Reading can protect against the development of dementia inold age

Пт, 01 июн 2018 Автор: Валентин Новиков

Spanish scientists have found that people with limited
словарным запасом, имеют в old age высокую степень риска развития
dementia (acquired dementia).

Dementia is a severe disease, manifested in violation
cognitive abilities: memory, logical thinking, etc.
Scientists can help avoid this.
own erudition.

In the course of the study were subjected to testing 326
volunteer whose age exceeded 55 years. It turned out that some of
they have insignificant changes in cognitive abilities, in
while the second half of the group did not have them at all. Observations
showed: the higher the level of outlook and richer vocabulary
subjects, the lower their risk of becoming a victim of the disease

According to most experts, the erudition is quite possible
raise yourself. To do this, in particular, read a lot
quality literature. Also the person’s outlook depends on the circle
communication, which greatly affects the range of interests of a person,
lays a mark on his thinking and vocabulary.

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