Red quinoa with tomatoes and garlic

In another recipe, I made white quinoa with chicken and mushrooms. And now
want to show you how to cook quinoa if in the fridge
nothing at all – I only had tomatoes and garlic.

Quinoa this time is red for me, it’s nothing from white
different, except that you need to cook it for a few minutes longer, and
on the teeth it will be a little more crispy.

Most of the time you need for black quinoa, this is the most dense
the grits are the crispiest and the whites the softest. Red Quinoa
these qualities are somewhere in the middle.

Quinoa has a characteristic nutty flavor, and in many ways it resembles
our buckwheat By the way, and in terms of protein content, it is also close to
buckwheat In 100 g of boiled quinoa 4g of vegetable protein. It’s a lot.
Therefore, this cereal is very popular among vegetarians and vegans. TO
Moreover, it does not contain gluten.


(2 порции) – киноа красная – 0,5 стакана – вода – 2 стакана – соль –
0.5 teaspoons (goes to porridge and tomatoes) – cherry tomatoes – 5-6 pcs.
– garlic – 2 cloves – spices – to taste – rosemary – 1 sprig –
olive oil – 1 tbsp. spoon

Vegetarian quinoa recipe with tomatoes

Rinse the red quinoa, carefully drain the water so as not to “run away”
all grains. Pour clean water. Quinoa cooked over low heat
20 minutes. TOастрюлю накрыть крышкой для лучшей и быстрой варки.
After waiting for the boil, salt and mix. In boiling water after a few
minutes grains burst, increase in size, change in color
from red to red and white.

Leave the porridge under the lid, let insist, and the excess water
evaporates. This is what cooked quinoa looks like. In the mouth of the grain
burst, very interesting dish. k3 In the meantime, you can prepare a delicious tomato dressing for
quinoa The washed cherry is cut into 2 pieces (or 4 if
�”Overgrowth”). Peeled garlic cloves finely chopped. k1 Heat olive oil in a skillet or skillet.
Heat the garlic with tomatoes and a rosemary branch on
moderately slow fire a minute, then add fire and withstand
refueling another 3-4 minutes, stirring. k2 Tomatoes will make juice and garlic will give it a taste
saturation and flavor. Rosemary clean up, he lightly soaked the juices,
completing your mission. k4 Mix quinoa in a saucepan with tomatoes, season
spices to your taste. Pour with dressing and leave to infuse.
k6 Enjoy your meal!

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