Red salads – the best recipes. How to andtasty cook red salads.

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Red salads are prepared using fruits, vegetables, fish or
green color of the corresponding color. Fresh Tomato and Sweet Salad
pepper is more available in summer, and from red beet or red beet
cabbage – in the winter.

Red salads – general principles and methods of cooking

For these salads, red and orange products are selected.
colors. It can also be cooked red dressing, which
poured all the ingredients.

Red salads – food preparation

As in all other dishes, in this case plays a big role
freshness of products and their proper preparation. Red vegetables
(paprika, pumpkin, carrot) contain a high amount
carotene, which when boiled can go into the water. With their
cooking is better to give preference to steam boiling. In water
need to cook quickly, in a bowl with a tightly closed lid. Store not

Red salads – the best recipes

Recipe 1: Red salad with oranges and olives.

This vitamin-rich and tasteful dish can be wonderful.
breakfast and a romantic dinner accompanied by a glass of good
the wine.


Red oranges – 2 pieces; red leaf lettuce – 200 g; red
onion – 1 pc .; tomato – 1 pc .; chive; black olives – 100
g; olive oil – 4 table. bed.; balsamic vinegar – 2 table.
bed.; honey – 1 table. lodge.; Dijon mustard – 1/2 tsp. lie; salt,
pepper – on your own.

Cooking method

Peel oranges thoroughly so that they are completely
left white film. Cut them into circles. Wash lettuce leaves and
dry a little. Cut the peeled red onion into rings.
Grind the tomato randomly, in small pieces. Finely
chop chives

Prepared products put in a salad bowl, add olives and
mix everything neatly. Prepare dressing dressing of
balsamic vinegar, olive oil, Dijon mustard, honey,
salt and pepper, beating the ingredients into a uniform creamy
mass of Dressing pour over the salad and serve.

Recipe 2: Red Bean Salad

This easy-to-make salad can not only raise
its color mood in the winter evenings, but also significantly improve
well-being, because it includes a lot of useful


red cabbage – 200 g; Yalta onion – 1 pc .; red
canned beans – 150 g; small boiled beet
– 1 pc; red wine vinegar – 1 table. lie.; salt; olive oil –
2 table. lie;кунжут — 2 table. lie

Cooking method

Cabbage chop, salt, sprinkle a little red wine
vinegar and mash well, to let the juice. Onion chop
thin half rings, beets into strips. With canned beans
drain the liquid. Sesame fry for one minute to dry

All prepared products mix, salt, if desired –
Spice up. Sprinkle with olive oil, mix and serve.
To give a special piquancy, you can add garlic to taste.

Recipe 3: Red Salad with Caviar and Salmon

Gourmet dish, easily and quickly prepared before
the arrival of guests.


boiled eggs – 5 pcs .; salted salmon – 200 g; red onion – 1
pieces; brown or white rice – 100 g; red caviar – 150 g; leaves
red salad; mayonnaise.

Cooking method

Cook rice, rinse it in a colander with cold water. Cut
dice onion, salmon, mix them with rice and season
mayonnaise. At the bottom of the plate lay out lettuce leaves, and on them –
cooked mixture. Top to decorate with a thin layer of red

Recipe 4: Red Salad with Meat

This dish is widespread in the Baltic countries. Madly
an interesting combination of products to taste reminds remotely
Olivier, only with beets.


boiled beets – 300 g; smoked, fried or baked
pork (not necessarily boiled) – 100 g; boiled potatoes – 200
g; salted or pickled cucumbers – 150 g; boiled carrots – 150
g; yogurt; salt.

Cooking method

Carrots, beets, potatoes, cucumbers and meat cut into cubes,
Stir and season with yogurt, salt to taste. Can a little
add mayonnaise or sour cream, favorite seasonings. Give some
infuse in a cold place.

Recipe 5: Red salad with tomatoes and crab sticks.

Available in ingredients recipe will have all to taste. Him
can be cooked with children.


boiled potatoes – 2 pcs .; boiled eggs – 2 pcs; tomatoes – 3
pieces; crab sticks – 200 g; mayonnaise; greens; salt, pepper – in their own way

Cooking method

Tomatoes cut in half, clear the seeds, and with the eggs,
chop up potatoes and crab sticks into small cubes.
Заправить mayonnaise. Mix. Pepper and salt add on
to taste.

Recipe 6: Red Pepper Salad

Interesting design in quarters or rings of red pepper
allows you to use this recipe for picnics and buffets.


boiled beet medium size – 1 pc .; red sweet
pepper – 2 pieces; mayonnaise; garlic – 2 cloves; salt.

Cooking method

Grate beets on a grater with large holes. Add to it
mayonnaise, finely chopped garlic and mix. Salt, by
желанию — Spice up.

Remove the stalk from sweet pepper, clean it from seeds and
stuffed with beet salad. Put in an hour in a cool place.
Before serving, chop at your discretion – with rings or
boats (along into four parts).

Red salads – useful tips from experienced chefs

So that when cooking the beets retain their natural color, into the water
need to add vinegar or lemon juice.

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