Perfect girl: 10 characteristics fromthe men

Perfect girl: 10 characteristics from the men

Who is she – the perfect girl? Mystery mystery
an inscrutable dream or each of us girls, only we are not
know? Whatever it was, why not get close to the male
ideal. Each person has his own taste and preferences, but there is
standard feminine traits that fascinate.


A girl should be attractive, which means:

  1. Take care of your face, hands, body, hair. Bring beauty –
    at home or in the cabin – you decide. Remember, only regular care
    gives the best effect.
  2. Work on your figure. And do not necessarily seek
    модельных стандартов (the menы любят и слегка пухленьких), а просто
    be taut, with a beautiful silhouette.
  3. Get rid of body hair on time and more thoroughly.
    Hairiness for girls is taboo.
  4. Pick up clothes that sit favorably, tears down the flaws and
    highlights dignity.
  5. Moderately use makeup and perfume.

Nobody canceled the rules of hygiene either, I think it is natural for

Basic care is easy to perform, and the result is


Men love to chat and appreciate a good companion.
Sociable, всесторонне развита женщина, способна покорить любое
a heart. Feel free to talk about your hobbies, travels,
funny life stories.

The girl who knows how to communicate, touches her
charm, erudition, erudition.

Sense of humor – an important aspect of easy relaxed
conversations, it is worth developing for everyone.

It is worth noting that a sociable person is not the one who chats
without stopping any uninteresting crap. Sociable person is,
First of all, a pleasant interlocutor, talking with whom, not
notice time.


Naturalness is a tidbit that attracts any person.
Do not seem better, be yourself: laugh, have fun, joke, talk
when you want.

In some situations, you will look funny or
ridiculous, but believe me, funny girls attract more proud and
insensible queens.

As for cosmetics, its minimum is welcome here.
quantity. После поцелуя, the menам не нравиться смывать с себя
lipstick and concealer. Glowing eyes, a light blush on the cheeks
and a relaxed smile, a lot more is much more attractive
tons of cosmetics.

Without bad habbits

Drinking or smoking girl causes disgust and dislike.
Конечно, the menы знакомятся с такими экземплярами, и даже заводят
relationship, but this relationship will be brief and before the wedding matter
will come.

A girl who smokes or drinks is not in front of her friends.
bragging and parents will not meet.

In addition, sooner or later a woman will give birth, and what child can
to be a person leading a similar lifestyle? The answer is obvious.


Приходя домой, the menа хочет, чтобы его встречала красавица жена
with a hot dinner on the table. They adore when they are spoiled for something.

Все мы знаем, что путь к сердцу the menы лежит через
stomach. So why not learn to cook?

For this there is a lot of material on the Internet and books in the store.
Culinary skills in life will definitely come in handy. Very important
maintain cleanliness in the house, create comfort, atmospheric atmosphere.
In such a house you always want to return.  If you can not
to manage, then this business is gainful, the main desire.


Smart women are always surrounded by attention. They are fascinating lead
conversation, able to beautifully express thoughts and give advice in various

Это только в фильмах the menы любят глупеньких блондинок,
life does not need a beautiful doll, but an intelligent personality.

In this matter, the main thing is not to overdo it, and in time to shut up.
Слишком разумных девушек the menы сторонятся, так как опасаются быть
dumber on their background. Remember, nothing decorates a girl like that.


The strength of a woman is in her weakness, and you cannot argue with that. Modern
girls are used to solving problems on their own, as they say
�”Drag everything on their shoulders”, thereby not giving the opportunity
проявить the menе свою силу, надежность, умение поддержать и
to help out And after all precisely fragile, graceful girls, most of all
I want to love, care and cherish.

Sweetness, meekness, mystery, easy gait,
simplicity – all this is typical of a real lady.

С такими девушками, the menа чувствует себя величественным,
strong, confident, next to it is ready to conquer new heights.


There is no audacity, arrogance, swear words in a woman (according to
the men) быть не должно. The ideal companion does not raise the voice, she
calm and unruffled.

This girl does not roll up the scandal, does not scream about
and without it, and if there was a trouble – will give the opportunity
the menе оправдаться.

Of course, expressing your emotions and feelings is possible and necessary, but here
it’s about everyday scandals and reproaches that are just
destroying relationships .. A wise woman understands that to achieve her
can be another way.


Caring and kindness perfectly complement the perfect image
girls Каждому the menе, даже брутальному самцу, нужна забота,
attention and caress. Do not forget about it, and next time instead
очередной ссоры, приготовьте the menе любимое кушанье. Help
хвалите, поддерживайте, будьте для вашего the menы, не только
a girl, but also a reliable friend.

Share your hobbies: go fishing,
travel, play dominoes.

No matter what you do, the main thing is to spend time
together, caring for each other, because it brings together and changes
relationship only for the better. Finding the perfect in your face
 женщину, любовницу и друга, the menа не будет искать
anyone on the side.

Perfect woman, lights, inspires, makes
the menу по-настоящему счастливым, становится для него источником
delight and joy. A man will never let such a woman go
will do anything for her: he will get a star from the sky, and the world will
feet throw. To reach the ideal is difficult, but if you try, then
the result is not long in coming. You will be amazed how cool
изменятся ваши отношения с the menами и жизнь в

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