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Ср, 14 сен 2016 Автор: Марина Выходцева

Pumpkin juice, not everyone loves because of the specific flavor and

But it is very easy to get rid of them if you add an orange!

Clockwork citrus will give the drink a bright aroma, add vitamins
and will cheer up all winter.

It’s time to prepare a sunny drink in cans!


Pumpkin juice with oranges for the winter – general principles

Pumpkin for juice is suitable only ripe, sweet, orange. If a
melon culture unripe, the drink will not very
delicious. Pumpkin peel, remove the insides and seeds.
Then cut into pieces, the size of which depends on the selected
способа preparations напитка. Most often, prepare the juice with pulp from
steamed, boiled product. It is mashed with a blender or
fray in any other way until uniform.

Oranges preferably washed in two stages. At first just delete
contamination from the surface, then scald with boiling water to remove
wax, then rinse again. To remove the peel conveniently
use a grater or knife to clean vegetables. Juice is usually squeezed
from citrus to a separate dish, then add to the prepared

What is added to the juice:

• sugar;

• water;

• citric acid;

• other juices.

The mixture of all the ingredients of the recipe is boiled for several minutes.
Drink immediately you can bring to the desired taste. Then boiling mixture
poured into containers. Banks must be sterile. The blank
sealed, cooled, cleaned for storage.

Pumpkin juice with oranges for the winter “Economical”

The recipe is very beneficial juice from the pumpkin for the winter, which
it turns out a lot. Of these products will be about 18 liters. therefore
you need to arm yourself with a suitable size pan. If a не
you need so much drink, proportionally reduce the amount


• 9 kg of ripe pumpkin;

• 1.6 kg of sugar;

• 1.5 kg of oranges;

• 5 tsp. citric acid.


1. Recycle pumpkin. Clear, cut into cubes, not large
need to. Fold in a large pot.

2. Fill with water. The liquid should cover the pieces. You can immediately
put on the stove, let the future juice warms up.

3. Let’s make oranges. Prepare citrus, as described above.
Снимем цедру, закинем к pumpkin.

4. Now you need to cover the pan, after boiling to reduce the heat.
Cook until soft pumpkin.

5. Remove from heat, cool.

6. For grinding the most convenient way is to use a blender. We parry
the juice.

7. If a нет блендера, придется протирать массу сквозь sieve.

8. Из апельсинов выдавливаем the juice. Add to pumpkin
to drink. Make sure not to hit the bones.

9. Immediately pour sugar. If a тыква сама по себе сладкая, то
cut the number in half. Add a lemon.

10. Boil the juice for another five minutes, pour into sterile
jars. Corking, store for storage.

Pumpkin juice with orange and lemon

The aroma of lemon is not the same as that of orange. But together they allow
cook unreal delicious pumpkin drink.


• 4 kg of pumpkin;

• 4 liters of water;

• 2 oranges;

• 2 lemons;

• 4 g of citric acid;

• 700 g sugar.


1. Cut the peeled pumpkin, fill it with prescription water,
send to the stove.

2. Remove the zest from lemons and oranges, add to saucepan to
pumpkin and boil it all together for twenty minutes.

3. За это время нужно выдавить из цитрусов the juice. Can be cleaned
fruits, remove bones and mash the flesh with a blender.

4. Remove the cooked pumpkin from the fire. Cool to warm

5. Grind to puree in any way (blender, wipe through

6. Add citrus juice, dry acid and sugar.

7. Stir, appreciate the consistency of the drink. If a для вас он
too thick, then it’s time to add water.

8. Put not fire, boil a few minutes.

9. Dispense into sterile containers. Cork a drink for
long-term storage.

Pumpkin juice with oranges for the winter through a meat grinder

Способ preparations тыквенного сока с апельсинами на зиму для
those who do not have a blender, but do not want to grind the mass through
sieve. This is ideal for owners of electrical
meat grinders.


• 3 kg of pumpkin;

• 2 liters of water;

• 4 oranges;

• 5 g citric acid;

• 400 g of sugar.


1. Put the cleaned, prepared pumpkin into the pot, add
put a glass of water on a small fire. Stew under the lid until

2. Rub the zest very finely, add to the vegetable, let it steamed
together. Cool it down.

3. Twist the steamed pumpkin through the meat grinder. Sure you may
mash tolkushkoy. But the veins will remain, the juice will not drink very

4. Add the remaining water to the puree according to the recipe, squeeze out the juice from

5. Add sugar, adjust to taste. Also add acid
lemon Mix well, adjust the consistency if
she is not happy.

6. It remains to boil the orange drink for five minutes, you can
pour in jars!

Pumpkin juice with oranges and apples

Pumpkin juice with apples often flaunted on the shelves of the Soviet
stores. Adults still remember its taste, and youth
it’s time to meet him. With oranges, the drink is still


• 2 kg of apples;

• 2 kg of pumpkin;

• 2 oranges;

• 1.5 cups sugar;

• lemon to taste.


