Proven folk remedies for sore throat.Recipes of the best folk remedies for sore throat, who knew moreour ancestors

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Autumn, winter, spring are the seasons with which
Associated with the period of colds.

Manifestations of common cold: from high temperature to mild
nasal congestion or sore throat.

The latter bring a huge discomfort to the patient, because
it hurts to swallow, speak, and sometimes the voice disappears

To prevent diseases from developing, it is better to start soon.
use folk remedies for sore throat – then medicines
may not be needed at all.

What causes sore throat

Most patients complain of sore throat caused by
following states:

• bacterial, viral infection;

• allergic manifestations;

• burns or hypothermia pharynx;

• secondary manifestations of major diseases – problems with
teeth, stomach, or throat irritation due to coughing
(bronchitis, pharyngitis, asthma, angina, etc.);

• irritation of the throat with chemicals (smoke, fumes,
chlorine, and many others).

Feeling even a slight sore throat,

• talk less;

• do not eat hot and cold drinks and dishes;

• exclude spicy, sour and salty foods, as well as coarse

• increase the amount of warm fluid consumed.

Protecting the throat from any irritants, you can begin to heal
folk remedies.

Folk remedies for sore throat: drinking

Heavy drinking is indicated for all diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Than
the more fluid you drink, the easier it will pass the disease and the body
will be fine. But the composition of drinks is also of great importance.


Although the statement about the benefits of warm milk with different types
catarrhal diseases are criticized by many, but the remedy
repeatedly proved its effectiveness. Relieves sore throat and
improves the general condition of the body warm (not hot!) Milk with
by adding butter or cocoa butter. If there is no allergy, then
it would be nice to add honey. Drink this milk gradually, small

Vitamin drinks

Infusions with viburnum, lemon, ginger, raspberry, with the addition of
Ginger and honey – win-win options! In addition, relieve pain
and saturate the body with vitamins, uzvar and decoctions with leaves and
sprigs of raspberry and black currant.

Herbal teas

Chamomile, linden, thyme tea – very effective
folk remedy for sore throat. Prepare it so
way: in a glass or enamelware one tablespoon
dry plants pour a glass of boiling water, cover with a thick cloth
and insist half an hour. Convenient to use for this thermos. AT
ready herbal tea add a little honey and take 50 ml
four times a day.

Rinse – the best folk remedy for pain in

Significantly accelerate the recovery gargle. With
systemic use rinsing liquid removes from
sore throat aggressive elements and bacteria, relieves
puffiness and accelerates regeneration. The main thing with rinsing is frequency
and systematic. Only with this approach can not only remove
pain, but also remove excess mucus and remove nasal congestion.

For gargles, traditional medicine knows a few

Salt, soda, iodine

The most common appointment of doctors for tonsillitis is to mix in a glass.
warm water in half a teaspoon of salt and soda, and add three
iodine drops. Gargle five to six with the resulting warm solution.
once a day. Salt and iodine have a strong antiseptic effect.
(kill germs) salt also removes puffiness. Soda soothes pain
due to anti-inflammatory action.

Herbal decoctions for gargling

Mint, sage, calendula, chamomile – all these herbs are effective
remove inflammation on the mucous membranes. But useful properties
the plants don’t end there. For example, mint decoction is moderate
cools, distracting from pain. Calendula has
antiseptic effect, and oak bark – an excellent astringent

You can combine almost all herbs, but it is better to confine
pair, maximum three at a time. ATсего чайная ложка сырья
(one plant, or collection), poured with a cup of boiling water, and infused
for several hours, suitable as effective
средства от боли в throat. Broth strain and rinse as much as possible
more often – up to one time every hour.

Two teaspoons of dry raspberries pour a glass of boiling water and insist
for 10 minutes, rinse every three hours.

The leaves of eucalyptus prutovidnogo also relieve inflammation and
боль в throat. A tablespoon of dried eucalyptus leaves (sold in
pharmacy) pour 0.5 liters of water and boil for five minutes, the same
insist and filter. You need to gargle with eucalyptus
пяти once a day.

Herbal Mouthwash

0.5 teaspoon salt and turmeric, pour a glass of warm water,
mix. Rinse in the morning and evening. Turmeric in this case
relieves inflammation.

Traditional medicine also recommends diluted juice Kalanchoe water
in half and gargle with this solution throughout the day.

Blueberries also help with similar pains – per 100 grams of dry
berries take 0.5 liters of water, bring in enamelware to
boil and reduce by half. The resulting decoction is very fast
heals wounds, will help even with purulent tonsillitis.

Traditional medicine also recommends fresh beet juice – in a glass
fresh juice add a teaspoon of vinegar and solution
is ready.

Inhalations and compresses – as a folk remedy for pain in

Достаточно эффективное в ряде случаев средство — паровые
Prepare them on the basis of decoctions, and
the use of essential oils. AT качестве отвара лучшим будет эвкалипт
prutovidny, also not bad – chamomile, St. John’s wort or calendula. On
liter of water take three tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers or
eucalyptus leaves, boil for several minutes. After this decoction need
remove from heat, leave for ten minutes, then remove from dishes
cover, lean over the steam, better still and cover the top of a dense
cloth, and breathe deeper. Inhalation is done two to three times a day,
the duration of the procedure is selected individually.

AT отвар можно капнуть немного эфирного масла любого хвойного
plants – the effect will be even better.

Компрессы. Three medium sized potatoes
boil in the peel, crush, so that the potatoes become homogeneous
state. AT полученную массу добавить столовую ложку пищевой соды.
Wrap the mashed potatoes in cheesecloth or a thin cloth and put on
neck, in a place where a sore throat. Go to bed and lie down
half an hour. Take off the compress and go for a nap. If such a compress
apply several times a day, then on the morning of the next day in pain
в throat не останется и следа.

Other folk remedies for sore throat

«Хреновый коктейль» – давно известное в народе
средство, выручающее от сильнейших болей в throat. Prepares very
lightly – pour a teaspoon of grated horseradish, honey and cloves 1
a glass of warm water, mix and drink.

Алоэ тоже хорошо помогает в качестве
rescue improvised means. Bottom leaf agave
cut off, cut off from him piece by piece and chew them gradually on
all day long Aloe – a powerful antiseptic with a softening

Мед с корицей (если нет аллергии) — в чайную
spoon honey dial, sprinkle with cinnamon and eat. Repeat
три-four times a day.

Прополис для избавления от боли в throat
used in various combinations. For example, chew
A small piece of propolis is about the size of a gum pad. Even better
leave him behind the cheek all night. The very next morning
significant improvements will be seen.

You can also dissolve a tablespoon of alcohol tincture.
propolis in a glass of warm milk and slowly drink it. Repeat
два раза в день.Если вдруг от боли в throat или сильного кашля
the voice is gone, the anise seed will help: pour a glass of water into
enamelware 3 tablespoons of aniseed. To boil
ten minutes on low heat, strain. Adding 1 teaspoon
brandy and 1 tablespoon of honey, drink gradually, small

Tremendous regenerating properties endowed
облепиховое масло. If you heat sea buckthorn oil,
put it on a cotton swab and regularly lubricate the damaged
places, the pain will quickly subside.

Когда народных средств от боли в throat недостаточно

Как правило боль в throat требует щадящего режима труда,
restrictions on talking and avoiding smoky and gassed
premises (smokers are better off for a while from their

A very good solution would be to humidify the air in

If all conditions are met, folk remedies are tried, but
For three days the throat has not ceased to hurt, or appeared
additional symptoms (rash or fever) it is best not
delay and see a doctor.

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