Perfect match: protein plus gelatin forslimming

zhelatin-dlya-pohudeniya-polza-i-pravila-priemaEven if you
you have not heard about it, you should know: daily consumption
gelatin and protein provides a person sufficient rate
most nutrients necessary for normal functioning
organism. And also helps to lose weight. Proven fact!

But if with protein, read – protein, everything is more or less clear, he
found in many products, and also sold in “pure”
equivalent, that is, in the form of protein shakes, additives and other
types of sports nutrition, how to use
gelatin? Eat it dry, soak, cook jelly or cook

Exactly. Next, read how to take gelatin for
slimming в сочетании с продуктами, богатыми белком.


Slimming с желатином: пять эффективных шагов

In order to consolidate any habit, a person needs two
of the week. After this time, the ritual will firmly enter your
schedule, and will not deliver the slightest inconvenience.

That is why it is sensible to read the instructions that will help
you lose weight and start acting.

Step 1

Eat a protein-rich breakfast. For example, boiled
eggs, toast with low-fat meats, grained cottage cheese or just
drink protein shake.

It is known that the body spends 30% on digesting protein foods.
calories that it contains. Plus, protein provides
the body with nutrients, quickly saturates and reduces
blood hormone cortisol.

The latter adversely affects the metabolism, allowing
accumulate fat in the most “undesirable” places.

Step 2

Start drinking protein shakes. They are a great replacement.
full meal, for example, the already mentioned breakfast or
afternoon tea.

Protein supplements provide the body with the necessary amount of
amino acids that help build muscle and burn
excess fat Step 3

Regular gelatin helps to promote health and is a source
large amounts of nutrients. He is especially recommended
take to middle-aged and older people for prevention
diseases of the joints and improve the condition of the skin, hair and

Consume at least 10 grams per day. product you need
divided into several doses. Of course, before drinking
gelatin, its granules need to be dissolved in water.

By the way, one tablespoon of gelatin contains 12 grams
squirrel. This means that the product not only supports health, but
and accelerates metabolism.

Step 4

Make it a rule to get 20-30 with each meal
граммов squirrel. This will significantly shorten your path to your desired goal.
slimming. Protein stabilizes and speeds up the process.
burning fat and normalizes the amount of sugar in the blood.

Ideal if you include legumes, nuts, fat-free
milk drinks, meat or fish.

Step 5

If you are hungry, and before lunch or dinner is still far away, have a bite
product on gelatin. For example, diet jelly without sugar or
another dessert, sweetened with substitutes or stevia. Good
Chicken jelly is also an option – its caloric value per 100 gr.
makes only 101 kcal, and fish jellied.

By following these simple rules, you not only can lose weight, but
and bring back up your metabolism, as well as hair and

Чем еще полезен gelatin?

If, after reading the previous paragraph, you continue
doubt whether to include gelatin in your daily diet, here
more benefits of natural animal collagen.

  • Gelatin improves digestion and helps prevent many
    diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The product may delay visible signs for years.
    aging, in particular, loss of skin elasticity.
  • Regular consumption of gelatin reduces pain when
  • At night, the drunk powder solution promotes calm
    to sleep
  • And finally, gelatin is much cheaper than protein.
    cocktails, but contains much more protein than any of them.

So do not hesitate. A pair of squirrels plus gelatin guaranteed
will help you lose weight, give health and excellent appearance.

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