Peritonitis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Mon, Apr 25, 2016

Перandтонandт — воспаленandе парandетального and
visceral sheets of peritoneum, accompanied by severe general
state of the body. Mostly it requires urgent
medical care, as it threatens the life of the patient. In cases
delayed or inadequate treatment can be very
unfavorable prognosis. It is an acute condition, almost that always
requires surgical intervention.

Peritonitis – causes

Peritonitis may occur due to bacterial infection.
or the influence of aggressive agents without infectious
nature: pancreatic juice, gastric juice, urine, bile,

Most often, peritonitis is the result of organ destruction in
abdominal cavity (with acute pancreatitis, intestinal obstruction,
appendicitis, rupture of large intestine diverticulum), then in
pus or fecal masses containing abdominal cavity
bacteria. Less commonly, injuries to the abdominal cavity can cause
at which the infection from the outside is entered or the contents get there
damaged hollow organs. Sometimes peritonitis occurs after
hematogenous spread of infection from foci in the tissues and

Peritonitis, as a rule, develops quickly and sharply. With
in the absence of appropriate treatment, the patient may die after 23
day from the beginning of the inflammatory process.

Peritonitis – symptoms

Symptoms of this disease include: loss of appetite,
nausea, vomiting, sharp pain in the abdomen, aggravated by changing
position, a sharp rise in temperature, which is accompanied
sweating and chills. With осмотре обнаружandвается частый пульс,
sometimes blood pressure falls, hard painful belly. On
X-rays of the abdominal cavity can be seen stretched, filled
bowel loop fluid; when the patient is in the vertical
position – accumulation under the air diaphragm, which indicates
perforation of hollow organs.

Peritonitis – diagnosis

Peritonitis can still be distinguished by easing the pain for one to two hours.
after the first attack, and then she returns. Right
the diagnosis of peritonitis on the first day is a guarantee
successful treatment. The doctor studies the history of the patient, conducts
inspection. From instrumental methods use radiological
research and ultrasound diagnosis of peritonitis. If your intestines burst,
then punctate will contain bile, Escherichia coli, and
fecal masses. With прободной же язве желудка – добавandтся к
damaging agents also hydrochloric acid.

Very rarely, peritonitis can take a chronic form.
Detect it on CT or MRI – swelling and numerous adhesions are visible
peritoneum. The patient, at the same time, complaints of difficulties with defecation,
tension of the abdominal muscles and constant pain.

Перandтонandт — treatment and профandлактandка

The diagnosis of acute peritonitis is a clear indication for
urgent operation. In most cases, first
preparing the patient for surgery to avoid
complications, but not always possible.

During the operation, pus is removed, general abdominal sanation is performed.
cavities and eliminate the very cause of peritonitis – abscesses are excised,
sealed and sew the gaps. On некоторое время, для того, чтобы
there was an exit to newly formed pus, establish percutaneous

Peritonitis is eliminated by such activities as antimicrobial
therapy (antibiotic use), immunity support,
mandatory detoxification. Just a few days after
surgical intervention is carried out muscle stimulation
bowel, since it can be very weakened.

In many cases, peritonitis is only a complication
existing problems with abdominal organs. Often he
develops on the background of gastric ulcer, appendicitis or pancreatitis.
The best prevention of this disease is to inform the public about
timely diagnosis of diseases that can to him
lead and about his danger.


Marina 09/16/2016 Father is 71 years old, has long complained of weakness,
dry mouth, sharp pain in the stomach, could not walk. He ate very little
constantly sucked lollipops, smoked a lot. Not repeatedly appealed to
polyclinic. Conducted a survey in the Omsk Military Hospital,
diagnosed with prostatitis. A week later I got an ambulance to
resuscitation. A tumor in the intestine blocked the lumen, germinated in
uric. Both intestine and urinary burst, the contents fell into the abdominal
cavity. The surgeon said. that the process started … Operation.
Peritonitis. The third day the father under the equipment in intensive care !!!! how
conducted a survey ????? What will happen now ?? 7will ??? and

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