Quick kvass with citric acid – quenchthirsty! Recipes простых, доступных и быстрых квасов с лимоннойacid

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For complete fermentation of kvass, you need at least two days.

Not everyone can wait so much time.

In the heat you want to enjoy sparkling as quickly as possible.
a drink.

It is for such impatient persons that there are recipes for quick
kvass on citric acid.

The drink can be prepared in less than a day, while to taste
He is not inferior to the original.

Let’s try?


Быстрый квас с лимонной acid — общие принципы

The secret to quick kvass recipes – adding more
yeast than usual. This allows the drink to ferment more actively.
The missing taste and acid gives lemon. Its amount is usually
indicated in the recipe, but you can always throw more or less with
considering your taste.

What else put:

• sugar or honey;

• bread, crackers;

• malt;

• burnt sugar, chicory;

• raisins;

• mint;

• different fruits, berries.

Water has a great influence on the drink. Not recommended
use of plumbing. The most delicious kvass is obtained from
spring water. If you can not get it, you can simply
Pass the tap fluid through the filter. Water required
heated to a temperature of about 45 degrees to fermentation went
more active. Kvass is never made from cold ingredients.

Рецепт 1: Быстрый квас с лимонной acid и жженым

Рецепт быстрого кваса с лимонной acid, который будет готов
after 4 hours. Approximately another time is needed for
its cooling in freezers, since a warm drink is not
is used. According to the recipe of kvass goes a lot
amount of all ingredients.


• 1 scoop of dry yeast;

• 10 liters of water;

• 1 spoon of lemon;

• 9 tablespoons of sugar + 0.4 kg.


1. Pour half a liter of water, heat up, add yeast,

2. We throw citric acid, even if the mixture is a bit
stand up

3. Take 9 tablespoons of sugar, put in the pan and start
burn through As soon as the sand turns brown, it is ready.

4. Pour 9.5 liters of water into the pan or bucket and run
caramel. To remove the remnants of the walls, you can pour a little
water in a pot and boil.

5. Next, add a mixture of lemon and yeast.

6. Fall asleep the remaining sugar in the recipe, it is 400 grams.
All carefully stir until dissolved.

7. Bottled prepared drink and tight
we twist caps.

8. We clean in the sun for fermentation. After 4 hours the drink will be
ready! It remains only to cool it.

Рецепт 2: Быстрый квас с лимонной acid и хлебом

Еще один вариант быстрого кваса с лимонной acid, но на этот
times with real bread. It is better to use rye pieces to
the taste was real.


• 1 tsp. lemon;

• 8 tablespoons of sugar;

• 1 tsp. yeast;

• 5 pieces of bread;

• 3-4 liters of water.


1. Put the bread on a baking sheet and send it in the oven. Do
dark, slightly burnt croutons can be.

2. Fill the saucepan with water, throw sugar and yeast, followed
pour out lemongrass. Stir until the grains dissolve.

3. Add burnt croutons to kvass. Dipping pieces of bread
several times so that it gets wet faster.

4. Put the kvass in the heat, you can take out into the yard or on the balcony and
put in the sun. The fermentation process will go faster.

5. After 2 hours you need to check the drink and stir. We try on
taste and appreciate. If there is still little gas, then we keep for another hour. We bring
to the desired taste.

6. Strain, pour into jars or bottles, before
use cool.

Рецепт 3: Быстрый квас с лимонной acid и цикорием

Variant of very useful and fragrant kvass, for which
need ordinary chicory powder. It is sold in departments
with tea and coffee, instant drink is inexpensive. Yeast is better
use extruded.


• 0.3 kg of sugar;

• 1.5 tablespoons of chicory;

• 1 tsp. Lemon without slides;

• 40 граммов yeast;

• 5 liters of water.


1. Fill with a glass of boiling water chicory powder, stir and
time set aside. We will come back to him, but a little

2. Pour purified water into a large pot, it should be
warmer than body temperature.

3. We throw at once all the sugar and dilute the yeast. Make them easier
separated, you can first stir in a little water.

4. Pour into the drink a warm solution of chicory. The residue is left in
cup, it is not needed.

5. Once again, stir the drink and cover.

6. Leave in a warm room for 4-5 hours. We bring до нужного
taste. If the yeast is good, you may need only three

Рецепт 4: Быстрый квас с лимонной acid и корками

Option of very fragrant and healthy kvass with the addition of
lemon peels. This is exactly what you need in the heat. Yeast for this
recipes are used fresh, but you can take the granules. In such
In the case of reducing the amount of 3 times.


