Ragout with cabbage and potatoes in a slow cooker -hearty healthy dish. Recipes рагу с капустой и картошкой изdifferent types of cabbage

Вт, 19 июл 2016 Автор: Наталья Даньчишак

In the hot summer heat, there is practically no appetite, but
to eat is still necessary.

In addition, summer is the time when there is an opportunity to get
all vitamins and nutrients from a variety of vegetables.

The slow cooker allows you to cook the stew, while maintaining all
benefit of vegetables.

Ragout with cabbage and potatoes in a slow cooker – the basic principles

Many people think that stews with potatoes and cabbage are boring and
monotonous dish. In fact, this is far from the case. After the stew
can be cooked not only from white cabbage, but also from
color, Brussels or broccoli.

Кроме капусты и картошки, для preparations рагу вам понадобятся
and other vegetables. It can be zucchini, Bulgarian pepper,
eggplants, green peas, tomatoes or any other vegetables.

Meat lovers can make stews with cabbage and potatoes in
Multicooker with beef, pork or poultry.

Vegetable stew can be cooked in a post or for those who sit on
diet It all depends on the products from which you will cook

Vegetables are pre-washed, if necessary, cleaned from
peel and cut not too small pieces.

First, fry the onions with carrots, then add the rest
vegetables, pour broth or drinking water and stew in a slow cooker until

Recipe 1. Stew with cabbage and potatoes in a slow cooker


  • half a kilo of potatoes;

  • vegetable oil;

  • garlic;

  • 300 grams of cabbage;

  • two sweet peppers;

  • A glass of tomato juice;

  • bulb;

  • salt;

  • carrot;

  • spice.

Способ preparations

1. We release sweet pepper from the stem, clean the seeds and
cut into thin strips. Peeled onion chop thin feathers.
Carrots clean, wash and large three. We spread the prepared
vegetables in a saucepan and add vegetable oil.

2. Turn on the “Fry” mode for ten minutes. Close the lid and
fry, stirring occasionally, until a beep sounds.

3. Peel the potatoes, wash and cut the tubers into cubes. We put
potatoes to other vegetables. Activate the program “Baking” on
half an hour. Pour in some purified water so that the potatoes do not
burned. Potatoes should redden and become soft.

4. Send shredded cabbage to potatoes. Salt
season with pepper and spices. Shuffle and turn on the program
�”Quenching” for 20 minutes.

5. Ten minutes later, pour in tomato juice and continue
cook another ten minutes. At the end add finely chopped
garlic and greens. Close the lid and оставляем рагу настояться минут
at 15.

Recipe 2. Ragout with cauliflower, potatoes and mushrooms in


  • 300 g cauliflower;

  • a bunch of fresh dill and parsley;

  • 200 g of champignons or any other mushrooms;

  • 50 ml of vegetable oil;

  • three potatoes;

  • one and a half glasses of drinking water;

  • carrot;

  • salt;

  • three tomatoes;

  • basil, turmeric, black pepper and oregano;

  • large pod of sweet pepper;

  • bow – two heads.

Способ preparations

1. Rinse the mushrooms, remove the film and cut the legs. Mushrooms
cut into four pieces. Cut peeled potatoes large
slices. Onions cleaned of husk and chop it large

2. Wash the tomatoes, wipe and cut into six parts.
Peel the carrots and cut them into slices as thick as a centimeter.
Sweet peppers free from the tail and clean the seeds.
Chop it up with a large straw.

3. In the capacity of the multicooker pour oil and include the program
�”Frying”. Put onion and fry it until transparent, constantly
stirring. Add the carrot and keep on fire for about two minutes. Then
Add chopped sweet pepper, mix and add potatoes.
Fry everything together until the potatoes absorb oil.

4. At this stage, add the mushrooms, salt and season.
spices. Cook, stirring, until the juice from the mushrooms has evaporated.

5. Pour boiled water, transfer the slow cooker to the mode
�”Quenching”, close the lid and cook for 20 minutes, until soft

6. Cabbage fork disassembled into inflorescences and set aside for five minutes.
in boiling water. Drain the water and wrap the cabbage with cold water.

7. Put tomatoes and cauliflower in a multicooker container.
Mix gently and cook in the same mode for another five minutes.
Оставить рагу с капустой и картошкой в multicooker настаиваться, не
opening the lid for a quarter of an hour.

Recipe 3. Stews with cabbage, potatoes and beans in


  • half a pound of cabbage;

  • salt;

  • kg of potatoes;

  • 300 g boiled beans;

  • freshly ground pepper;

  • two bulbs;

  • seasonings;

  • carrot;

  • 50 ml of tomato paste.

Способ preparations

1. We clean the potatoes and carrots, wash and chop the vegetables into slices

2. Cabbage thin shred. Peeled onion cut

3. Put the carrots and onions in the saucepan of the slow cooker.
Activate the mode “Fry” for ten minutes. Do not close the lid.
Fry the vegetables, stirring constantly, until the carrots are soft.

