Recommended Exercise forpregnant

fizicheskie-uprazhneniya-dlya-beremennihRegular classes
спортом несут огромную пользу, в том числе и для pregnant

In the opinion of obstetricians and gynecologists, the correctly chosen physical
load can increase your vital energy, increase
mood, soothes possible pains during pregnancy,
improves blood circulation and night sleep quality.

Даже простой комплекс упражнений для pregnant поможет держать
body fit and feel great. But still, be sure
consult with your doctor before training
any level of activity.


Лучшие физические упражнения для pregnant женщин


Stretching является полезным компонентом любой программы
exercises, especially for expectant mothers, helps to improve and
maintain flexibility, coordination and balance, which has a huge
meaning – as the belly grows, and the center of gravity changes.

We recommend that you do a series of stretching exercises that
focused on different parts of the body, such as arms, chest,
back and hips that will help you reduce the discomfort and pain in these
areas. After the first trimester, discard stretch marks in
supine position as this may limit blood flow
to your unborn child.

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Walking является довольно простым упражнением с огромными
benefits. Brisk walking is an excellent training option.
cardiovascular system and does not create an excessive load on
knee and ankle joints. Women of different levels
physical training can participate in this type of exercise
throughout pregnancy.

We recommend walking for 20–30 minutes.
daily. If you are not used to loads, start slowly and
gradually with each workout, increase the speed and length of your
walks. Dress according to the weather, wear comfortable shoes,
which supports the ankle and ankles, and always carry with you
a small bottle of clean water.


Dancing – это веселый и простой способ оставаться в форме во время
of pregnancy. They improve your cardiovascular function.
systems, increase endurance and may even reduce the need for
painkillers during childbirth.

You do not need any special training or guidance,
to start dancing: just turn on your favorite tunes and
move, shaking your hips. Avoid jumping or sudden,
sudden movements after the first trimester – this can lead to
unhealthy load on the joints and ligaments, which can result in
permanent injuries.

Power loads

In the past, women were warned against strength training during
of pregnancy. However, in 2011, the medical community recognized
that power loads do not pose a risk to most
pregnant женщин и помогают поддерживать красивую форму тела.
A simple set of strength training exercises includes hand work.
with dumbbells, leg lifts, lower back bends and squats.

With the permission of your doctor, you can also use the simulators
in the gym, however, still limit work with free
weight (dumbbells, barbell), because it can make you
lose your balance and fall. The goal of strength training for you is not
there must be an attempt to build muscle during pregnancy,
you just need to maintain good muscle tone.

A warning

It should be noted that, despite the latest innovations, it is necessary
Extremely careful use of power load. That’s why we
We strongly recommend first of all to draw your attention to
preceding her points of our list of physical exercises for
pregnant women

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