Pleurisy – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Mon, Apr 25, 2016

Плеврит подразумевает собой воспаление плевры,
which covers the outside of the lungs, and also lines the inside of the cavity
chest. The chest and lung part is also called
external and internal pleura. During pleural abnormality occurs
violation of the formation of a lubricating secret, while changing it
composition. As a result, pleural sheets rub, which causes pain.

Causes of Pleurisy

In young people, pleurisy can last from a few days to
few weeks. Pleuritis is rarely observed as
self-illness or as a secondary manifestation
extrapulmonary infections.

As for the causes of pleurisy, various
chest injuries, penetrating injuries, and rib fractures.
In such situations, the disease is often combined
pneumothorax, tuberculosis and lung tumor.

Symptoms of Pleurisy

Symptoms of this disease manifest a certain pain in
chest part. They are characterized by a sharp onset and long
difficulty breathing. Directly the pains themselves in most
cases are observed on one side of the chest. Sometimes they can
transferred to the shoulder or abdomen. Pain during pleurisy can
become aggravated by coughing, sudden movements or sneezing. Lightened
the pain, in turn, during rest, while holding your breath.
To avoid pain, patients often try to breathe.

Everyone should know that such chest pains can
there are also other states that are not related to
pleurisy. These include intercostal neuralgia or
painful tension of the intercostal muscles. If pleurisy is formed in
viral infections, the patient may experience
headaches, muscle pain, fever.

Diagnosis of Pleurisy

There are many conditions leading to pleurisy, therefore
the doctor will first need to determine its cause. It will take in
It is mandatory to conduct a general survey, as well as
chest x-ray. Blood test is required, and in some cases
and other additional studies that will allow in full
measure all causes of pleurisy. To those
reasons include all sorts of viral infections, tuberculosis and
pneumonia, blood clots in the vessels of the lungs and others.

If, according to the doctor, pleurisy was caused by autoimmune
diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, the main focus
will be done on a blood test.

If there was an effusion in the pleural cavity, then
a puncture is performed, both for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.
The resulting fluid sample is sent for analysis to
determine the possible causes of the disease.

Pleurisy Treatment

As for the treatment of pleurisy, his choice is made,
based on the reasons for its occurrence. If served as reasons
bacterial infections, antibiotics are prescribed by a doctor.

Quite often to relieve the pain accompanying a given
disease, the doctor may suggest using some
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. To facilitate very
severe pain, pain medication may be prescribed as well
cough drops Above all, make you feel better
will help reclining on the affected side with a soft pillow
under the head.

If effusion is observed, pleural drainage may be necessary.
cavity, which is to install the tube, the discharge

Pleurisy is quite realistic to prevent, depending on its
reasons. For example, in case of heart disease or lung,
the main disease will help to a certain extent prevent
direct accumulation of fluid.

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