4. Add cabbage to vegetables, mix, close the lid and
stew for about seven minutes.

5. We put в кастрюльку картошку и предварительно отваренную
beans. Tomato paste diluted with drinking water. Pour in
полученную смесь к овощам, солим, перчим и приправляем spices.
Close the lid. Включаем режим «Тушение» на half an hour. Serve the stew
с капустой и картошкой в multicooker как самостоятельное блюдо с
vegetable salad or pickles.

Рецепт 4. Рагу с капустой и картошкой в multicooker на
sour cream


  • eight tubers of new potatoes;

  • 15 g of salt;

  • zucchini;

  • a bunch of parsley;

  • cauliflower forks;

  • a bunch of sorrel;

  • 50 g of flour;

  • 50 ml of vegetable oil;

  • one and a half cup sour cream.

Способ preparations

1. Wash the zucchini, if the skin is hard, clean it. Vegetable
crumble with medium pieces.

2. Peel the potatoes, wash them, cut them into the same cubes,
like the zucchini.

3. Включите мультиварку в режим �”Frying”. Pour oil into the bowl and
warm it up well. Put the zucchini in it,
potato and fry, stirring constantly, until golden.

4. Disassemble the cauliflower into florets. Dip them in boiling
water, lightly salt it, and boil for five minutes.
Drain broth, but do not pour.

5. Rinse the sorrel and cool slightly. Cut it into strips,
two centimeters wide.

6. Add cauliflower and sorrel to the potatoes, salt and
mix it up.

7. Put sour cream in a deep plate, add flour and
whisk well to leave no lumps. Dilute the mixture
decoction of cauliflower.

8. Fill the vegetables with sour cream sauce. Switch the slow cooker to
режим «Выпечка», закройте крышку и готовьте half an hour.

9. Rinse the greens and chop finely. Spread the prepared stew over
Portions and shredded greens.

Recipe 5. Stews with cabbage, potatoes, meat and apples in


  • 300 g pork;

  • vegetable oil;

  • 300 grams of cabbage;

  • freshly ground pepper;

  • two potato tubers;

  • two cloves of garlic;

  • carrot;

  • salt;

  • an Apple;

  • 50 g of tomato paste.

Способ preparations

1. Wash my pork, dry them with napkins and chop them up

2. Pour in в чашу мультиварки масло. Activate the program
«Жарка» на half an hour. In the heated oil lay out the meat and
fry until light ruddy.

3. Peel potatoes, wash and cut into pieces not too small.
Send the potatoes to the meat, mix.

4. Clean the carrots and cut them into small pieces. Spread to the meat
with potatoes. Stir.

5. Following the carrots we send finely chopped cabbage.

6. My apple, remove the core and cut it in the same way as
potatoes Sent in the bowl. Add tomato paste and
chopped garlic. We transfer the slow cooker to the “Fire” mode,
close the lid and готовим сорок минут. We decompose ready stew with
капустой и картошкой в multicooker по порционным тарелкам и подаем
as an independent dish.

Recipe 6. Ragout with Brussels sprouts and potatoes in


  • two cloves of garlic;

  • pork – 400 g;

  • eggplant;

  • ground paprika;

  • Brussels sprouts – 200 g;

  • ground turmeric;

  • champignons – 150 g;

  • hops suneli;

  • carrot;

  • a tomato;

  • Bay leaf;

  • Bulgarian pepper;

  • freshly ground pepper;

  • salt;

  • sunflower oil;

  • dried fennel and parsley.

Способ preparations

1. Очищенную луковицу шинкуем мелко cubes. Carrot clean and
cut into rings. Mushrooms ополаскиваем, обсушиваем и режем
slices. Картошку чистим и рубим cubes. Eggplant peel off
peel to get rid of bitterness. Chop the tomato and eggplant
same as potatoes. Pepper cut into wide strips. Pork
cut into pieces.

2. In a pan, fry the meat and a half onion until light
ruddy Put the fried meat in the bowl of the slow cooker. Now
fry in the same pan mushrooms with onions. Fried mushrooms too
we shift in the bowl. In the same way, fry the remaining vegetables and
send in the bowl. Frying meat, mushrooms and vegetables, lightly them
we add.

3. Pour in немного кипяченой воды. Добавляем все spice. Cover
close and turn on the program “Quenching” for ten minutes. In the end
add crushed garlic, cook another couple of minutes. Ready stew
оставляем в multicooker еще минут на 15, чтобы мясо и овощи
soaked in aromas of spices and garlic.

Рагу с капустой и картошкой в multicooker — советы и

  • If you want the dish to be dietary, not
    add oil. Stew vegetables in their own juice or pour
    some water or broth.

  • Do not chop the vegetables too small to end up with

  • Instead of water, you can add cream, then you get a stew with
    soft, creamy taste.

  • Stewed vegetables without meat can be served as a side dish to fish
    or meat.

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