Reverse twisting on the press

obratnye-skruchivaniya-na-pressIf you are looking for more
effective exercises for a full workout abdominal muscles
press, then reverse twisting (or as they are called –
reverse / reverse crutch) just what you need!

They will help to bring the quality of your training to a higher
level. Let’s start!

For starters, it is not superfluous to recall that the abdominal muscles are
in constant work throughout the day. Almost any
human activity, regardless of whether it is sitting or standing, walking or
runs, makes the abdominals work.

Therefore, the presence of well-developed abdominal muscles is not a question
only aesthetic pleasure and the ability to climb into their
favorite jeans, but also a way to prevent future problems with
back and greatly facilitate your daily activity.

So, what is the essence of reverse twisting to the press?

There is an opinion that this type of exercise is exclusively aimed
on the bottom of the press. However, from a physiological point of view it is
Not certainly in that way. In fact, the rectus abdominis muscle is
solid sheath of muscle fibers, divided into sections with
help tendinous tapes (folds).

Accordingly, it is isolated to load the left or right, top
or the lower part of the anterior abdominal muscle is technically impossible, then
there is, it is included in the work entirely. But, of course, more
stress and stress stress is felt precisely at the bottom

Why do traditional trunk lifts work poorly?

On sensations, habitual rises of a trunk from a prone position,
seems to involve the abdominal muscles in the work, however, they never
allow you to build the perfect press of 6 cubes. But more
are likely to lead to lower back pain and the formation of
poor posture.

All this happens because you are lifting from the floor
only at the expense of the press itself, but also in the process
thigh flexor muscle block, and sometimes the muscles of the upper belt. AT
As a result, you are not only not working quite effectively on the muscles.
press, but also harm your body. What can oppose
reverse twisting? Let’s start with their undeniable advantages:

  • ATо время выполнения упражнения единственная группа мышц,
    which is actively getting the load is your press. Only that over
    than you work! No hips, back and other things. Only targeted
    abdominal muscles. This means a greater final effect for less
    number of repetitions.
  • ATторым планом скручивания также воздействуют на косые мышцы
    abdomen (located on the sides of a straight line), as well as deep-lying
    transverse muscles (refer to the muscles of the core, support the correct
    position and stabilization of the spinal column).
  • Beneficially affect the condition of the spine itself, form
    beautiful and correct posture. Corrects the existing lordosis.


How to do the reverse crunch?

ATыполнять упражнение помимо тренажерного зала можно дома или на
nature. AT зале для этого лучше использовать горизонтальную или
sloping bench.

1. Lie back on the training bench. Beginners at the initial
stage, you can grab the edge of the bench with his hands, fixing the top
part of the torso. To perform backward curls on the floor in
As a counterweight in the hands, you can take a dumbbell or pancake from the barbell.
Legs bent at the knees, feet close to the buttocks. Under the legs can
place a roller-rolled gym mat.

2. Raise your legs, thighs perpendicular to the body. Lower back
tightly against the floor surface (do not push between them

3. While straining your abdominal muscles, slowly pull your knees toward your chest,
the point of greatest resistance linger for a few seconds
дополнительно мощно сокращая мышцы belly.

4. ATозвращайтесь в исходное положение, пока ягодицы не коснутся
bench, and the hips will not be parallel to the body, then go to
performing the next repetition of the exercise. Neck muscles not
strained, do not lift his head.

5. The number of repetitions depends on your workout program.
For example, 2 – 3 sets of 8 – 12 repetitions.

Major mistakes or what to look for?

Despite the fact that the reverse twisting on the press is
quite simple exercise, but errors also have a place.

  • The most common is getting hip too fast.
    in the initial position (reverse phase), which leads to dangerous
    overstretching of the lumbar spine (arched bend in
    its lower part).
  • Dilution of the knees in the active phase significantly reduces the load.
    and facilitates the exercise. Problem solves the use of
    gymnastic mat, sandwiched by the legs.
  • The hip abduction on the perpendicular angle to the body
    involves hip flexors.
  • Lifting and head movement towards the knees during
    active phase, falsely reducing the useful amplitude.

Tips and recommendations for the trainee

1. As you develop physical fitness, use more and more.
lightweight balances or even abandon them. Then during
performing the exercise hands are located behind the head or along

2. To improve the effectiveness of the exercise helps
backward twisting on an incline bench (head on top of her
parts). The optimum tilt angle is 30 degrees.

ATидео урок по выполнению упражнения

Useful Information: “How to do curls on
sloping bench?

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