Pull-ups on the horizontal bar for beginners:program and scheme

Подтягивание – это  упражнение, которое помогает нарастить силу плечевого пояса и  широчайших мышц спины, придавая фигуре athlete cone shape. The horizontal bar is a gymnastic apparatus, consisting of a metal horizontal rod fixed between the two uprights. Pulling up on the horizontal bar to do simple, but in order to learn how to pull up properly, not need to buy a subscription to the gym – this will do any horizontal bar installed in the schoolyard. Let’s find out how learn to pull up on the bar from scratch.

The benefits of occupations on the horizontal bar for health

Strength exercises on the bar help to remove the accumulated tension from the spine. Scientists have proven that the vertebral column relaxed only in two situations: when a person lies strictly horizontally and when hanging. People with poor posture is desirable learn to pull up on the horizontal bar 30 times to effectively to stretch the spine.

If we talk about strength exercises, then a set of exercises on the horizontal bar develops different muscle groups located in the upper part body. In a short time on your home horizontal bar, you will strengthen your muscular corset without any monetary investments, the main thing is regular workout. Exercises on the horizontal bar for beginners should occur under its own weight without burdens.

If you do strength exercises correctly, you will strengthen your muscles. chest, abs, arms, back. If your goal is to increase muscle mass, then here the horizontal bar will be the best assistant. In this case, for burden with a backpack with books, a special vest or belt weighting agent.

In addition to pumping the upper body and weight correction exercises on the horizontal bar will help you keep healthy, keep normal mass body and be in excellent physical shape.


How to start pulling up

What muscles swing on the bar, we have already figured out, now learn about the method of pulling from scratch. Most common technology for beginners called “negative repetition.” Its essence – to accept such a situation as if you were already tightened. For this in at home, stand on a chair, then chin over the bar and bent arms secure. Pull out slowly hands and go down, and to go back, use support stool. Novice such classes on the bar should not spend more than 3 times and 5 sets a day. Weekly regular exercises you can refuse to support the chair.

If the proper technique fails on its own, then resort to help a partner who will support you from behind. One more a way to perform growth exercises on the bar and strengthen the cardiovascular system is to perform pulling with dumbbells or simulators.

In the gym there is a special equipment for beginners, and at home use elastic gum. Exercises in the hang beginner the athlete should be done with care not to damage связки или неправильно приземлиться после окончания workout. Before starting any kind of exercise, be sure to warm up your muscles in ways you know.

Do not immediately strive to break world records, and do exercise many times – enough to do 3 times a week 30-40 minutes to pump up the muscles of the torso, remove excess weight, make a figure correction.

Factors that prevent beginners from engaging < / h2>

Exercises on the bar for muscle growth and muscle development require regularity, but many guys and girls who begin to work on the muscles quickly give up. What prevents newcomers from training regularly?

  1. Physical weakness < / strong>. If the musculature is poorly developed, then ordinary pull-ups, not to mention learning how to pull up on one arm, are unattainable for many. If you start from scratch, you must first train endurance and strength. < / Li>
  2. Extra weight < / strong>. Even for developed muscles, the presence of extra pounds is a big hindrance. Before doing back exercises on a horizontal bar, correct your weight with a low-calorie diet. < / Li>
  3. Weak auxiliary muscles < / strong>. If you have a developed main muscle group, but a weak posterior bundle of the deltoid muscle, no radial muscles and hands are developed, then you can forget about the pull-ups with a narrow grip and about raising the coup. For effective training on the crossbar, all muscle groups should be strengthened, increasing the number of approaches for weak zones. < / Li>
  4. Exercise Technique < / strong>. For novice athletes, improper exercise becomes a stumbling block. To achieve results, it is necessary to improve the technical aspect. If you train yourself, watch photos and videos of professional trainings on the Internet. < / Li> < / ol>