Popular myths about losing weight. Part 2

mifi-o-pohudenii-2With lots of weight loss myths
we often encounter in our daily life.

Every day there are more and more new ways to lose excess
kilograms, and more often, oddly enough, have big names,
like “the best, most productive.”

Our life is filled with information about the next miraculous
a pill, an effective simulator, food with a minimum amount
fat, we get plenty of diet tips: do not eat carbohydrates,
stay away from desserts, don’t skip breakfast, nothing
nibble after 6 pm, etc.

On the shelves of stores is growing number of books on nutrition with
the latest recommendations even celebrities are forced
share your successes in the fight against pounds. With all this
a lot of information is difficult to find a diet that is right
you and that will work for you!

The reason is that a diet can fit one person, but at
same time not working for another. Therefore, it is so important to know the truth. AND
on the way we have the next myths and advice with which we will
once and for all to understand.

Если вы не читали первую часть статьи «Популярные мифы о
losing weight Часть 1»
, то обязательно ознакомьтесь и с ней. ANDтак,


Certain foods help burn fat

Although some foods, or their derivatives, may
affect metabolism to some extent, this option may be
considered only as in perspective. Products offered in
as a means of weight loss, include: grapefruit, green and
black tea, chili pepper, ginger, coffee, calcium, fish oil,
flaxseed oil, various herbs and spices, and undoubtedly many

Although the consumption of these products is almost certainly not harmful, and
may even help a little in the fight against obesity, but my main thing
objection to this approach is that it seeks
distract you from the basic principles of weight loss – eat less and
more physical activity, which is worth
to concentrate.

Products with “negative” calories

ANDдея состоит в том, что определенные продукты дают возможность
spend more energy when processing them in the digestive tract than they
contain in calories. Do not believe, especially when the lists of such
products include fruits that contain significant calories in
natural sugar.

Of course, if your diet is taken only by green leafy vegetables and
fruits, you are likely to lose weight, but this is because in general
You have significantly reduced your calorie intake.

ANDспользуйте таблицу калорийности продуктов питания, чтобы
see how many calories are actually in different foods.

Skipping meals is a good way to lose weight

ANDсследования показывают, что люди, которые пропускают завтрак, и
eating less times during the day is usually fuller than people
who have a full breakfast and eat four or five times a

This may be due to the fact that those who skip the tricks
food tends to feel overly hungry later, and from
This is eaten more than usual. Plus, use a lot
small meals throughout the day helps people control
your appetites.

So try to stick with several (4-5) servings per
throughout the day, which include plenty of healthy, low
fat content, low-calorie foods.

Give up your favorite “bad” dishes

I assure that you do not need to do this. In fact, you can
there is anything. Depriving yourself of pleasure is not at all
fun, and this method does not work.

“This is called the abstinence effect of breaking, it means
that if you limit yourself completely from something, then
human nature is still to do everything but
�“Touch” the forbidden, “- says nutritionist Dr. Susan
Caiman. AND тогда вы просто-напросто срываетесь, максимально
load up and “go the distance” (fitness plan).

For example, red meat can easily be part of a healthy diet,
if you eat small meals several times a week. Or
select lean meat tenderloin, which allows you to use in
food is relatively large portions.

To be continued…

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