Preparation for childbirth: exercises for pregnant women 3trimester

uprazhneniya-dlya-beremennyh-3-trimestrDo doctors recommend
do exercises for pregnant women? 3 trimester – особый период,
when women gain weight faster, the abdominal volumes grow, and the muscles,
joints and especially the spine need regular

And often at this time, the future mom is tormented by shortness of breath and
insomnia, swelling and varicose veins, stress and back pain. How to type
forces, to return cheerfulness and good mood?

It is the fitness for pregnant becomes in this case
�”Wand-wand”. It helps to normalize the pressure, to remove
swelling, and prevent the development of a dangerous complication,
arising in the last stages of pregnancy – preeclampsia.

The main criterion for the level of physical activity during classes
should be your well-being. If after a workout you are energetic,
although there is a slight soreness in the muscles, it is great!
But if fatigue accompanies you for several hours after
practice, there is drowsiness, pain in the pelvic region and lower
parts of the back – you need to reduce the load!

Кроме того, любые упражнения, особенно в третьем trimesterе,
can only be done with the approval of the doctor!


Какие упражнения для беременных (3 trimester) наиболее

In the basic rules of behavior in training for women “in
interesting position “, especially in the last stages of pregnancy,
states that:

  • Exercise with the threat of premature birth,
    increased uterine tone, late toxicosis, polyhydramnios or
    placenta previa is contraindicated! Discomfort during
    workouts: dizziness (even mild), abdominal pain, scarlet
    or dark discharge – a reason to immediately consult a doctor;
  • During charging, you must control your breathing and
    pulse rate (no more than 110-140 beats per minute!);
  • With tachycardia, burning sensation or other unpleasant sensations in the heart
    it is necessary to exclude cardio;
  • Exercises for stretching the lower body is necessary
    control so as not to injure the ligaments in the pubic joint and
    softened tendons;
  • Any dangerous categories of sports at this time under the ban!
  • Run, jump, lie on your back for a long time or long
    stand, perform balance exercises, make sharp attacks and
    turns, to experience stress, threatening to hit in the stomach, in no way
    case is impossible!

В третьем trimesterе упражнения для беременных разрешены в
sitting position, on fitball (such training perfectly quench
back and back pain), Pilates, yoga, Barre (pure barre),
aqua aerobics and swimming, as well as working with its own body weight in
standing position, supported by the wall, and for trained ladies you can
use small dumbbells weighing no more than 1 kg.

Doctors are allowed to run only for pregnant women,
которые делали это в первом-втором trimesterе. However, they
рекомендуют для 3 trimesterа все же снизить нагрузку до 60% от
интенсивности бега во 2-м trimesterе. All movements must be performed.
smoothly, as exercises during pregnancy are aimed at
strengthening muscle tone and stretching to prepare the body for
maternity, making them as easy as possible.

Water sports: aqua aerobics, swimming, as well as zumba fitness
в бассейне могут принести беременным женщинам (включая 3 trimester)
not only benefit, but also incredible pleasure.

Water trains the body and simultaneously relieves pain,
prevents overheating of the body, improves the condition of the legs and back,
which bear a heavy load in the last weeks of pregnancy.
Any movements in the water are made smoothly, their range expands,
gently testing the capabilities of a woman, therefore bring the maximum


1. Гимнастика для беременных 3 trimester

If jogging future mom practiced until the 27th week
pregnancy can continue further in the absence of
health problems and discomfort. At the same time, 70% of women reduce
duration and intensity of running. Start doing the same
sport even in light tempo in the last stages of pregnancy
Doctors consider it inappropriate.

Walking is one of the best and most available exercises for
беременных женщин (3 trimester). Walks in the open air,
especially in the park or in the forest, not only compensate for the load on
muscles, but also saturate the body with oxygen, give positive
emotions and improve mood. If possible, then pregnant
в 3 trimesterе хотя бы один раз в 7-14 дней необходимо выезжать на
a walk.

Gymnastics for women in the last periods of “interesting position”
you need to start with a warm-up (10 minutes), do it in the first half
day, paying about 20-30 minutes. Each exercise takes 1-2 minutes
(4-8 repetitions) and you can rest between them until they reappear
strength to continue classes.

Warm up doing, sitting on the rug “Oriental”:

  • Turn your head left and right;
  • Rotate hands, then elbows bent, rotate
    torso and shoulders;
  • Sitting “in Turkish” and straightening his back, we inhale and raise
    right hand, slowly leaning to the left. With this left hand
    we rest against the floor near the left knee. Then repeat exercise
  • In the same position, stretch the spine, rounding the back to
    inhale (hold the ankle with our hands), and slightly strain the muscles
    pelvic floor and abdomen. On the exhale, we relax smoothly all the muscles,
    straighten your back, returning to the PI (starting position).

The ability to breathe correctly is a great helper for
relaxation during labor and at the same time significantly reduces pain
at fights. Respiratory gymnastics has a positive
impact not only on the future mom, keeping her strength, but
also on the fetus.

The only strict warning is to ban
long breath hold, since such an action can
harm the baby!

  • Training in the late stages of diaphragmatic breathing, we do
    deep breath and exhale (through the nose), putting one hand on the chest, and
    another – on the stomach. Make sure that only the hand is raised
    on the stomach, while the palm on the chest remained
  • Regulation of thoracic breathing is the same, but in this case
    only the chest rises, and the hand on the stomach will remain in
    fixed position.
  • �”Dog’s” breath during labor gynecologists advise everyone to master
    future mothers. Fast and shallow breaths in and out of the mouth (as
    in dogs in the summer heat) during labor helps to saturate the body
    with oxygen.

