Pubic lice (ploshitsy): how to recognize the meansfor treatment

Lice or pubic are parasitic insects belong to squad lice. They live and breed on human genital organs, in the pubic area and near the anus. Availability parasites does not pose a threat to human health, but their bites not only lead to allergies, but also open the way for a variety of infections, fraught with serious complications. Treatment pubic lice in modern conditions has a high efficiency, and passes without any difficulty and consequences.


What is pubic lice or phthyriasis?

фтириазDisease pubic lice has another name – ftiriaz. This is an infection вызванная вшами (Phthirus pubis). These insects are almost not distinguishable by the human eye, have tiny dimensions (1 mm), but, Feeding up, females can reach 3 mm and become noticeable. The structure of the body allows them to be fixed only on the hair with triangular cross section, so they can only survive on individual parts of the human body. In animals, pubic parasites are not are found.

The diet of pubic lice makes up the blood that the insect gets, piercing proboscis skin. They multiply and dwell only in the perianal and pubic zone, so they got their title. Their nits (eggs) are firmly attached to the hair and water is not washed away. However, the inability to suck blood results ploshchits to death within a day, so regular depilation may cause the extinction of parasites.


Symptoms and signs of pubic lice

The duration of lice is easy to determine by location. pubic lice. They are initially attached to the base of the hair, and in further become fixed. As the hair grows back it becomes noticeable how long the parasites are on the body. The main signs of lice:

  • Itching. The most significant symptom, accompanied by intense scabies in lice bites.
  • Stains. At the end of the incubation period at the point of introduction lice visible small hemorrhages in the form of small blue specks.
  • Blisters. Appear with the running form of the disease in the form eczema
  • Dark dots on linen. The tiniest dark points in underwear – These are waste products of lice.
  • Allergic rash. During intense itching in some cases of allergic reactions that can be avoided, if not scratching the affected place.

How is pubic lice transmitted

Where do pubic lice come from? Causes of head lice in women and men are the same. Infection with ftiriazom occurs in public places (bath, swimming pool and others) due to poor treatment towels or linen, in which sleeping ploshchits larvae are preserved. Pubic lice may appear only a month after infection, although the larvae are already laid a few days after getting on the pubic hair.

Как выглядят лобковые вши

What are the pubic lice in humans: photo

A common parasite transmission route is sexual intercourse. Often pubic lice is accompanied by gonorrhea, chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases transmitted through sexual contact. Small children also have phthyriasis, because lice lay nits on bedding and towels.

Diagnostics < / h2>

The most modern way to diagnose pubic lice is Wood’s lamp. Live nits fluoresce as they glow, becoming radiant. The second most important diagnostic development is video dermatoscopy. This is a new technique involving a computer and a video camera. The doctor with the help of a special program displays on the monitor enlarged photos with the image of parasites, which is a psychological stimulus to accelerate treatment for the patient.

If you don’t want to go to a doctor with such a delicate problem, knowing how to get pubic lice at home, then you can diagnose their presence on your own during a visual examination. Insects become noticeable after they are saturated with blood. Their red-gray color is noticeable even without a magnifying glass. На пораженных местах легко увидеть бурые частички – это экскременты pubic lice.

Treatment лобковых вшей

How to get rid of pubic lice? Modern medicine offers many effective drugs that can in a short time to destroy adults and their larvae. The most popular drugs for pubic lice, which carry out treatment at home:

  1. Spray Pax < / strong>. Входящие в состав препарата пиректрины нейротоксичны для pubic lice. It acts as a detoxification enzyme inhibitor secreted by insects. Spray should be sprayed on the entire coverage of the infected hairy part, leave for half an hour, then rinse thoroughly. To destroy the pubic pediculosis, it is enough to use the drug 1 time. < / Li> < / ol>
    1. Nittifor < / strong>. Эффективное средство for treatment лобкового педикулеза. With a cotton swab, a lotion is applied to the body, rubbing it into the hair roots. On average, one person needs up to 60 ml of the drug to get rid of lice. 40 minutes after application the lotion is washed off with soap. It is desirable to repeat the procedure after 2 weeks. < / Li>
    2. Sulfuric Ointment < / strong>. Treats anti-itch drugs, with the main active ingredient – sulfur. The drug is available as an ointment and has an antiseptic effect. Apply the product in the evening on pre-cleansed skin. The duration of treatment is up to 10 days. At the end of therapy, the patient must take a bath, disinfect clothes and bedding. < / Li>
    3. Emulsion Medifox < / strong>. Means for the destruction of sexually mature pubic lice, nits and scabies mites. When applied to the skin has no toxic effect on humans. For the treatment of parasites, a third of the emulsion vial should be diluted in water (200 ml). After the solution is applied to the louse area, rubbing the skin with a cotton swab. After 20 minutes, place the application of the drug should be washed with soap and water. The course of treatment is 3 days. < / Li>
    4. Pedilin < / strong>. Combined agent used for pubic lice. Available in the form of an emulsion or shampoo. Apply the drug with a cotton swab on the hair, rubbing into the roots. After application, wash off after 30 minutes. The procedure is recommended to repeat after 2 weeks. < / Li>
    5. Veda-2 < / strong>. Anti-parasitic, insecticidal shampoo. It shows high efficiency against nits, fleas, ticks, mature pubic lice and larvae. The drug is applied to the site of injury for 30 minutes, then washed off with soap and water. For prophylaxis, it is recommended to repeat the procedure after a week. < / Li>
    6. Ointment gray-mercury < / strong>. Применяется for treatment фтириаза. The ointment should be rubbed into the louse-affected area up to 40 times until completely cured. Such side effects as skin irritation, disturbance of nervous activity may appear. < / Li> < / ol>

      Treatment народными средствами

      How and how to treat pubic lice with folk methods? To get rid of phthyriasis, it is not necessary to buy expensive drugs. Traditional recipes are more accessible and no less effective:

      • Garlic and sorrel < / strong>. Squeeze the juice of sorrel, 3 tbsp. l смешайте с 1 ч. l garlic (minced). Apply the product to the louse area every day for 10 days in a row. < / Li>
      • Tar < / strong>. Смешайте в равных количествах (по 1 ст. l) березовый деготь и сливочное масло. Treat pubic lice with a mixture immediately after the evening shower for 9 days. < / Li>
      • Lemon and peppermint < / strong>. Crush in a mortar 2 tbsp. l peppermint, add as much sunflower oil and juice of one lemon. Chop the rind, mix with the rest of the ingredients. Gruel processed the groin area 10 days in a row. The tool is applied for 2 hours 1 time per day. < / Li>
      • Kerosene < / strong>. Mix one glass with the same amount of vegetable oil. Mix the mixture to treat the area of frontal lice, leaving it for 6 hours (preferably at night). It is advisable to repeat the procedure in 10 days. < / Li>
      • Vinegar < / strong>. For processing, it is better to take regular (table) or apple vinegar, which should be diluted with water to 3%. Apply the solution on hair, soak for one hour, then rinse. Repeat the procedure for three days in a row. < / Li> < / ul>

        Prevention of phthyriasis < / h2>