Polyarthritis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Mon, Apr 25, 2016

Полиартрит является заболеванием, связанным с
simultaneous or sequential inflammation of several joints.
According to medical statistics, today in the world one way or another
every third person suffers from a joint disease. Depending
from the reasons that caused it, polyarthritis can be contagious,
exchangeable (or crystalline), rheumatoid (or systemic) and

Causes of polyarthritis

Infectious polyarthritis can occur as a result of various
infectious diseases (viral hepatitis, gonorrhea, dysentery and
etc.). The cause of exchange, or crystalline polyarthritis,
is a metabolic disorder. Posttraumatic polyarthritis
arises as a result of local trauma or various allergic
reactions. As for the causes of rheumatoid (systemic)
polyarthritis, about them today experts have no uniform
opinions, and they are considered not to be established.

Symptoms of polyarthritis

Symptoms of polyarthritis определяются видом заболевания и причинами
its occurrence. For infectious arthritis manifested on
background infection, characterized by redness and swelling of the skin over the joint,
mobility restriction.

Rheumatoid polyarthritis in the early stages manifests itself
sensitivity of joints to changing weather conditions. At first
the patient does not feel severe pain and swelling over the joints
I am barely noticeable. There may be a decrease in appetite and
weights, as well as fever and diseases of some
internal organs.

In children, polyatritis may develop after reaching two years of age.
age It is manifested by pain and limited mobility.
joints. Children’s polyarthritis is most often
symmetrical lesion of the joints, accompanied by an increase
lymph nodes.

Diagnosis of polyarthritis

Diagnosis of polyarthritis заключается в комплексном обследовании.
As a rule, the diagnosis is based on laboratory diagnosis,
history of disease, history of life, radiography, arthrography,
tomography, thermography, cytology and microbiology
study of joint fluid.

Treatment and prevention of polyarthritis

Already the first signs of the disease are the reason for immediate
refer to a doctor. The main therapeutic measures are carried out for
improve metabolism and eliminate causes that may
lead to the development of the disease and consist in taking
antibiotics, antihistamines, immunosuppressants,
painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs
physiotherapeutic methods.

The treatment of polyarthritis is obligatory.
on the musculoskeletal system. Overweight should be taken
measures to reduce it. It has a very good effect.
физиотерапевтическое treatment, которое способствует снижению боли,
swelling and inflammation in the joint. Такое treatment проводится с помощью
ultrasound, diathermy, paraffin applications, massage, therapeutic
gymnastics. An important part of the treatment of polyarthritis is
санаторно-курортное treatment, которое значительно облегчает течение
diseases even when it is severe.

Prevention of polyarthritis is primarily in
maintaining a normal weight, as extra pounds
promote rapid wear of the musculoskeletal system.
It is necessary to ensure a comfortable workplace, to monitor
posture and when sitting do not put your legs on the leg, as such
the position is bad for the condition of the articular cartilage and leads to
impaired blood circulation. With long sitting you need to do
timely breaks in work, avoid lifting weights and

With regard to diet, you should increase in the diet
the amount of essential amino acids, dairy products, vegetables and
fruits, but at the same time minimize animal fats, sugar and
alcohol. Smoking is recommended to give up.

Нужно помнить, что treatment полиартрита должно быть постоянным,
This is especially true for rheumatoid arthritis. The sick should
be under medical supervision and timely pass
treatment to avoid exacerbations.

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