only as
�”Svorobornik” (which translated from Latin means – wild
the Rose). People celebrated its unprecedented effectiveness as
means for healing wounds, and to procure the fruits in sufficient
even full expeditions to the Orenburg

Nowadays dogrose is a very widely available plant,
which people have learned to use not only as
medicinal product, but also an independent component,
used as decoctions and infusions for slimming and maintaining
organism as a whole.

Today in our country grows
a huge number of different types of wild rose: it is doggy,
Dahurian, spiny, but the most common is
cinnamon dogrose, which we will use in order
weight correction.

For sure, each of us since childhood remembers that tea from
wild rose is able to protect against colds, and is also used when
treatment of the liver, problems with blood vessels, vitamin deficiency, increases
immunity and nourishes the body with all the necessary vitamins.

However, few people know that rosehip decoction is also
great tool for losing weight, because it has a mild
laxative effect and removes excess fluid from the body.
Plus, its fruit is a real fount: tannic and
pectic substances, organic acids, vitamins, mineral
salts and flavanoids.

Useful properties of wild rose

Rosehip is famous for its beneficial properties, so its
used not only in treatment, but also in maintaining the health of all
organism. It is rich in vitamins: C, groups B, K, E, as well as a huge
the number of useful trace elements: potassium, iron, magnesium,
calcium, manganese, phosphorus, rutin and others. Also in its composition
includes sugar, essential oils, pectins and glycosides.

In folk medicine are used not only the hips, but also
its leaves, petals and even roots. All this is made of
various decoctions and infusions that have cholagogue,
anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antiseptic, astringent,
hemostatic, wound healing, toning and even
anti-sclerotic effects.

Rosehip is able to restore order in the gastrointestinal tract,
It is recommended to use as a stimulant exchange
processes in the body, which is extremely beneficial to
weight loss.

As part of slimming therapy mainly used
decoction of dogrose, which is able to cope with excess
kilograms and improve the production of enzymes responsible for the processes
digestion. However, due to its volume range of exposure
on the body, while losing weight, you can strengthen your
immunity, protecting itself from all sorts of infections, as well as improving
vascular tone and normalize the function of the gonads.


How to take broth hips for weight loss?

Those who wish to build a beautiful and
slim figure, you must remember that the application of one of his
decoction will not be enough, so the technique should be supplemented
a special diet designed by your personal nutritionist.

In this case, dogrose with weight loss will act more likely in
as an adjunct therapy.

You can prepare the broth as follows (dosage): 2 tbsp.
spoons of hips in crushed form, pour 500 ml of water,
put on the stove, bring to a boil and cook for 15 minutes
on very low heat. Next, the decoction must be removed, cover
lid and put insist another hour for two, then
strain and healing drink is ready.

Take instead of water for 3 weeks an hour before the main
food intake (without sugar). The effect of the decoction is comparable to the effect
cleansing enema, as a result, the human body can
get rid of toxins and slags, fecal accumulations, as well as excess
fluid. In addition, the normal operation of metabolic processes is not
allow lost kilograms back. By the way, such
rosehip infusion for weight loss is not only useful, but also very
tasty, so losing excess weight will be enough for you

But! The maximum benefit from dogrose can be obtained only
If you learn how to properly harvest. Fresh
it can be used in the autumn until the first
frost, and then the berries need to be dried in the oven, but that they
have not lost their color.

Another common mistake is rosehip infusion in
thermos This is due to the fact that in a thermos under the influence of high
temperature for several hours the fruits lose all their
beneficial features. In the process of the spectrum of chemical reactions occurs
oxidation of biologically active substances, due to what falls
the content of vitamins, although the color and flavor of the decoction do not change.


Diet + rosehip decoction for slimming

1st day Breakfast: 200 ml of wild rose broth, lunch: two boiled
eggs, 200 ml of tomato juice and boiled cauliflower salad,
dinner: 100 gr. low-fat boiled fish.

2nd day Breakfast: 200 ml of broth and one cracker, lunch: salad from
fresh cabbage and a piece of boiled fish, dinner: 200 ml of fat-free
kefir and 100 gr. boiled beef.

