Rocket salad – the best recipes. How toand make delicious salad with rocket salad.

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Arugula salad – general principles and methods of cooking

In the Italian menu you can see a dish called Insalata di
rucola – rocket salad. This is how Italy is called salad, where in
As one of the ingredients used leaves of this spicy

Rukola- plant with a long history, began to use it more
the ancient Romans, and now in the Mediterranean cuisine it is used
as an additive in salads, pizza, risotto, pasta. Instead of basil she
may be part of the pesto sauce. With its pronounced aroma
and spicy mustard-nut flavor many dishes begin
sound new. What she so won the hearts and stomachs

In our country, nobody knew about it for a long time. Today she
becomes a real symbol of utility, it is literally written about
legends The cultivated Russian peasant, a close relative
dandelion is no longer considered weed grass. Trendy restaurants in
It is obligatory to provide dishes from arugula – and all because
that no other salad has such a positive effect
metabolism like this plant with a pleasant light bitterness and
nutty note.

She becomes a true friend of slimming girls, as she has
low calorie, in its composition is almost one water. This treasure
Vitamin C and iodine are able to eliminate cholesterol and increase levels
hemoglobin. And having felt on myself the toning effect on the whole
organism as a whole, we can conclude: this plant is real
natural energy.

Arugula Salad – Food Preparation

Probably, rucola would not have taken root in the menu of many countries, if not
was so juicy and tasty. But there are dishes with her presence
immediately after preparation, as it quickly lets the juice. Like
all salads, it is recommended to tear her hands, but in many of her recipes
young shoots act as a basis in the whole form. Rukola
It goes well with many products – vegetables,
seafood, various cheeses and meats, and therefore salads with its
involving a great many. As a rule, recipes are indicated
miniature handsome cherry – well, of course, you can replace them
ordinary tomatoes from the country. The main thing is to determine the fill –
here, Mediterranean cuisine has many options.

Rocket salad – the best recipes

Recipe 1: Arugula salad with shrimp

A simple summer salad with shrimps and arugula can be
A great alternative to a full meal. What else do you need for
full of happiness? Of course, a glass of white wine and fruit on

Ингредиенты: руккола (250 грамм), креветки (10
pcs), cherry tomatoes (1 cup), olive oil, basil, pepper
chili, parmesan (50 g), balsamic vinegar (1 tbsp), pepper
hammers black.

Cooking method

My baby-tomatoes and cut into halves. Rukolu rinse
and dry, peel the shrimp. Dressing: chop pepper and
mix with olive oil and spices, add finely chopped
basil, put in the resulting marinade shrimp for half an hour.
Form the salad. Rukola spread in the center of the dish, tomatoes
distribute on a dish, pour pouring, spread finely on top
sliced ​​pieces of parmesan and shrimps strung on skewers. Here is
such an original dish worthy of the most exquisite
the restaurant.

Recipe 2: Arugula salad with tuna

Sea gold – tuna – to taste is not inferior to meat and does not lose
its beneficial properties when canning. Combining it with
rocket, we get a real energy blow to the blues and
Feeling unwell. And also very tasty!

Ингредиенты: тунец конwithервированный (2 банки),
rucola (50 g), cucumber, tomatoes (2 pcs), pitted olives (1
jar), a quarter of a lemon, olive oil,

Cooking method

Chop tuna with a fork, cut tomatoes and cucumbers into slices.
Cut the olives in half, add rocket and lemon juice. Refueling
oil and mix. We decorate with sesame seeds.

Recipe 3: Arugula salad with avocado

This is just a super-salad for a romantic dinner – in its composition.
solid aphrodisiacs. Mustard flavor makes this salad not easy
delicious, and exquisitely delicious.

Ингредиенты: руккола , авокадо, помидоры черри
(250 gr), lemon, olive oil, mustard, salt, pepper.

Cooking method

Mix olive oil with mustard and freshly squeezed lemon
juice, add salt, black pepper and mix again.
Tomatoes are cut and filled with filling. Add crushed

Recipe 4: Arugula salad with quail eggs

Who tried quail eggs, knows – to taste they are similar to
chicken, but the nutrients in them are much more. Another plus –
so they ask for a salad, small and neat, real
decoration of lettuce. And if in any other tomato salad lettuce
desirable, but optional, with quail eggs, we just
must use only cherry. Such a composition of babies looks
very elegantly framed with arugula. This mini salad with
ароматом прованwithких прав – ну кто withможет уwithтоять перед этим

Ингредиенты: рукола, помидорчики черри,
quail eggs. Заправка: оливковое маwithло, немного
бальзамичеwithкого укwithуwithа, чеwithнок, прованwithкие травы.

Cooking method

Вwithе очень и очень проwithто — помидорчики, перепелиные яйца,
рукола, краwithивое блюдо, заливка – наш withалат готов. A little about
заливке: аромат прованwithких трав должен быть едва заметным, поэтому
add a small pinch. Соединившиwithь with чеwithноком и
бальзамичеwithким укwithуwithом, наш withоуwith withтает единым целым, и получитwithя
amazing flavor.

Рецепт 4: Салат with апельwithинами и руколой

Этот очень интереwithный withалат имеет withочетание withладоwithти фрукта и
горьковатого вкуwithа. В нем наwithтоящая жизнь – withладкая и горькая, в
Overall, extremely diverse.

Ингредиенты: руккола (200 гр.), апельwithины(5
шт), маwithлины. Заправка: лук шалот, мята withвежая, горчица дижонwithкая
(2 ч. ложки), маwithло оливковое, withахар (1 ч. ложка) withоль.

Cooking method

Руколу рвем на куwithочки. Апельwithины очищаем и удаляем белую
peel. Мякоть режем на куwithочки, withок при этом withобираем отдельно, он
пригодитwithя нам в заливке. Лук шалот режем мелко, withмешиваем with
измельченной мятой, withоком лимона и горчицей. Поwithтепенно вливаем
маwithло, добавляем withахар, withоль и перец. Смешиваем половину withоуwithа with
апельwithинами, withверху поливаем оwithтавшейwithя заливкой. We spread
маwithлины – и withразу на withтол.

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