1. Cut the pumpkin into pieces, put in a saucepan, add 2
liter of water. Ставим на плиту, готовим до softness. Sure to
we cover.

2. While the pumpkin is preparing, you need to cut the apples and skip
through a juicer.

3. Peel the oranges and skip them too. Optionally add to
pumpkin zest.

4. Cool the boiled vegetable, grind through a sieve, liquid
we filter.

5. Putting pumpkin, apple juice, sugar in a saucepan

6. Add lemon to taste, if acid is not enough.

7. Put on the stove. Boil ten minutes. Since apple juice
fresh, skin will appear on top. Periodically remove.

8. Spill boiling drink, hermetically corked. Banks
must be dry, sterile.

Spicy pumpkin juice with oranges for the winter

Variant of very fragrant and tasty pumpkin and oranges juice
for winter. It is advisable to use for it a real cinnamon powder,
ground independently. It will be much tastier and more useful.


• 2 kg of pumpkin;

• 2.5 liters of water;

• 2 oranges;

• 3 g cinnamon;

• 1 g vanilla;

• 1 clove asterisk;

• 1.5 cups of sugar;

• 5 г citric acid.


1. Remove the zest from the oranges, place in a saucepan.

2. Add the pumpkin cut into pieces, add half
prescription water.

3. Cover, steam until soft over medium heat.
Cool it down.

4. Grind the vegetable pieces with a combine, meat grinder or just
wipe off In the latter version, the juice will be the most tender.

5. Выдавите сок из цитрусов, добавьте к pumpkin.

6. Next, add the rest of the water according to the recipe, that is, another 1.5
liters. Rate the density. If a нужно, то добавляйте жидкости

7. Sprinkle with cinnamon, vanilla, toss the cloves and sprig. Refuel
drink sugar.

8. Boil ten minutes. Catch a clove, it’s better not
make up in the blank.

9. Pour the boiling drink in jars, hermetically pack,
send to storage.

Pumpkin juice with orange and carrots

Another once popular taste. For this pumpkin juice with
oranges for the winter also need a carrot. To drink
pleased not only with color, but also with taste, choose juicy


• 1 kg of pumpkin;

• 2 liters of water;

• 500 g carrots;

• 3 oranges;

• 1 lemon (can be dry acid);

• 2 glasses of sugar.


1. Pumpkin and carrot crumble cubes. The recipe says
количество очищенных products. If a у моркови зеленые серединки,
then they need to be cut off. Otherwise, the juice will taste bitter.

2. Fill the products with prescription water, put stew.

3. Снимите цедру с апельсинов, отожмите the juice.

4. Add the zest to the steaming vegetables, let them soften.

5. Once the carrot slices are soft, you can remove
products from the heat. Cool it down.

6. Grind to a uniform state in any convenient way.
Return to the stove.

7. Самое время добавить сахар, сок из oranges. For acid
You can squeeze juice from lemon or add powdered

8. Stir the drink. Boil five minutes, cork.

Pumpkin juice with oranges for the winter through a juicer

Option pumpkin juice without pulp. Для preparations
need any juicer. Naturally, it is easier to work with
electric device.


• 5 kg of pumpkin;

• 1 kg of oranges;

• 2 glasses of water;

• 1 cup of sugar;

• 1 tsp. citric acid.


1. Remove the zest from the oranges, put in a saucepan, pour
two glasses of water. Boil 10 minutes, cool and strain.

2. Cut the pumpkin into slices. Peel the oranges. Bones
desirable to remove.

3. Пропустите овощ и цитрусы through a juicer. Drain product
in the pan.

4. Add fragrant decoction of zest.

5. Sprinkle lemongrass, sugar sand. Can be adjusted
the amount of additives to your taste.

6. Boil the juice for ten minutes, roll into the banks.

Pumpkin juice with oranges for the winter – tips and tricks

• Pumpkin perfectly combines not only with apples or carrots.
Juice can be prepared with the addition of apricots, pears, plums and others.
fruits. Be careful when adding berries. For example,
blackberry can make the color of the drink blue.

• Для preparations освежающего сока, добавьте при варке
a few sprigs of mint. You can put the leaves in a gauze bag,
to make it easier to remove later.

• It is possible to prepare not only juices for the winter from pumpkin with oranges,
but also mashed. Simply reduce the amount of fluid added and
acid. Hot mass is also laid out on the banks and corked.
It is advisable to use small tanks.

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