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Thu, Jan 21, 2016

Muffins are very tasty treats, which from time to time want
pamper yourself and your loved ones. Here we have collected a few
recipes with the most tasty of them.

Recipe: Iced Chocolate Muffin

Chocolate cake is easy to prepare, but very tasty and beautiful,
therefore, always enjoys great popularity.

Ingredients for chocolate cake:

1. Butter or margarine – 200 gr., 2 cocoa – 4 tbsp.
spoons, 3. sugar – 100 gr., 4. 4 eggs, 5. milk – 100 gr., 6. flour – 2
cup, 7. soda – 0.5 tsp., 8. vanilla sugar, 9. raisins.

Chocolate muffin preparation method:

1. Pre-wash the raisins and soak them in any
alcohol for 3 hours. 2 In a bowl, mix sugar and cocoa,
pour milk there. 3. Slow-melt margarine
(butter), and add it to milk, sugar and cocoa, carefully
mix and 3-4 Art. spoons of the mixture set aside for the glaze.
Having added flour, eggs and soda to the remaining mixture, all is well
mix it up. 5. Sprinkle the raisins with flour so that it will not bake.
dropped to the bottom of the form, and add it to the dough. 6. Lubricating the shape
Butter, pour the dough into it and bake about 50 minutes. in the preheated
up to 180 degrees oven (the first half hour the oven can not be opened!).
7. Taking the cupcake out of the oven, let it cool and turn it over.

Recipe: Cheesecake

One of the most delicious muffins. Cottage cheese in it is almost not felt,
but makes the cupcake very tender and soft!

Ingredients for cheesecake:

1. творог – 250 gr., 2 сахар – 200 gr., 3. flour – 200 gr., 4.
melted margarine – 150 gr., 5. 3 eggs, 6. soda, hydrated with vinegar
– 1 tsp.

Method of cooking cheesecake:

1. Beat eggs with sugar, add cottage cheese, melted
маргарин, соду и тщательно mix it up.2 Add sifted
муку, снова mix it up.3. We lubricate vegetable oil molds,
spread the dough in them and bake in a well heated oven near
half an hour. 4. Sprinkle ready-made muffins with powdered sugar.

Recipe: Baba

We all remember this beautiful cake since childhood. Rum women
extremely tasty, and you can easily cook them at home.

Ingredients for Baba:

1. milk – 100 gr., 2 yeast – 100 gr., 3. sugar – 300 gr. and 1
Art. l., 4. 8 eggs, 5. cream – 100 gr., 6. flour – 700 gr., 7. margarine –
250 gr., 8. Raisin – 100 gr.

For impregnation:

1. сахар – 2 Art. л., 2 вода – 3 Art. spoons, 3. dessert wine – 2
Art. l., 4. a few drops of rum essence

For fudge:

1. powdered sugar – 100 gr., 2 1 egg white 3. several
drops of rum essence.

Cooking rum baba:

1. Разводим в теплом молоке дрожжи, добавив 1 Art. a spoon
sugar.2 Bring to the boil 100 gr. milk, we fill them with 300 gr.
flour and grind well. Rub yolks with sugar and vanilla
white hot 4. Mix the dough and chilled choux pastry, add
pounded yolks, cream, flour and knead the dough. 5. Pour into
него растопленный маргарин и вымешиваем, добавив raisins.6. When
the dough will do, put it in oiled forms, filling
them on 2/3 of the height, and leave for a few minutes for proofing,
затем выпекаем около half an hour. 7. Having cooled the women, we put them on 3
hours, then lower the lower part in a cold syrup for impregnation and
pour the fudge.

Syrup for impregnation rum baba:

1. Mix water and sugar, bring to a boil and cool. 2
Add 2 hours dessert wine spoons and a few drops of rum


1. Pound 1 egg white with icing sugar until smooth
массы.2 Добавляем несколько drops of rum essence.

Recipe: Christmas Cupcake

A feature of this cupcake is that it needs
aging for about a month so that the dried fruits give the dough flavor and
moisture. Therefore, it must be baked in advance.

Ingredients for Christmas cake:

For the test:

1. масло – 200 gr.,2 brown sugar – 200 gr., 3. 4 eggs, 4.
flour – 250 gr.,5. ground almonds – 50 gr., 6. baking powder – 1/2
hl 7. Almonds – 100 gr.

For fruit mix:

1. светлый изюм – 150 gr., 2 темный изюм – 150 gr., 3. цукаты –
100 gr., 4. dried cherry – 50 gr., 5. rum (brandy, cognac) – 50

Christmas cake preparation method:

1. Soak the dried fruits in rum a week before the baking day. 2
Whip butter with sugar, while adding eggs one by one. 3. Flour
sift, mix with baking powder and ground almonds, and
gradually mix with butter. Add dried fruit to the dough,
хорошо mix it up.5. Lubricate the form of oil, lay in it
dough. We decorate the top of the cake with almonds. We bake a cupcake in the oven,
heated to 160 degrees, about an hour. 8. Letting the cake cool
wrap it in cling film and hide it until Christmas.

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