Question to the doctor: why does it itch the nose, should be treatedor will pass by itself. Medical causes and possible diagnoses: itchynose – what to do?

Пт, 24 июн 2016 Автор: Анна Онуку

People say: a good nose fist for three days feels.

Doctors believe otherwise.

An itchy nose is an obsessive condition that
provokes a strong desire to scratch the affected area. Is not
only brings discomfort to the person, but can also be a sign
having a serious illness.

Why does it itch and how to reveal the true cause? This is done
based on the patient’s individual symptoms. It is possible that the cause
itching is a simple allergy, in any case, diagnosis
must be trusted with a doctor.

Why the nose is scratched: medical causes of illness

1. Irritation of the mucous. It is possible that pieces from
animal wool or dust.

2. In the winter time in the heating season humidity
room air goes down. This may be the reason why
itchy nose, because the mucous is very dry.

3. Itching in humans can cause allergies not only to dust, but also
on certain foods, pollen or even mold.

4. Excessive hair growth in the nasal area (hypertrichosis) often
occurs in men. This disease causes discomfort and constant
itching from inside the mucous.

5. Few people know that due to severe stress and constant
Nerve breaks can also begin to itch.

6. Seasonal colds.

7. Skin diseases. For example, it may be eczema, lichen or
psoriasis. Ailments affect the nervous system, which provokes
severe itching not only in the nose, but throughout the skin.

8. Sunburn.

9. Scabies – a disease in which the hands itch violently, and that’s all.
the rest of the body. You can see black dots, especially they
stand out against the background of blond hair.

10. Wound healing. It has long been known that if a wound itches,
means – heals. With the nose this can also happen.

If a person can not find the answer to the question why it is scratched
nose, he needs to inspect his body. It is possible that after
outdoor activities, he was bitten by ticks or mosquitoes.
Also, itching causes bedbug bites.

Why the nose is scratched: the main symptoms of the disease outside and inside

1. Sneezing with itching

Most often it occurs due to exposure to irritants.
environment (allergens). This may be perfumery products.
or detergents, cigarette smoke, pollen, dust or
pet hair.

The body tries to excrete harmful substances, causing
the person is itchy in the nose and he starts sneezing. Often such a reaction
accompanied by swelling and runny nose, red eyes (flow
tears). In this situation, you need to visit a doctor to identify
allergens and fence themselves away from them. If this is not done, it is possible
malaise and dizziness later on.

2. Itching around the eyes and nose

Why does the nose and eye area scratch? The most common cause
disease acts allergy. The body’s response may be caused
household chemicals that the hostess uses daily.
It is recommended to try other cleaning products. If itching doesn’t
stop, you need to consult a doctor.

3. Severe itching from inside the nose

Зуд mucous является последствием сухости of air. Often
it is accompanied by a runny nose, bleeding and headache.
A person experiences particular discomfort during sleep. Dryness
mucous может возникнуть зимой в отопительный период или при
using some nasal drops. Very important in case of a cold.
choose the most natural drops that the nose is not dry. Also
you need to open the window to the living room regularly
fresh air circulated.

4. Cold and itchy nose

It is no secret that the cold is always accompanied
sneezing and itching around the nose to cause discomfort while
breathing. It is necessary to begin treatment and release the mucous to
nothing disturbed her. This can be done by flushing the nose.
special solution or use drops that are not dried

How to properly and safely deal with itchy nose

Why the nose is scratched – the reasons are clear. Only one question remains –
how to fight it in order to get rid of yourself as quickly as possible
discomfort? Presented recommendations and helpful tips will help
deal with the affliction.

1. When rhinitis (nasal congestion) of the patient is recommended
nasal drops, the composition of which does not dry out the mucous. it
Naphthyzinum, Farmazolin, Nazol. Other drug names are specified.
At the attending physician. No nasal drops can be taken longer
than 7 days. At the same time it is important to observe the instructions in the instructions.

2. In the summer time, it is advisable to purchase a humidifier.
of air. It can be ultrasonic or steam. This device
You will constantly maintain the humidity in the room. Also
you can put an open container with water on the windowsill and start
fish (since there is also water in the aquarium).

3. Picking a finger inside the nose is a habit that is harmful.
not only with aesthetic point of view, but also medical. All this
can lead to infectious infections. Then no need
wonder why it itches your nose.

4. Hypertrichosis (strong growth of nasal hair) is common and
Do not be shy. Чтобы избавиться себя от зуда mucous
It is recommended to carefully trim the hair with sharp scissors with
round tips. In no case is it used
Tweezers – the procedure is very painful and there is a risk of infection.

5. If a person’s nose is itchy due to allergy to
certain household chemicals or other substances necessarily
You need to consult a doctor so that he can identify the main allergen.
Only in this way can a person save himself from itchy nose

6. Why is it itchy my nose to be warm, stronger than outside? Interesting
the fact is that at higher temperatures, the itching intensifies. If a
a person has a sharp nose comb, he can go out or
put your head in the fridge for 10-15 seconds. Amazing funny
and funny, but it helps.

7. If a человек не курит, ему не рекомендуется находиться рядом
with smokers, especially to visit heavily smoked rooms.
The body will try to get rid of incoming mucous membranes.
harmful substances that lead to severe itching in the nose.

Preventive measures

A person rarely thinks about why the nose is itchy and what it is
fraught with Of course, in some situations, itching is not dangerous,
however, there are symptoms that are not to be avoided,
otherwise, they lead to serious respiratory diseases.

Compliance with preventive measures will help to avoid
unpleasant consequences

1. To monitor the state of their immunity, especially during
viral infections. At such times, it is recommended that
take multivitamin complexes.

2. In winter, for the prevention of colds, the inner part of the wings of the nose
It is recommended to lubricate with oxolinic ointment. it полезно как для
adults and for children.

3. Eliminate bad habits – all of which have a negative effect on
human health.

4. During contact with chemical cleaners
(especially if there is bleaching powder in the composition) it is recommended to wear
gloves and a mask on the mouth and nose.

Why the nose is scratched – you need to pay special attention to the symptoms of the disease
attention, only in this way it will be possible to identify the cause of the itch and
eliminate it. We must not forget the elementary rules of hygiene,
because cleanliness always had a positive effect on the state

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