Rabies – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Thu, 17 Mar 2016

Бешенство представляет собой острое
infectious disease that occurs after a bite
an infected animal. The disease proceeds with a rather
severe damage to the nervous system and can result in fatal
the outcome.

Rabies causes

About 60% of cases of rabies occur after a dog bite.
Infection of a person is carried out during a bite or salting
rabies sick animals. Such a virus is betrayed with saliva. AT
bites in the region of the hands or head are most dangerous.

Refugee diseases are in most cases associated with very
late treatment bitten by a doctor, with a violation of the regime during
vaccinations, as well as the incompleteness of their course. Most of
sick after direct contact with an animal not
seek medical attention. Some 25% among patients
Make children aged 4 to 14 years. As a rule, victims
had contact with animals in rural areas in warm

Rabies – Symptoms

ATсего существует три стадии заболевания бешенством. The first is
prodromal period, which lasts from 1 to 4 days. Usually he
manifested by increased temperature, severe headache,
loss of appetite. Hypersensitivity may occur.
кожи в том месте, где был укус, слабые подергивания мышц.ATторая
stage implies arousal that lasts from 4 to 7
days Usually this stage of rabies is manifested by attacks.
psychomotor agitation. Attacks can be expressed in increased
sensitivity to bright light, noise, all kinds of

Rabies patients usually become more aggressive and
violent, they begin to show hallucinations, feelings of fear,
paresis, as well as muscle paralysis. Usually arousal stage
accompanied by fever at a temperature of 40 degrees.

The third and last stage of paralysis. AT это время дополняются
signs of cranial nerve damage: paresis of the facial muscles and nerves,
diplopia. Paralysis of the eye muscles occurs, and it is disturbed.
swallowing function. AT дальнейшем может появляться пена во рту,
which is characteristic of rabies sufferers. Half sick
afraid of water.

Rabies – Diagnosis

AT самом начале заболевания бешенством биохимический анализ
blood levels and hemoglobin levels are normal. Concerning
white blood cell count, it can be, as slightly increased,
so be normal. The most common is laboratory
diagnostics. These include the isolation of pathogens from tissues and
biological fluids. Serology, detection
viral RNA, detection of viral antigens in tissues,
histological examination to find Taurus Negri – all this
main ways to diagnose rabies.

A fairly reliable and sensitive diagnostic method is
immunofluorescent staining. But with a long course of this
diseases, the results may be false negative due to
high titer of neutralizing antibodies in the blood of the body.

Бешенство – treatment

AT самом начале место укуса обрабатывается антисептиками, а места
oslusheniya washed with soapy water. Immediately worth turning
for medical care. It is worth noting that effective ways
There is no cure at this time. Carried out
symptomatic therapy to reduce the suffering of the patient.
The patient is placed in a darkened board, which is completely
isolated from bright light and noise. AT достаточно больших дозах
morphine, diphenhydramine, pantopon. The forecast is always
unfavorable. There are only isolated cases of recovery.
patients who have received a full course of anti-rabies immunization

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