3rd day. Breakfast: the same as on the second day, lunch: 150 gr.
fried zucchini and two green apples, dinner: two boiled eggs and
кусочек boiled beef.

4th day. Breakfast: the same as on the first day, lunch: one
A hard-boiled egg, a small slice of hard cheese and a salad from
cooked carrots, dressed with olive oil, dinner: two green

5th day. Breakfast: carrot salad, seasoned with lemon, and 200
ml of broth hips, lunch: 150 gr. boiled fish and 200 ml
томатного сока, ужин: два зе�”еных apples.

6th day. Breakfast: the same as on the first day, lunch:
cabbage and carrot salad and 150 gr. boiled chicken, dinner: two
boiled eggs and carrot salad.

7th and 8th day: the same. Breakfast: 200 ml of dogrose broth,
lunch: 200 gr. boiled beef and two green apples, dinner: like on
sixth day.

This diet will help you get rid of three kilograms in 7
days, however, nutritionists advise not to repeat it more than once
in year.

Another version of the diet + rosehip tea

So, for 9 days, a person who wants to get rid of excess
weight, you will need to drink every evening a glass of cleansing
tea, which is prepared as follows: rosehips and dried
nettles are poured with boiling water, then tea is given time to brew in
for 20 minutes, then filter. The drink is ready for

The first three days of the diet, nutritionists recommend eating only
boiled rice without salt and sugar, and in any quantities.

The next three days: white poultry, the last three days: need
replace meat with apples. But do not forget about rosehip tea,
you need to drink every night throughout the diet.

Contraindications to the use of wild rose:

1. Rosehip berries are very rich in vitamin C (more than in
lemon and black currant), so people with high
acidity, gastritis, gastric or duodenal ulcer
need to be extremely cautious. Before applying this
funds need to consult your health care provider
a doctor!

2. Contraindicated use in diabetes mellitus,
gallstone disease, heart problems, hypertension,
thrombophlebitis and poor blood circulation.

3. You should not get involved in dogrose broths for people who
have dermatological problems, that is, allergies,
rashes and other troubles.


Отзывы об эффективности шиповника д�”я slimming

Valentina: “… As a child, mother often made me tea from
rose hips (my favorite herbal tea, I just adored him). But only
just recently found out that it turns out he is also beautiful
copes with excess weight. To be honest, I am pleasantly surprised!
I am preparing a decoction strictly according to the recipe and have been taking it for 5 days, the result
visually there! Minus 1.5 kg !!! … “

Aleksey: “… The dog rose diet is very popular because
built on natural ingredients. I originally used it
to improve health. And after 4 days I began to feel better,
there was a cool lightness in the body, and yes even dropped
a little bit of excess fat from the underbelly, which was not even planned …

Свет�”ана Нико�”аевна: « … Раньше я постоянно бо�”е�”а простудой.
Что то�”ько не перепробова�”а: и новые сиропы, и раз�”ичные настои. But
потом знакомая (ко�”�”ега по работе) посоветова�”а попить настой
rose hips. Since then, he is not removed from my house, I drink even with
це�”ью профи�”актики! С «побочным�” эффектом шиповника относите�”ьно
slimming узна�”а уже из Интернета, что также д�”я меня важно … “

Нина: « … Пробова�”а испо�”ьзовать диету на отваре шиповника и
оста�”ась очень дово�”ьна по�”ученным резу�”ьтатом. Отвес за неде�”ю – 2
kg But замечу, что я четко с�”едова�”а меню, то есть, куша�”а строго
по инструкции… “

Marina: “… I have been dieting for the fifth day, but for some reason, weight
уходит очень мед�”енно, пока это то�”ько 2,2 кг, хотя и де�”аю все,
as written. Продукты не со�”ю, шиповник пью без сахара, отказа�”ась
от с�”адостей и выпечки, что еще не так, не могу понять! Tell me
пожа�”уйста, заранее буду вам б�”агодарна! … “

How to brew rosehip dried in a thermos

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