Psychology of male treason

Sun, Oct 30, 2016

You must admit that it is strange that with the absolute desire of men
change, we live in a monogamous society? Change if not all, then
very many, if not physically, then at least in thought, if not in
thoughts, then subconsciously. With a great desire to have a lot
women, the rulers once decided that the wife should be only one
and cheating on her is wrong. If from childhood we were told about
that there is nothing terrible in infidelity, we probably would

Take the primitive society – then there was no talk about marriage,
I pulled out the first one caught by the fire – by the hair and into the cave,
raise the demographic position of the planet. In ancient Greece
the situation has changed, that’s just not very much, it seems to be already
state, and marriage … but not only women were dragged by their hair and
necessarily in the cave, the ancient Greeks were inventive people.
Even Muslims who can take as many women as they want
sometimes glances at the nearby harem. What is the reason for this
behavior? Of course, women and men are very different, and we
it is difficult to understand each other.

Women do not change so much physically as they put an end to
his previous relationship. Changed – it means everything, “you have not
interesting, I don’t love you anymore. “Remember Anna Karenina or
Catherine from the play of Ostrovsky “Thunderstorm”, they do not so much fall in love
the new lover, how many say their old: “I do not need you,
I feel bad with you, I don’t love you. ”
men for an unhappy life, because they lack emotions,
love, yes the same sex!

Why do men change? What do THEY want to say with this? I do not
I would like to upset the reader, but, unfortunately, men
lust rules only; they just see a woman and want her. To
better understand, imagine the everyday situation. All my life a man
drinking coffee in the morning He loves it and is not going to give up his
habits, but one day he sees sausages. He is very
I want to try sausage. This does not mean that he no longer loves
coffee, it does not mean that the coffee he had gone crack in
relationship, seeing a sausage, he did not love her, frankly, and to
coffee he got used more than one week. He just once opened
the fridge and saw the sausage …

Of course, it is easy for someone to resist this temptation, not all
men change. Others see nothing wrong with that. At the very
Not all men’s representatives can understand why
upset their girlfriend. They do not think that offense happens
because their views on treason are different. Man loves his
a woman, but now decided to try someone else, just so boring
It was.

But if initially this flirting is not something serious for them,
why do guys go to their mistresses? Honest this
happens extremely rarely. Most often this is the fault of the woman herself.
If you start to guess that a man is cheating on you, then what
you think first thing – out of love. At this moment women
Otsibivaet memory and logic. They completely forget about how sometime
conquered the love of his neighbor and begin to apply quite
strange methods of return: scandals, tears, persuasion, torture and
interrogations But the mistresses with this all okay, she gives a man
“rest” from her grumpy old woman, surrounding him with love, caress
and having sex. A man realizes that his mistress will not always be so
cute and caring, as now, but with the old grymza live everything
equally impossible. Relationships have become obsolete …

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