Quick Weight Loss Tips

If you want to lose weight quickly at home, here is a simple
The recipe from the nutritionist Kovalkova. No need to buy anything and nowhere
to register. Forget all diets, and just do these two


To lose weight quickly, stop eating four products:


Not only bread and bread, but everything that contains dough is cakes,
pies, pasta, waffles and more. Flour? Exclude.


Not only white sand, but everything that contains sugar. Coca Cola
does sugar contain? So we exclude. And sweets contain sugar. Sweet
curd bars and chocolate. All sugar-containing impossible.


Fried or baked, it is not important for you now. Simply
exclude potatoes.

Белый рис

Do not believe that rice is a dietary product. Losing weight is useful only
brown rice, and white rice, the one from which sushi is made, is nothing
influence on your figure is no different from the rolls. These are the same fast.

Exclude these four products and everything they belong to. Not
cheat, do not indulge yourself if you really want
lose weight fast

What remains if all this is ruled out? Will remain green
vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken breast, cottage cheese and kefir.

Please note that fish is not sushi with white rice. This is a piece
whole fish, without potatoes, rice and flour.


Every day, walk 4-5 km. Notобходимое количество
kilometers can now be determined using maps in your
a smartphone.

If you fulfill these two conditions, you can lose weight by 4-5 kg
very fast.

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