Reverse twisting – the best exercises forlower press

Reverse twists or crunches are great exercises for
working out the lower parts of the abdominal muscles. The exercise technique is simple and
available even to novice athletes, but in order to achieve
maximum effects, you need to take into account a number of nuances and
conduct regular training.

Reverse twisting - the best exercises for lower press


  • What muscles work?
  • Performance technique
  • Common mistakes
  • Recommendations
  • Different variants
  • Training scheme
  • Warnings and Contraindications
  • Video: reverse twists for women


What muscles work?

Reverse are kranchi, in which the bottom of the body (pelvis)
twisted in relation to the top of the body. By doing this
Exercises The main work is performed by the rectus abdominis, especially
its lower section. Additionally, the following are also loaded

  • ileo-lumbar;
  • the latissimus dorsi muscles;
  • back delta;
  • synergists – ileo-lumbar, comb, tailoring,
    adductor and oblique muscles;
  • muscle stabilizers – quadriceps, large, round, rectus muscle
    thighs, triceps.

During back twisting, abdominal muscles interact with
flexor muscles of the thigh, which additionally allows you to develop
acceleration from the starting position, which will help in many gaming
sports (football, tennis, badminton), martial arts and

Performance technique

You can perform reverse twisting on the floor, laying
fitness mat, or on a horizontal bench. In any case, near
head should be a support that you can clasp hands. Thanks
this will be able to fix the upper body and do twisting
precisely due to the movement of the hips up. As a support can
perform the edge of the bench, sofa, battery, etc.

In general, the intensity of pressure on the muscles of the press is determined by
the position of the arms and legs. The farther the heels are located from the pelvis, and
palms – from the head, the harder it is to perform the exercise.
Consequently, the closer the legs are to the pelvis, the easier it is to curl. Behind
due to this you can adjust the load level as
body training.

Stepwise backward twisting looks like this.
in the following way:

  1. Lie on a bench or on the floor, arms spread behind your head and clasp
    they support, for example, the edge of the bench near the forehead. Hands can also
    put under the buttocks or dilute along the body.
  2. Bend the knees and raise the hips to
    perpendicular to the floor, that is, they must form an angle of 90
    degrees with shin and floor.
  3. Slowly raise the legs, bringing them as close as possible to the body,
    and the knees should move towards the chest. Angle in
    lap should be maintained throughout the movement.
  4. When reaching the top point slowly exhale and
    lock in this position for 0.5-1 second, trying
    feel the shortest abdominal muscles. Mentally possible
    count to three.
  5. When breathing in, slowly return to the starting position without touching
    kicking the floor to maintain tension in the abdominal muscles. Strictly
    It is forbidden to throw your feet on the floor, because in this case exercise
    loses all its meaning.
  6. Repeat the exercise the desired number of times.

Обратное скручивание

The main objective of the exercise is not just lifting the legs and pelvis, but their
twisting towards the chest. When done right
Kranchey can feel the work of the rectus muscle.

Common mistakes

To properly master the technique of performing reverse twisting,
It is worth paying attention to the most frequent mistakes that are made

  • Не напрягают таз. Many just lift their legs
    to the body, and then lower them, not including the pelvis. It’s rough
    error because the press function is anatomically exactly
    raising the pelvis, not the legs. In this regard, when performing exercises
    need to focus on the work of the pelvis. Need it
    raise and slightly round at the top.
  • Резко опускают ноги. You need to do it smoothly,
    that the knees during the entire trajectory of raising and lowering kept
    right angle.
  • Выгибают поясничный отдел спины. Admit
    This is impossible, otherwise you can just pull back. She must be
    tightly pressed to the floor or an inclined bench.
  • Совершают косые скручивания. They raise
    hips to the sides, and this position of the torso can harm
    spine and even provoke injury. To prevent
    of this, the pelvis should be twisted only in a vertical plane.
  • Отрывают голову. Admit этого нельзя, иначе
    can injure the neck. To keep your head on the floor or bench, not
    you need to look at your feet all the time. You can just look at
  • Twirl shoulders and bring your knees to one or the other
    . In this case, the risk of bending increases.
    spine at the time of raising the pelvis, with intervertebral discs and
    so are in a highly unstable position relative to each other
    to a friend under pressure from the weight of the raised legs and pelvis.
    In order not to turn shoulders, you need to perform all the ups and twists
    strictly vertically.


