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Potato with meat – a dish that is considered to be
classic. Usually these two ingredients are baked together,
stewed or fried with various spices and seasonings.

The cooking process can be accelerated by using not raw meat, but
homemade stew or quality purchase. Pans, Kazan and
pots successfully replace multicooker – modern kitchen
unit. The dish is cooked in it quickly and easily.

Food with stew prepared today is not often. But to keep in stock
A few jars of preservation will not interfere. They will come on
revenue when there is no fresh meat, but hunting is delicious.

To make family members happy with lunch and dinner, you need not
hesitate and cook potatoes with stew in a slow cooker.

Potatoes with a stew in a slow cooker – general principles

Potatoes and stew are the main ingredients of the dish. Its taste
depends entirely on the quality of the compound. Therefore, we must carefully
choose and potatoes, and especially the stew.

Идеально, когда используется мясо домашнего preparations. But
high-quality stew can be bought in the store. Any suitable:
beef, pork, chicken and turkey.

When choosing a jar, you must bear in mind that a real stew is not
can be cheap. After all, to obtain 330 grams of product
half a kilo of raw meat is used.

Stew worth buying top grade. A jar should not have
no flaws, and the cover – blistering. When the packaging is broken,
a high probability that the stew is spoiled.

The smell of the product should be pleasant, such as the one that
publishes the stew. Any extraneous notes indicate
low quality canned food. This stew is best left for

Making sure that all products are of good quality can
start cooking.

First you need to prepare all the vegetables: wash them and
clean up

In addition to potatoes, you can add any kind of them to the dish: onions,
carrots, tomatoes, sweet peppers.

Perfectly combined with meat mushrooms and garlic.

Vegetables can be lightly fried and then stewed with meat.
Most often, frying is made from onions and carrots.
This happens in the multicooker bowl, where you need to add a little

Для preparations блюда используется картошка и молодая, и более
mature Basically, it is prepared in slices. But можно приготовить и
mashed potatoes with stew.

Decorate the taste of the dish sour cream, butter and herbs. Special
the aroma will add ground pepper or peas, basil, curry, thyme,

Stew can be cut into pieces or mash with a fork.

The food is prepared not more than an hour. Depending on the brand
Multivarki, select the following modes: “Quenching”, “Baking”, “Soup”.
All ingredients slowly languish, turning into fragrant and
nutritious food.

Served hot. It can be supplemented with pieces
fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.

Recipe 1. Potatoes with stew in a “Quick Dinner” multicooker


• five potatoes;

• one carrot and an onion;

• one can of beef stew (335 gr.);

• two spoons of Art. water;

• salt;

• French herbs;

• half dill

Способ preparations:

Prepared vegetables cut into small pieces.

We load them into the multicooker.

Open the jar with stew and lay the contents on a plate.
Cut the meat into small pieces and send it to the vegetables.

Add a mixture of French herbs and some salt.

Pour in water and mix the contents of the multicooker to
evenly distributed spices and meat pieces.

We start the “Quenching” mode for one hour.

Cut the dill and send it to the multicooker bowl for three minutes
before the end of cooking.

Recipe 2. Potatoes with a stew in a slow cooker with basil and


• 700 gr. potatoes;

• 300 gr. beef stew;

• one onion and carrot;

• two tomatoes;

• sprig of thyme;

• one spoonful of basil;

• salt.

Способ preparations:

Onion cut into two parts and cut into half rings. Then
we divide into feathers. Sent to the slow cooker.

Closely cut the potatoes and place it on the surface of the onion.
Sprinkle with basil and place a sprig of thyme.

Carrots grind straws. Put it on the potatoes and lightly
we salt

Add the stew and turn on the slow cooker to work.

Set the program “Stewing / vegetables” for 60 minutes.

We clean the tomatoes from the skin and finely chop. We send them to
мультиварку за двадцать минут before the end of cooking.

Recipe 3. Potatoes with a stew in a slow cooker in a country-style


• килограмм potatoes;

• jar of pork stew;

• red onion;

• one carrot;

• two spoons of Art. sunflower oil;

• one spoonful of salt.

Способ preparations:

Onions cut into small cubes, and potatoes – into large ones.
Cut the carrots into circles.

In a multicooker pour vegetable oil.

We load onions and carrots and run the “Baking” mode for ten
minutes During this time, the vegetables will roast until soft.

Open the stew, put it on the plate. Excess fat is removed, and
meat mash with a fork.

Potatoes, pork and salt are added to the multicooker bowl. Everything
mix it up.

Turn on forty-five minutes mode “Quenching”.