The best workout, strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, back and waist,
pelvis and perineum, is considered positional gymnastics, the maximum
facilitating the generic process. What exercises can be performed
беременным в 3 trimesterе с этой целью?

  • �”Kitty”. Standing on all fours, press your chin to your chest, and
    arch your back, then stretch like a charming homemade
    darling, and flex your back as much as possible, as low as possible;
  • �”Butterfly”. Sitting in the east, fold your legs “wings”
    hold your feet together and place your hands on your knees.
    Make a small stretch (without fanaticism!), Light
    pressing the movement of hands on his knees. Pain when this
    can not be allowed;
  • Twisting. They can be done sitting or standing, but be sure
    smoothly and in a comfortable range! We spread our arms to the sides and
    leaving them motionless, we turn left and right;
  • �”Frog”. Sitting on the floor, we bump hands behind him,
    knees – bent, feet – pressed to the floor. Omit alternately
    knees of one or the other leg to the level of the floor (slightly
    press your knee with your hand if there is no discomfort). This exercise
    develops mobility of the hip joint;
  • Lying on the left side of the body on the floor, we bend a little
    hip joint, and knees at an angle of 45 degrees. Without taking off
    left knee from the floor, raise the right as high as possible, not
    moving with the pelvis. Delay pause for a few seconds
    (as far as you can) and return to the PI. Repeat the exercise with
    the other side;
  • �”Bicycle”. Lying on a rug or sofa, we lift
    alternately one or the other leg, imitating the ride.
  • Kegel exercise. It makes the muscles elastic and elastic.
    vagina: straining and relaxing them in various ways
    (undulating, when moving on the elevator and others).

2. Безопасная и полезная йога для беременных в 3 trimesterе

A variety of poses (asanas) in yoga help with fatigue in the legs and
numbness of hands, from constipation (frequent companions of the last terms
pregnancy) and spinal deformities caused by the severity of the fetus.
For example:

  • Supta Udarkarshan Asana – stimulates the digestive tract, eliminates
    constipation and improves the condition of the spine from prolonged
  • Ardha Titli Asana – strengthens the hip and knee
  • Poorna Titli Asana – relieves tension in the internal muscles
    thighs and relieves tired legs;
  • Ankle Cranks – normalizes the blood supply to the legs, relieves cramps
    and numbness of the lower limbs;
  • Shoulder Rotation – improves the flexibility of the upper part of the body and
    blood circulation in it, relieves tension in the neck and hands.


Stand erect, face to the back of a steady chair. Feet put
wider than in SHP. Holding the back of a chair, straining the muscles of the abdomen and
we lower the body down, as if we are going to sit on a chair. When
the hips will be parallel to the floor, back to the PI.

Passive abdominal twisting

Lying on the floor, we intertwine the fingers of the hands behind the head, knees bends,
and feet pressed to the floor. Exhaling, lower your knees to the right,
reaching the floor (if possible). Then вдыхаем и поворачиваем голову
left to twist and stretch the spine. Repeat exercise
mirror The whole approach should not take more than 30 seconds.

Also on the topic: “Yoga for beginners and pros (many illustrations and
video materials) “.


3. Exercise on fitball for pregnant women – the best preparation for

Simple actions with the ball can be performed pregnant and in the third
trimesterе. It helps support and strengthen the muscles of the back, abdomen
and pelvic floor without the risk of damaging them.

  • Sit tightly on the ball, squeezing the buttocks, lift one of the legs and
    hold it for three seconds. Then опускаем в ИП. Repeating
    action with the other leg.
  • We press the fitball back against the wall, and put our feet a little ahead
    enclosures. Keeping in contact with the ball, slowly going down
    rolling it along the wall until the hips (ideally) become
    parallel to the floor. (You must first ask a partner or
    girlfriend to insure you if your muscles have not experienced for a long time
  • We turn to face the wall and keep fitball at a distance
    arm outstretched, pressing it to a vertical surface. Preserving
    the body is straight and the legs on the NW (shoulder width) slowly bend the arms in
    elbows by pushing the ball. This will help train the chest.
  • Kegel exercises can also be performed on the ball, and as in
    slow and fast paced. In the first and second case you need
    sit on the fitball and bend down so that the forearms are close to
    knees. Relax the whole body except the pelvic area. In the first
    option inhale and pull the muscles of the bottom, delaying them in such
    position from 3 to 10 seconds. Then выдыхаем. In the second version –
    after relaxing the body, we begin to contract and release the muscles
    vagina 10-20 times. Then также выдыхаем и делаем 5-секундную
    pause Kegel Slow Exercise can be repeated 5-8 times, fast
    – make 2-4 approaches.
  • Relaxing on fitball, you can sit and roll it clockwise
    and counterclockwise by 3 points (for example, from 12 – to 3 and 9

IMPORTANT! Details about effective training with fitball,
starting with the basic criteria for choosing the ball, and up to the correct technique
exercise (with pictures and video) you will find in this

It must be remembered that charging for pregnant women is a way
improve the mood and health of their future

You should not exhaust yourself and do exercises to exhaustion –
there will be no more benefit from this, but the risk of harm is great. But also
constantly lie on the couch, justifying themselves a mythical fear
make it worse can not.

Regular moderate exertion, balanced diet and
walks in the fresh air – the best preparation for the future test
for a pregnant woman.

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baby? “and” Effective solutions, how to tighten the chest after
childbirth “.

Video training for pregnant women

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trimesterа» и «Какими должны быть тренировки во 2 trimesterе

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