• peel with 2 lemons;

• 1 tsp. acids;

• 15 граммов сухих yeast;

• 2 glasses of sugar;

• 3-3,5 liters of water;

• malt or burnt sugar for colors.


1. Wash the lemon peel, can be cut into small pieces.
Fill them with half a liter of water and bring to a boil.

2. Pour the peel with broth into the prescription water minus
half a liter. The liquid should become pleasantly warm.

3. It’s time to add sugar and citric acid.

4. Yeast stir in a small amount of water and also
send in kvass.

5. Cover, keep warm for three to five hours,
зависимости от нужного taste.

6. For color, add burned sugar, you can special
malt or sprinkle a little ordinary chicory.

7. Drink need to filter, pour into convenient containers and you can
send for cooling.

Рецепт 5: Быстрый квас с лимонной acid и медом

Option of healthy and tasty kvass, which instead of sugar
honey is added He can be absolutely anyone, but definitely
natural. By the way, this is a good use case.
unclaimed, candied product that no one wants
there is.


• 2 rye crackers;

• 0.12 kg of honey;

• 4 liters of water;

• 1 tsp. citric acid;

• 7 grams of yeast.


1. Crackers are better to take slightly burnt. We throw them in big
pot and pour a liter of hot water. Give a little stand.

2. Add the rest of the recipe water.

3. We throw lemongrass with yeast. Stir.

4. Add honey and let it dissolve in

5. That’s all, it remains to cover up the drink and deliver for fermentation
in a warm place. To speed up the process and the sharpness of the drink, you can
add a handful of washed raisins.

6. As soon as kvass gets the desired taste, it needs to be drained.
from bread and pour into small containers.

Рецепт 6: Быстрый квас с лимонной acid и мятой

Вариант быстрого кваса с лимонной acid и листочками мяты.
They give the drink a refreshing taste and light chill. Instead
Peppermint can be used lemon balm.


• 3 liters of water;

• 180 grams of sugar;

• 1 tsp. с горкой lemon;

• 1 tsp. без горки yeast;

• 7 sprigs of mint;

• 15 pieces of raisins.


1. Wash and dry the sprigs of mint. We grind the blender
or just chop.

2. We send mint to the saucepan, add prescription water,
all the sugar and boil after boiling for three minutes. Cool until

3. Take the gauze and filter from the mints.

4. Put the lemon into the warm syrup and add the yeast.

5. Wash the raisins and also throws in the future drink.

6. Leave it warm for 10 hours, then you can take a sample. If a
acid and sharpness is not enough, then we increase the time of fermentation.

Рецепт 7: Быстрый квас с лимонной acid на яблоках

Вариант яблочного быстрого кваса с лимонной acid, для
preparations которого понадобится около 12 часов. Yeast for this
recipe used raw. We take apples summer, necessarily juicy
and fresh.


• 3 liters of water;

• 0.3 kg of sugar;

• 0.5 kg of apples;

• 0.5 tsp. lemon;

• 30 grams of yeast.


1. We wash apples and cut into any pieces. Skin
we leave, it is better to bypass the stubs when cutting. They are not
will need.

2. Fold the apple pieces into the saucepan, pour all at once

3. Boil for three minutes, then add 300 grams of sugar.
Cook a couple more minutes.

4. Cool compote and filter. Pieces well squeezed to
extract the maximum flavor from them.

5. Add acid and yeast to the warm broth.

6. Cover and give a wander for 14 hours.

7. Spill in containers, remove the cool. Filter such
Kvass is not necessary.

Рецепт 8: Быстрый квас с лимонной acid на изюме

A simple recipe for kvass, which requires a minimum
set of ingredients.


• 100 grams of raisins;

• 1 tsp. citric acid;

• 1 tsp. yeast;

• 3 liters of water;

• 50 grams of sugar.


1. Raisin carefully rinsed, recline 10-15 pieces,
The rest is sent to the pan.

2. Add sugar and prepare the usual compote. Letting it boil over
about 10 minutes.

3. Remove from heat, cool and filter.

4. Add a pineapple with yeast, throw previously deferred

5. We clean in a warm place for 7-10 hours. You can paint over kvass
chicory or malt.

Быстрый квас с лимонной acid — полезные советы и

• Burnt sugar lags badly behind the pan, and every time it smears
the dishes. Therefore, it can be prepared in advance by adding after
burning through boiled water and dissolving the black syrup. Doing so
need to be carefully, in small portions, as the sugar will be active

• It is very important that kvass is not peroxide. Therefore, drinks fast
preparations с лимонной acid нужно пробовать как можно
more often.

• Raisin gives the drink a sharpness and a pleasant taste;
add to any recipe, but do not forget to rinse thoroughly

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