Problem: how to get rid of sweating? You do notalone in this, reveal all the secrets: how to get rid ofsweating

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In itself, perspiration is normal,
common to all healthy people, but when the pot literally pours
whole body, smearing cosmetics and forming disgusting stains in
area of ​​the armpits, then you should think about how and how to get rid of

Sweating: causes

Increased sweating is called hyperhidrosis, its treatment
do not do everything. Many people suffering from increased secretion
sweat, just put up with this problem without trying to figure it out
причину и найти способы, как избавиться от sweating.

– Sudden perspiration, covering with a sticky stream
whole body may be a harbinger of thyroid disruption
glands or changes in organs of internal secretion during menopause,
which applies to men. Taking special medication will help
reduce sweating.

– Tuberculosis also manifests itself first through
increased sweating and weakness.

– Diabetes accompanies its hostages with permanent
increased perspiration.

– Your body, arms, legs begin to sweat at the slightest stress,
then consult a neuropathologist or psychotherapist.

– Swelling while taking medication is sometimes considered a manifestation
first signs of recovery, it is said that with sweat and illness

– Hormone failure and obesity are often accompanied

– An unpleasant smell with increased perspiration can be
cause of malnutrition, reception of sharp, smoked products
just before bedtime.

– Причиной повышенной sweating ног может быть некачественный
shoe material.

In any case, if you have dramatically increased
потовыделение, следует обратиться к врачу
, чтобы
establish the cause, in parallel, independently starting to look for methods
избавления от sweating.

Как избавиться от sweating: лекарства

Very often the odor of sweat is caused by fungi, medium
whose habitat is constant perspiration. Pharmacy
drugs in addition to the drying effect should act as
antiseptics and disinfectants. Treatment for elevated
sweating can be done at home
on their own.

«Формидрон» изготовленный на основе
formaldehyde, in addition to blocking, increased perspiration easily
copes with the destruction of bacteria. According to the testimony to apply this
the drug is enough 1 – 2 times a day, but inflammatory
skin processes are contraindications for its
of use.

Паста Теймурова имеет идентичные «Формидрону»
properties, but it is forbidden to apply it to nursing mothers, small
children and people with diseased kidneys.

Уротропин прекрасно справляется с повышенным
sweating in both armpits and legs. On a clean washed body,
freed from vegetation, a solution is applied with a cotton swab
urotropina, after drying which clean linen touches or
socks. Morning shower is a must!

О ботоксе стало слышно в основном в последние
10 – 15 years, but few know that in addition to wrinkle smoothing,
this drug copes with the sweating of the armpits,
injections are made directly into the skin at hand.

«Малавит» является универсальным средством,
capable of not only disinfecting the skin, to be an antiseptic, but also
reliable antiperspirant. As a rule, this drug does not cause
no side effects.

«Бифосин» выпускается в различных видах, это
powder, spray and solution, which is very convenient to use.

Гексагидрат можно купить в аптеке, этот
the drug does not require any preparation, it is enough to put it on
wash off the problem area at night and in the morning, ensuring yourself
calm and confidence for the whole day.

– Уникальный дезодорант DryDry покоряет
the duration of the drying action, because it must be applied 1 time
every 7 days, while maintaining normal sweat operation

– Порошкообразное средство «Гальман» обладает
antiseptic property, acts on the basis of salicylic acid
and zinc oxide.

По рекомендации врача можно пройти курсами лечение
или решиться на хирургическое вмешательство
using a laser. However, in the opinion of people who have traveled this path,
the guarantee of getting rid of excessive sweating will be only 90

Как избавиться от sweating: народные средства

Lovers of traditional medicine will also not be disappointed, because for
Mother, Nature has prepared many recipes that
помогут избавиться от sweating.

– Of course, it is better to take this infusion.
fresh horsetail, but you can use the pharmacy, in the form of dry grass.
Five tablespoons of herbs pour two glasses of vodka and
insist month, then dilute the desired amount of tincture
half with water and wipe the problem areas twice a day. AT
the pharmacy can buy ready-made alcohol tincture of horsetail.

– Oak bark taken slightly has a coloring effect
pinch and steamed in a glass of boiling water, but drying
the effect of this means exceeds all expectations. AT процеженную
tincture add a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and
it is possible to wipe places of the increased perspiration.

– Burnt alum is used as a powder for problem
zones, this is done at night, in the morning to wash off the powder in the morning
a shower.

– Kombucha, which has taken root in many houses, is beautiful
справляется с проблемой sweating, им просто надо несколько раз в
день протереть места повышенной sweating, предварительно вымыв их
with soap and water, wipe dry.

– An oily mixture of one yolk and 1 st.l. vegetable oil
applied to the hands and feet before drying will help in the fight against sweat.
It is advisable to wear gloves and socks for the night after the mixture dries.
natural fabric.

– Laundry soap is increasingly gaining popularity among
population, as a remedy. They rub nose, smear wounds,
поможет оно и при sweating. No special preparation is needed,
just every day, twice a day, you should wash your armpits, arms, legs
Abundant foam laundry soap.

– If you have beer left, mix it with water in proportion
1: 4, heat up and make a 15-minute bath.

– Lemon juice mixed with vodka in a ratio of 1: 5 will become
excellent drying agent, while on the arms and legs after
нанесения его следует надеть хлопчатобумажные перчатки и socks.

– The drying gel prepared from lemon juice and
glycerin (1: 2) will cope with sweating if you use it
after washing hands.

Как избавиться от sweating у маленького ребёнка

Sweating in young children occurs in almost everyone,
and not always a sign of disease.

– For some reason, mommies believe that the child should be worn on
a couple of orders more clothes than an adult, but, just
on the contrary, if the child is already moving independently, then clothes
he should have less. A few decades ago scientists
conducted research and proved that if an adult
half an hour moves at a three-year-old child’s pace, he will have
rupture of the heart from overstrain.

– Причиной ночной sweating может быть синтетика, как в
bedding, and in the clothes of the baby, which violates
heat exchange, or rather, practically blocks it.

– Doctor Komarovsky claims that at an air temperature of 18
– 19 degrees in the child’s bedroom and the humidity of 50% of the children stop
sweat at night.

– Rickets newborn babies can provoke sweating due to
vitamin D deficiency

– ATаш малыш возвращается домой с мокрыми носочками в любое время
года, и вы не знаете, как избавиться от sweating?

Try to buy in the pharmacy boric acid powder, which in
a small amount should be filled with socks or sprinkled with it
toes and soles. In the morning the socks should be fresh.
For half a month we use boric acid, then we take a break for 15

– Boric acid can be replaced with burnt alum or
crushed oak bark.

– The general sweating of the child will help to win swimming in infusion
chamomile, succession or rubdown decoction of horsetail or oak bark with
a small addition of lemon juice, which we rub the skin

– Every mother knows that the baby’s feet should be washed overnight in
without fail. At the same time it is possible to strengthen the immune system.
rinse them with cool water.

Sweating is an unpleasant, but solvable problem, if you find “your”
medication and use it regularly, following all the rules

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