For maximum results from twisting worth
Consider the following tips:

  • Exercise to perform on the maximum amplitude, because it
    more effective with strong contractions of the abdominals.
  • At the initial stages of training, if there are difficulties with
    lifting the legs, not to mention twisting the pelvis, you can bend the legs
    in the knees, leaving a small distance from the pelvis. This will allow
    lighten the load, because the closer the legs are to the chest, the easier it is to do
    twisting. As you train your legs gradually
  • When performing the exercise, keep your hands on the floor or on a support, but
    not in the air.
  • Do twisting slowly to feel the tension in
    abdominal muscles. Upon reaching the top point, you can additionally
    strain the muscles during the delay position for 0.5-1 second.
  • Exhale while strengthening (twisting), and inhale when stretching
  • Pull the knees to the head, not to the chest, which will help to improve
    flexibility of the lumbar region. In turn, this will contribute
    improving the amplitude of movement and stretching of the lower back muscles.
  • Do not put your feet on the floor during the whole approach, since
    This activates the muscles responsible for flexing the thigh and the load
    on the press will be weakened.
  • Behindдержать дыхание в районе брюшной полости, чтобы сильнее
    strain your muscles and reduce the risk of injury by holding
    позвitчника в безопасном положении.


By following these tips, you can significantly increase the strength
muscles of the press, as well as more work out the obliques
belly. If you combine training with a diet, you will be able to quickly
reduce the fat layer and get the desired relief.

Different variants

After mastering the classic reverse twists, you can
practice different interpretations of this exercise:

  • С прямыми ногами. Unlike classic
    Reverse twisting, in this exercise, the legs must be kept straight
    throughout the whole movement. So, in the initial position of the leg it is necessary
    to hold on weight, and when the lumbar region is detached from the floor or bench – push
    them up, trying to reach the feet to the “ceiling”, but in no way
    If you do not throw your feet on your face.
  • На позитивно-наклонной скамье. Is required
    perform classic reverse twisting on the bench, spreading your arms
    over the head and grasping its upper edges. Thanks наклонному
    body position is able to twist to a larger amplitude
    and increase the load on the target muscles.
  • Сидя на стуле. Practicing sedentary
    position, so you can perform even in office conditions.
    Выполняется обратное скручивание таким in the following way: сесть на стул и
    simultaneously tighten both knees to the shoulders, straining the muscles
    press. To enhance the effectiveness of the exercise, it is worth doing
    body oncoming traffic to the knees, slightly bending down
  • На фитболе. Perform an exercise on
    gym ball – fitball. Is required встать коленями на него,
    move forward and rest with outstretched palms on the floor, holding
    body weight on the ball, which should be at the level of the hips.
    Keep your body straight. Start pulling fitball to chest, rolling up
    forward with your knees. After slowly return to the original
    position. When twisting, you need to straighten your back and
    chest, without parting with the shoulder blades.
  • С фитболом между ног. In this case, you need to lie down.
    back to the floor, and arms apart along the body. After clamping the ball
    between the feet Holding your legs as straight as possible, lift the ball up to
    ceiling, doing twisting and lifting the lower back. Slow
    вернуться в исходное position.

Training scheme

Reverse twists need to be included in the press workout.
as a basic exercise. Before performing them necessarily
It is worth holding a 5-minute total warm-up. Since in exercise
passively involved the lumbar region, should be
heat it up with classic hyperextension.

In one workout should include 3-4 approaches of 10-20
repetitions. After performing the reverse twists, you can perform
exercises, mostly directed to the upper part of the press
и на косые мышцы belly.

Several different exercises in the press in combination with the reverse
скручиваниями помогут более полноценно развить мышцы belly.

Warnings and Contraindications

Reverse twisting is safe exercise for people
who have back problems, but if during training
there were painful or uncomfortable sensations, the approach should be
to complete.

As for the full contraindications, they look like this
in the following way:

  • transferred hernia;
  • травмы позвitчника;
  • exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (for example,
    pancreatitis or ulcers).

Video: reverse twists for women

The following video offers a visual instruction for women.
Reverse Cranches Versions:

Reverse or reverse twists help as much as possible.
work out the lower section of the rectus abdominis muscle, creating the smallest
load on the lower back. As the body can be trained
complicate the technique of doing the exercise, which will allow faster
получить желанный рельеф belly.

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