Pyelonephritis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Mon, Apr 25, 2016

Пиелонефрит – это воспаление почек, которое
proceeds in acute or chronic form. The disease is pretty
widespread and very dangerous to health. Accompanied by
pain in the lumbar region, fever, severe
general condition and chills. Occurs most often after

Acute is called the first emerged pyelonephritis. Chronic –
pyelonephritis, repeated repeatedly (periods of exacerbation
change long remissions). Pyelonephritis often sick girls
and women (in 70% of cases). Often the disease develops after
cystitis – ascending pyelonephritis. In men, pyelonephritis is usually
is a complication of urological diseases or abscesses of various
organs. Children rarely get sick (more often than girls).

Pyelonephritis – causes

The cause of pyelonephritis, as a rule, is hypothermia,
more often in spring or autumn. There are a number of factors contributing to
to a disease: – repeated previous diseases
pyelonephritis; – untimely emptying of the bladder; –
comorbidities that weaken the immune system,
diabetes, hypovitaminosis, overwork, infectious
diseases; – improperly treated cystitis; – acute
inflammatory diseases (abscesses, angina); – decrease
immunity during pregnancy, plus an enlarged uterus, providing
pressure on the ureter, preventing the flow of urine from the kidneys.

Pyelonephritis – Symptoms

Like any disease, pyelonephritis has characteristic
symptoms: – Increased body temperature to about 39-40 degrees,
accompanied by recurrent chills; – Severe general condition,
nausea and weakness, paleness of the skin; – Frequent
urination (within an hour – repeatedly). The norm is –
5-7 times a day; – Turbid urine, often with an admixture of blood; – Pain in
lower back;

Pyelonephritis – diagnosis

Pyelonephritis is characterized by very specific complaints,
which allow with a high probability to suspect the disease.
Pyelonephritis is confirmed and distinguished from other diseases.
instrumental and laboratory methods.

The disease is most reliably diagnosed on the basis of a common
urinalysis (increased protein and white blood cells, the presence of bacteria) and
total blood count (increased white blood cell count and
erythrocyte sedimentation).

To identify the microorganism that caused pyelonephritis,
bacteriological urine culture is performed. This study
also determines the susceptibility of the microorganism to antibiotics. With
chronic pyelonephritis this study is prescribed in mandatory

A very important diagnostic method is ultrasound, which allows
identify kidney condition and related kidney disease that
necessary for proper treatment. Radiology
research, blood tests and cystoscopy for pyelonephritis
appoint extremely rare.

Пиелонефрит – treatment и профилактика

Uncomplicated forms are treated with antibiotics and uroseptics
(antimicrobial drugs that act exclusively on urinary
organs). It is very important the appointment of antispasmodics, which contribute to
urine outflow from the kidneys, drugs that strengthen the immune system,
anti-inflammatory drugs and diuretic herbs.

The most commonly prescribed fluoroquinolone antibiotics (lake,
ofloxin) and cephalosporin (ceftriaxone) series. From uroseptikov
The most popular are furadonin, nitroxoline and palin.

The duration of treatment and the dose should be coordinated with the treating.
as a doctor, as with self-medication, complications of pyelonephritis are possible. AT
the treatment period excludes spicy, sour and salty foods,
alcohol and strong coffee. It is recommended to use a lot

Prevention of pyelonephritis is to eliminate the factors
contributing to the occurrence of the disease. Recommended on time
empty the bladder, avoid hypothermia, timely
treat infectious diseases and related urological


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Thanks to the author for the article.

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