Recipes мясных блюд: азу, рагу, плов, голубцы,canned stewed meat

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Meat is one of the important components of the diet. It is
contains up to 20% of high-grade protein and is rich in B vitamins,
mineral and extractive substances that improve appetite. If a
boil the meat, then almost half of the extractives from it leaves
in broth. Therefore, to preserve the taste
meat, it is recommended to simmer or fry.

Stew meat as a piece weighing up to 1.5 kg, and portion
in chunks. To give the meat a special flavor and aroma, while stewing
use spices and various aromatic vegetables. We offer
you various recipes for cooking meat dishes.

Рецепт: Мясо, тушеное крупным куском

A large piece (0.8 kg) of the pulp of the back leg of beef or scapula
Sprinkle with salt, pepper and fry in a frying pan. Parallel
Pass together one finely chopped onion and carrot.

Putting the meat in a deep bowl, pour half the broth
or water and, adding the browned vegetables, parsley, 100 gr.
tomato paste, peppercorns, bay leaf and covered everything with a lid,
Stew for about 2 hours. If a вода будет выкипать, следует доливать

After taking the finished meat, we wipe through the sieve the boiled over vegetables with
broth and after the introduction of browned flour boil everything –
it turns out the sauce.

Cut the meat into portions, pour it with sauce and sprinkle
greens, served with a side dish (potatoes, crumbly buckwheat
porridge, braised cabbage, boiled macaroni).

Рецепт: Жареное мясо в сметане с луком

Take 500 gr. meat (fillet portion) and, having cleared tendons,
cut into pieces. Each beat off and sprinkle with salt and milled.
pepper. Fry in oil in a hot pan.

Separately prepare the sauce: fry 1 finely chopped onion,
sprinkle onion with flour, fry again and add half a cup
sour cream and juice obtained during frying. Boil this mixture about 5
minutes and add spices to taste.

Before serving, place the meat on the dish and pour it.
cooked sauce.

Рецепт: Жаркое по-домашнему

For its preparation 800 gr. beef or pork pulp
cut into portions weighing 30-40 g and fry.

Separately, fry 1 kg of sliced ​​potatoes and 150
gr. onions, after which the meat and vegetables are placed in dishes in layers, so
so that the meat lay on the vegetables and was covered with them. Добавив 70 gr.
pasta, salt, pepper and water (it should only cover
products), and covered the dishes with a lid, simmer everything until ready, for 10
minutes before the end of adding a bay leaf. Serve roast sprinkled

Рецепт: Плов

Чтобы приготовить плов, нарезаем 750 gr. pulp blades,
brisket of pork, lamb, pulp of the back leg of beef pieces
по 20—30 gr. and sprinkle with salt and pepper, fry.

Пассеруем 100 г лука репчатого и 70 gr. моркови с 70 gr.
томатной пасты, добавляем их к мясу и, залив 800 gr. water, we bring
to boil.

Затем всыпаем туда 350 gr. enumerated and thoroughly washed
rice, cook until half cooked.

When rice absorbs all the liquid, cover the dishes with a lid and,
placing on a baking sheet with water, put in the oven. In 30-40 minutes
pilaf is ready! You can cook it without tomato.

Рецепт: Азу

800 gr. cut the flesh of the beef leg into small pieces, and
salt and pepper, fry.

Then pour the pieces of meat with hot water, and adding 100 g
browned tomato mashed potatoes, stew almost to readiness at
closed lid.

While the meat is stewing, skip 200 g of onion with pepper and salt and fry
500 grams of potatoes.

Drain the broth from the meat, diluted it browned flour. Add
в сковороду 150 gr. julienne pickled cucumbers and
browned onions. It turns out the sauce, which we pour meat.
Adding chips, stew still 20 minutes.

За 10 минут до готовности кладем туда 200 gr. fresh tomatoes and
Bay leaf.

In the finished dish add 4-5 cloves of mashed garlic.

Serve azu with garnish and sauce, which we
got by putting it out.

Рецепт: Рагу из кролика

850 gr. rabbit meat chopped into pieces, and, salt and pepper,
fry in margarine.

В другой сковороде обжариваем нарезанные 100 gr. carrots, 100
gr. репы, 150 gr. лука, 50 gr. корня петрушки и 700 gr. chopped
diced potatoes.

Add обжаренные овощи к мясу и, залив все томатным или
сметанным соусом в количестве 500 gr., тушим на слабом огне до
Readiness is about 40 minutes.

Serve rabbit ragout, sprinkle with parsley.

Рецепт: Голубцы с мясом

We take a head of cabbage and, carefully cutting the stalk, cook about
15 minutes to half-cooked in a large saucepan with boiling salted

Cool the head, disassemble it on the leaves. To the middle of each
put the stuffing and wrap the envelope. Putting cabbage on a greased
frying pan or baking sheet and pouring them with butter, fry in the oven.
Then, pour them with sour cream sauce with tomato, stew until

Фарш готовится из 600 gr. pulp of beef skipped through
meat grinder with two onions 2–3 times. After grinding add
water, salt and pepper. Low-fat meat mince with
adding pork bacon. Измельченное мясо соединяем с 200 gr.
boiled until half cooked rice, chopped onions and greens

Before serving, pour the cabbage rolls with the sauce in which they are
were smothered.

Enjoy your meal!

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