Prostatitis. How to help your man?

Thu, May 14, 2015

A disease such as prostatitis is very insidious. It does not give
men enjoy life in its entirety, as well as substantially
reduces the likelihood of having a long-awaited heir. Disease
often develops into a chronic form precisely because of its
The first symptoms go unnoticed. Common cold
unexpected hypothermia can turn into a real nightmare and, in
the result will be very expensive. Attention to your health, high
immunity – the best helpers in the prevention of prostatitis. But what
to do if it’s too late and the moment is missed?

Official statistics report that 30-60% of men over 25 years old
suffer from prostatitis in its acute and chronic forms. A 40-60%
men who are of reproductive age need to
special treatment, say pharmaceutical plant specialists
�”Cytomed”. Prostatitis is divided into three forms according to the nature of the flow.
diseases: acute prostatitis caused by bacterial flora, and
bacterial chronic prostatitis. Separately isolated chronic
a form that is not caused by infections and has other causes.
Of course, each of the forms is characterized by its first symptomatic
signs, but we will try to highlight the main common features.

The first bright symptom of the disease is difficulty
urination, namely: discomfort and pain, burning,
accompanying trip to the toilet. A companion sign here is –
increased urination, especially at night. Usually
it accompanies the chronic form of the disease that is caused
bacteria living in the urethra (urethra). Already
This feature is enough to suspect prostatitis and contact
to the doctor. In the initial stages of a man while experiencing a strong
discomfort, however later the body adapts and pains
weaken. For the removal of the first “acute” pain is well recommended
Rectal suppository Prostatelen, the effect of the reception is already achieved
on the second or third day. This drug is based on animal.
raw materials, and due to it, the treatment does not harm the body from
excessive chemistry.

However, the disease can occur in different men with their
individual features. There is often a situation in which
prostatitis is asymptomatic, and this is even more dangerous. The man
may not notice how the disease becomes chronic,
because he himself does not feel any discomfort. And in this case
One of the most significant symptoms is a violation of potency. Sometimes
a man may feel that his desire for intimacy
gradually fading away until it disappears altogether. Sex and intimate
proximity almost ceases to interest him. In this way
there may be a decrease in libido and potency, erection problems.
Here, of course, it is worthwhile to be wary of not only a man, but also his
to the woman.

One of the signs of the so-called “acute” form of prostatitis
is chills, fever, muscle aches that
occur when prostate inflammation products hit
in the body. The inflammation itself causes a very strong sensation.
discomfort that is hard to miss. There is swelling, which
felt as pain, unusual heaviness in the groin, below
stomach, groin, scrotum, sacrum. Sometimes может отдавать в
lower back. When urinating pain increases. The cause of “acute”
hypothermia or infection which may
preceded the first symptoms.

Pain can be either subtle or sharp
pronounced. They may also weaken or, on the contrary, increase.
with sexual abstinence. Pain caused by prostatitis may even
interfere with sleep.

These are the first “common” symptoms of prostatitis, which by no means
In this case, it cannot be ignored, because the disease does not affect
only on physical condition, but also on emotional state
your husband, which can be irritable, quick
fatigue, fear of impotence. In such moments a man
real support from his second half is needed. And not
forget that a timely visit to the doctor can solve
problem and even forever rule out cases of relapse.

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