Rheumatism – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Wed, Apr 27, 2016

Ревматизм – системное воспалительное
disease with predominant localization of pathological
process in the membranes of the heart. Rheumatism develops
persons predisposed to it, most often at an early age,
affecting children from 7 to 15 years. The peculiarity is that
the course of the disease is rather slow and almost always
imperceptible to the patient.

Modern medical literature treats rheumatism as
“acute rheumatic fever”. But in everyday life, people
often understood by this term any disease
musculoskeletal system, but it does not reflect the essence
diseases. Currently, about 4% of all people suffer from rheumatism.
the world’s population, mostly children, they have
about 70% of the total.

Rheumatism – causes.

In the area of ​​increased risk of rheumatism other than children in
at a young age there are also women, or those who have problems with
connective tissue of the internal organs.

Factors that can lead to development
rheumatism: -genetic predisposition (if your relatives
are sick with rheumatism, it means you definitely have to him
predisposition at the genetic level) -scarletina (get infected
it may be airborne and also through objects
life) – finding foci of infection in the nasopharynx (this is when such
diseases like sore throat, chronic tonsillitis, and chronic
pharyngitis) -infection with β-hemolytic streptococcus group
A (streptococci of this group are different from other highly resistant to
chemical and physical influences from the outside)

Rheumatism – symptoms.

The initial symptoms of rheumatism will begin to manifest later.
several weeks after a cure for a sore throat or pharyngitis. But y
some risk to get sick for 1-2 days after hypothermia.

Maybe you have rheumatism, if: – Pulsed pulse-body temperature
is close to 40 degrees Celsius (but in special cases it is
may not exceed and 37) – increased sweating-fatigue
– swollen joints (first the largest and most

Rheumatism – diagnosis.

There are currently no specific diagnostic methods for rheumatism.
There are. Laboratory studies can reveal the level of antibodies
in the body. High titers in anti-streptole test say
about rheumatism disease. But in the early stages of the disease level
may be within acceptable limits. In such situation
tests of other streptococcal antibodies should be carried out.

Another way to detect rheumatism is to isolate
Streptococcus group A. Take the crops from the respiratory tract
the patient. This is used if you need to confirm.
recent streptococcal infection.

Ревматизм – treatment и профилактика.

An important place in the fight against rheumatism is its prevention.
After each case of angina, one month is required.
наблюдение врача после diseases. From an early age it is worth tempering
your body.

During the attack of rheumatism, the patient must comply with bed rest.
the mode, its duration is established by the attending physician.

On painful joints you can put painkillers, compresses
or use ultraviolet radiation. Diet of patients
rheumatism should be richer in protein, and carbohydrates should be
radically limit.

Drug treatment can be used: salicylic sodium,
amidopyrine, acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) in doses
set by the doctor, butadione, cortisone and ACTH
(adrenocorticotropic hormone).

It also has a healthy effect on the body in interictal
periods of rest on the shores of warm seas.

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