Rating best remedies for nail fungus onfeet. What means is better to choose and what can be done withpregnancy?

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Nail fungus is a very common disease that
accompanied by itching, redness, general inflammation and other
unpleasant symptoms. To stop the damaging effects
you will need to start timely treatment and find an effective

Nail polish

Nail polish — это препарат, предназначенный для снятия ногтевой
plate affected by fungus. If the fungal infection is too
serious, you will need to completely remove the nail. Composed
drugs are observed stearic acid, urea, essential oil
tea tree, which all together stimulate the death of the sick
records It is absolutely painless.

Tea tree essential oil serves as an excellent antiseptic. is he
disinfects the affected part of the nail and skin. Thanks
this will result in a completely healthy new nail.

Before using the drug, it is necessary to steam the nails well
warm solution of liquid soap and soda. After fingers rub
towel and stick adhesive tape around the nail. Means
It is applied on the affected nails and the affected skin is very
dense layer. The drug should not get to the healthy dermis. After
Putting a plaster on top and leave it on for 4 days.
After пластырь снять, пальцы распарить и удалить остатки пластинки
with the help of nail accessories. If necessary, the procedure


Composed набора для борьбы с грибком есть мазь, пластырь и
scraper for plates. The ointment is characterized by antifungal,
exfoliating action. This is the best remedy for nail fungus on
legs, which helps the turn of the disease any degree

Diseased areas must first be steamed and cleaned when
help scraper in the set. After на больной ноготь наложить мазь,
glue all adhesive tape. Sessions hold as many times as
completely fail to get rid of a sick nail. With the passage
time will grow a new healthy nail.

This is a proven drug that has managed to recommend itself.
The cost of the drug is quite high, but it is justified by the resulting


It is an antifungal agent that is characterized by a wide
spectrum of its impact. The drug is very cheap, but at the same time
time is very effective. It is a very powerful drug and use.
you only need it with extreme caution. Important strictly
stick to dosage.

Tablets are great for fungal nail infections.
plates. The result can be observed after the first course of therapy.
Relapses are usually extremely rare. Usually one is enough
course of cure of the fungus.

This remedy has contraindications. He can not
Use when carrying a baby and children up to one year. AT
In case of hepatic and renal failure, use with
caution. If necessary, reduce the dosage.
Fluconazole специалисты рекомендуют комбинировать с наружными
preparations of the fungus. AT этом случае эффект будет заметен гораздо


This tool is available in the form of a spray. It is recommended
apply at an early stage of the disease. Means наносить на пораженные
plots. Prior toes need to steam. After этой
procedure fingers dry well. Spray applied in such a way
to moisten the nail. Apply the drug a couple of times a day.
The duration of the course of treatment is up to two weeks.

The drug in use is not as pleasant as the skin
the cover around the nail after use can turn red and start
itch. After проявления такой симптоматики следует обратиться к
specialist for help. This is usually a sign of the beginning.
allergic reaction. You can not use the drug when
Carrying a baby, as well as children under 12 years. If therapy
transferred positively, the effect will be good. Repeated
plate lesions are rare.

is heихопласт

This is the best remedy for nail fungus on ногах, которое
used for many decades. The patch is applied to the sick
nails is he обладает клеевым слоем, поэтому зафиксировать его не
will be of particular difficulty. Replace the patches with new ones every 4
of the day

The effect of this unique tool is to soften
nail, after which its perfect is not difficult to remove. This way
Therapists recommend using therapy when the fungus
several nails are affected at once and the degree of infection is already

Before using the patch, steam your fingers, then
dry well and remove leftovers. After того как пластырь размягчил
nail need to remove the nail. The procedure is repeated until
until the nail is completely removed.

These patches are an excellent replacement for surgical
intervention. With them, you can remove painlessly sick


This is an effective cream that is designed for outdoor use.
of use. The active ingredient of the drug is ketoconazole.
is he характеризуется широким спектром воздействия и highly effective
against most types of fungi. The drug is absolutely safe for
human health.

Allowed to use the tool when carrying a baby and
breastfeeding. But the positive effect can be observed not
immediately after use, and after a week and a half.


This is a very well-known and very effective medicine that
it is possible to apply at the initial stages of infection with a fungus. Varnish
must be applied to the sick nails constantly. Healing coating
should always be on the records. Before applying the drug
It is necessary to steam the nails, and then dry the fingers well. Well
thoroughly clean and degrease with special

The drug makes it possible to cope with fungal infection already
after a couple of weeks. Varnish прозрачный и на ногтях он не заметен.
The disadvantage is too much cost.

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