Popular diets Catherine Zeta Jones

Who does not dream of a slim figure and smooth elastic skin? Who not
Want to look twenty to thirty or forty? As it turns out
there is nothing complicated. You just need to pick yourself the right one.
nutrition, develop a system of exercises and lead a healthy and active
Lifestyle. Many world stars also do not always look
perfect. It happens that they lose their shape, who, because of specificity
future role, and some for personal reasons. And they, like everyone,
not so easy to return to the former ideal. But, as a rule, each
have your favorite diet or your secret of youth and vigor.

I would like to talk about the diet of Catherine Zeta Jones, which is in its
41 looks very attractive and sexy. Here follows
mark several stages of maintaining its shape.

Youth. Fish diet

Since the childhood and adolescence of a popular actress took place in
a small village where the basis of the diet of any inhabitant was fish,
then the basis of its menu consisted of seafood.

According to many nutritionists, fish diet allows you to lose weight before
4 kg per week. Therefore, preparing for new Catherine Zeta shots is always
limited its consumption of any food other than fish or
sea ​​kale, allowing yourself also to eat some cottage cheese (for
maintain hair and nails) and drink a few cups of coffee or
tea per day.

To maintain not only good shape, but also to saturate
body essential trace elements, diet catherine zeta jones
also recommends drinking a glass of tomato juice daily. By
In composition, this diet resembles a protein diet, including
the only difference is that it does not contain eggs and cabbage consumption
limited to sea kale.

Maturity. Crash diet

How Catherine Zeta Jones is losing weight, who gained 19 kg after giving birth, was
A question for many of her fans. At first, the star gave a lot
time physical exertion. In particular, she took up
fencing But since this method is somewhat complicated and
tiring, then for those who watched her progress was proposed
variant of the crash diet (soup diet) in combination with the Kremlin diet
and counting calories.

Its essence was that in order to compose a healthy and
proper diet you need to consume only low-calorie
products, and dinner limit various vegetable soups. Besides
addition, from the diet lost coffee. It was replaced by mineral water.
and juices (in most of the suggested tomato sources).

The diet of Catherine Zeta-Jones of this period has dissolving in
various newspapers and magazines. Some said she started counting
calories, others – that only consumes foods containing proteins
(excluding carbohydrates from the menu), advising readers like Zeta
Jones consume a lot of meat and eggs. The third sources said about
that the star did not give up its fish diet and only
Diversified her dishes from fat-free meat. The very same actress on
questions about how Catherine Zeta Jones is losing weight led to only two arguments
– to lead an active lifestyle and not to eat on the go. Byэтому мы не можем
with 100% certainty whether Jones adhered to any
diets after childbirth or compensated them with a well thought out
planned load program. But the result was on

Make up the diet

Be that as it may, each of us decides which diet we
most suitable. Another thing is that everyone takes as a basis
that set of products that is right for him. Someone is sitting on
cabbage diet, someone on rice, someone on kefir. Diets
thousands. And we can always choose one of them to our liking.
Another thing is that very often, seeing the result of stars, we want to know
their secrets.

So most sources offer the following set of products.
Catherine Zeta Jones diet that helped her prepare for the shoot
after losing shape due to childbirth.

1 option

  • Breakfast. Egg (or scrambled eggs), a piece of meat (bacon), tomato juice
    (or coffee).
  • Dinner. Cabbage and tomato juice. You can add a piece of meat.
  • Dinner. Chicken, lettuce (cabbage or spinach), tomato
    the juice.

Option 2

  • Breakfast. Salad from sea cabbage, coffee.
  • Dinner. Boiled sea fish. Томатный the juice.
  • Dinner. Seafood Cocktail. Coffee.

3 option

  • Breakfast. Fat-free cottage cheese, juice or mineral water.
  • Dinner. Салат, мясо, томатный the juice.
  • Dinner. Vegetable soup puree.

You can bring a lot of options that should be observed in
for 7-10 days in the same set of products, or alternating. BUT
You can also replace the ingredients that are more important to you.
fit The main thing is that the diet is low in carbohydrates,
fat and did not harm your health.

And remember what diet you would not choose, it must be
combined with physical activity and good mood.

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