Pilates for weight loss

Surely you’ve heard more than once about the benefits of Pilates, but never
decided to try it? Perhaps mistakenly believe that
they should only deal with health problems or for
keeping the body fit? But let’s consider this
the question on the other hand is losing weight.

Pilates for weight loss


  • What is Pilates?
  • Pilates basics for beginners
  • Pilates for weight loss — видео


What is Pilates?

Pilates is one of the most sought after and
worldwide rehabilitation programs,
effectiveness of which has been proven by many years of world practice. Him
the creator, Joseph Pilates, who gave as the name of this
fitness areas his name, it was he who created the method of training for
solving personal health problems, as a result of which he helped
to many people around the world. Pilates ideology was healthy
of life. He argued that only by harmonizing the physical and
mental human qualities you achieve optimal
life balance.

The main purpose of Pilates is to maintain a healthy state.
spine, which is a support for the body as a whole. By
the course of training is necessary all the time to stretch the spine
maintaining its correct and natural position. Pilates is needed
for the load on the deep muscles of the press and back, contributing
the formation of the muscular system, which serves as a support for the spine.
Pilates is a low-intensity fitness workout, that is, on
throughout the workout, there is no significant increase in heart rate,
therefore, there is no large cardio load that allows
produce classes for people with overweight and various problems
with health.

What is the superiority of low intensity training
over high intensity workouts? The body does not have to
spend a lot of effort to do the exercises, but at the
At the same time, this training regime provides significant
muscle development due to the lack of muscle relaxation. AT
The result is an increase in elasticity and muscle
tonus without feeling tired by high loads
intensity. Pilates training does not accelerate the metabolic processes in
as “heavy”, which means that after class you are not
rush to make up lost calories.

Many wonder: Is Pilates effective for losing weight?
Although Pilates is not a direct complex
exercise for weight loss, however, the implementation of data
exercise effectively and for weight loss, because you can achieve flexibility
only with a slim, athletic body.

Pilates for weight loss

Pilates basics for beginners

In the classroom you need to constantly maintain balance and correct
position of the body, in listening to him, in any case not to allow
flexures, slowly and in detail working through the muscles, alternating
tension and relaxation. At the first lesson you need to maximize
concentrate to activate the center – the abdominal muscles,
which will allow more accurate exercise. Having learned
control the position of the body and its movement, you can
control also the work of the small muscles that match the work
body as a whole. Breath control distinguishes this workout from
many others. Breast deep breathing helps make movements
smooth, measured distribution of muscle load.

Pilates is very diverse. AT его системе предусмотрено наличие
different levels of difficulty. ATсё зависит от подготовки людей,
attending classes. The principle of the exercise complex is to
system: from easy to more difficult. Byсле освоения основной
technology – you can start training with a variety of
devices. Ball or rolls contribute to enhanced
activation of stabilizing muscles, because performing exercises on the ball,
more energy is expended in order to maintain balance
keeping the body in the correct position. Using in training
isotonic ring, you will provide the muscles more intense
power load.

Pilates for weight loss — видео

In order not to describe the Pilates exercises, we decided to place them in
video course. ATидео упражнения пилатес имеют несколько
options, we will offer you the most popular and
effective ones.

AT данном видео описывается курс пилатеса для начинающих. ATидео
will give recommendations on the implementation of exercises, and along with this
will demonstrate a specially selected set of exercises for

The following video also includes a set of exercises.
Pilates for beginners, thanks to what. Their two courses you can
choose those exercises that are right for you.

Well, in the end another video that
will demonstrate pilates exercises directly for
losing weight

For pilates, regularity and the desire to
achieving the result. Only with stable workouts will appear
the result, and guaranteed.

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