Recipe 4. Potatoes with a stew in a multi-cooker at home


• полкилограмма potatoes;

• 340 gr. beef stew;

• onion;

• two cloves of garlic;

• carrot;

• sunflower oil;

• sea salt;

• 50 gr. butter;

• one false part of paprika;

• half-sheaf of parsley;

• a mixture of peppers.

Способ preparations:

Cut potatoes into medium cubes, onions – into small ones.

Squeeze the garlic with a flat part of the knife and chop finely.

Cut carrots into strips.

Remove the fat from the stew. Meat is broken into fibers and mixed
with sauce.

Pour some oil into the slow cooker, load onion slices and
carrots. Посыпаем паприкой и mix it up.

В режиме «Жарка» готовим овощи десять minutes

Put in a slow cooker potatoes, canned meat and garlic. We pepper and
we salt

Добавляем масло сливочное и mix it up.

Cooking a dish for forty minutes in the “Baking” mode.

Five minutes before the end of the program, pour finely chopped

Recipe 5. Potatoes with a stew in a slow cooker with slices


• один килограмм potatoes;

• 150 gr. свиного bacon;

• 250 gr. beef stew;

• one hundred gr. Luke;

• two Art. spoons of vegetable oil;

• полтора л water;

• salt.

Способ preparations:

Cut potatoes into medium slices. Put it in the bowl
Multivarki, salt and fill with water.

Set for twenty-five minutes the program “Steam / cooking”, view
product “Vegetables”.

Тушенку выкладываем в тарелочку и разминаем with a fork.

Salo and onion cut into small cubes.

From boiled potatoes pour out the liquid, unload and turn
its mashed.

Pour the vegetable oil into the multicooker cup. Install on
quarter of an hour program “Frying”.

Fry onion and bacon for about ten minutes, stirring occasionally.

Pour the stew and cook until the end of the program.

Load crushed potatoes and mix it with the stew.

Recipe 6. Potatoes with stew in a slow cooker with mushrooms


• five potatoes;

• two handfuls of dried mushrooms;

• 400 gr. stews;

• one onion;

• two carrots;

• 50 gr. celery and parsley;

• two lavrushki;

• one spoonful of salt

• four black peppercorns.

Способ preparations:

Mushrooms wash and pour boiling water. Leave them in the water until
will not soften.

Carrot and onion finely chopped.

Shred greens into small pieces.

Cut potatoes into medium cubes and fall asleep in a cup

Mushrooms cut and send to the potatoes.

In the same container put stew, greens and carrots with onions.

Pour into a bowl a glass of water, in which the mushrooms were soaked.
Add salt and stir.

Pour salted water into a bowl with vegetables and canned stew.

Mix, place Lavrushka on top, peppercorns and
Turn on the multicooker. We set the “Soup” mode for forty minutes.

Recipe 7. Potatoes with a stew in a slow cooker “Vegetable


• 600 gr. potatoes;

• банка beef stew;

• one onion and carrot;

• two tomatoes;

• two sweet peppers;

• four Art. spoons of sour cream;

• bunch of greens;

• three cloves of garlic;

• salt;

• five black peppercorns;

• sunflower oil.

Способ preparations:

Peel and chop vegetables: potatoes – sliced, onion and carrot –
half rings, pepper – stripes, tomatoes – small

Garlic is chopped with garlic press.

Заливаем в мультиварку пару ложек подсолнечного oils.

In the “Frying” mode we prepare onions and carrots for three

Add potatoes, salt and cook in the same mode a quarter

In a separate bowl, mix the sweet peppers, tomatoes, and
we load them into the multicooker. Add black peppercorns.

Mash the stew with a fork, remove the pieces of fat and put to

Finely chop greens and mix with garlic and sour cream. Pour in
the resulting mix in a slow cooker.

We adjust the crock-pot on the mode “Quenching / Vegetables”, set
время: три четверти hours

In forty-five minutes, the flavored dish is ready.

Potatoes with a stew in a slow cooker – tricks and useful

  • To prepare the dish, vegetable oil can not
    use. As a rule, canned food contains a lot of fat. But
    to reduce calorie it is better to remove partially or

  • More suitable is the potato variety, in which the starch is smaller.
    Otherwise, during the cooking process, it may become too boiled up.

  • If young vegetables are used, especially potatoes, then
    тушения можно уменьшить минимум на пять minutes

  • The cover of the slow cooker with a ready dish needs to be opened carefully,
    a large amount of hot steam can accumulate in the bowl.
    Therefore, it is worth keeping your face and hands.

  • To get the dish fragrant and piquant, chopped garlic
    it is better to add at the end, close the multicooker with a lid and leave it on
    несколько minutes

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