Pneumonia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Wed, Apr 27, 2016

Пневмония (или воспаление лёгких) — воспаление
lung tissue of infectious nature, which is accompanied
lesion of interstitial lung tissue and alveoli.

Pneumonia includes a variety of diseases with its
symptoms, etiology and features of treatment. Disease
may occur as a complication of the disease or how
independent disease.

In cases where pneumonia is not caused by infection,
the disease is usually called pneumonitis.

Pneumonia – causes

Pneumococcal infection is the most common causative agent.
pneumonia (about 30 – 40% of cases), mycoplasma causes
the disease is less common (15–20%), viruses provoke pneumonia in 10%

There are a number of factors that contribute to the development of infection.
in the human body: – alcohol abuse and
smoking; – problems with the cardiovascular system; – chronic
bronchitis; – effects on the respiratory system of environmental
factors; – weakened immunity; – long bed rest; –
elderly age.

Pneumonia symptoms

In each case, the symptoms of pneumonia due to
specific infection that caused the disease.

Common symptoms include weakness, loss of appetite,
fatigue, fever, headaches and
muscle pain. The main symptom of pneumonia, which is usually more
just worried about the patient – cough, most often accompanied
sputum production.

As for lobar pneumonia, it occurs acutely. The first
symptom – fever, accompanied by chills. AT
further cough joins (sputum usually with impurities
blood), whose manifestations are reduced in a week. Also sick
worried chest pain.

Pneumonia – diagnosis

Various methods are used to diagnose pneumonia. how
Generally, the main diagnostic methods are applied to which
include: – chest x-ray; – complete blood count; –
biochemical blood test; – study of blood gas composition; –
sputum examination under a microscope with Gram’s coloration; – sowing

Пневмония – treatment и профилактика

Treatment of pneumonia begins immediately, immediately after
making a diagnosis by a doctor. Иногда допускается treatment лёгких форм
pneumonia at home. However, in this case it should be guaranteed
strict bed rest. ATизиты в поликлинику исключены. AT случае,
if the patient is older than 60 years, as well as in the case of medium and severe
the course of the disease requires urgent hospitalization.

Therapy for pneumonia is always complex.

1. Антибактериальное treatment. This is the primary therapy administered.
using antibiotics that are selected according to
kind of possible causative agent of the disease. Recommended to start
antibiotic therapy no later than 8 hours after the first
symptoms of the disease. Disintoxication measures. AT случае
a non-severe form of the disease is enough to take 1.5 – 2 liters
fluid per day. In case of severe flow, infusion is indicated.
therapy.3. Correction of microcirculation disorders. With
presence of evidence is carried out correction of violations by
immune system.

After normalization of the patient’s condition, apply
физиотерапевтическое treatment. Рекомендовано УATЧ, аппараты «Ранет» и
�”Chamomile”. Respiratory and healing exercises are also effective.
physical Culture.

To prevent pneumonia, it is necessary: ​​- to completely abandon
smoking and alcohol abuse – avoid contact with people
who have flu or a cold; – in case you do not have
immunity to measles and chickenpox; avoid contact with
carriers of these diseases; – to lead a healthy lifestyle and not

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