Peeling of the scalp – reasons, waystreatment. Efficiency and danger of folk remedies for peelingscalp

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Шелушение scalp вследствие естественного отмирания
the top layer of the skin is a completely normal phenomenon.

Такое шелушение scalp не доставляет беспокойства, в
unlike pathological processes that need urgently
to heal.

Проблема шелушения scalp широко распространена, по данным
scientists, about 57 percent of women of different

Usually the causes of peeling do not require medical correction, but
sometimes the scalp can “tell” about serious violations in
the body.

В подавляющем числе случаев шелушение scalp — симптом
fungal infection.

Let’s see what else leads to unpleasant symptoms.

Peeling skin: causes

As soon as you notice an excess of skin scales on your hair,
analyze what changes have recently occurred in your life.
Change of shampoo, comb, regimen and diet – in 90% of cases
достаточно подкорректировать их и шелушение scalp
will stop. But there are more serious problems.

Peeling skin cause:

• fungal diseases such as seborrhea and psoriasis;

• folliculitis;

• ichthyosis;

• climate change;

• effects of peeling and excess tanning;

• improper skin care;

• stress, depression;

• malnutrition;

• malfunction of the body systems;

• frequent chemical dyeing, perm, use
styling tools and devices for laying (hair dryer, curling iron).

Causes of skin flaking with the formation of flakes, red spots and

Such symptoms suggest the development of seborrheic dermatitis. it
quite frequent phenomenon, which is caused by excess sebum
and changing its composition. The causative agent of the disease is
yeast-like fungus Malassezia furfur in the form of Pityrosporum ovale.
These microorganisms use the greasy secret for their growth and

Men suffer from seborrheic dermatitis more often than women.
It is often caused by hormonal changes, stresses and disturbances in
work of the immune system. Occasionally dermatitis occurs with
генетическим и внешним фактором development.

Dandruff in this case is both dry and oily, the skin
heads not only peel off, but also constantly irritated and itchy. With
dry dandruff on the surface of the skin is observed accumulation of small
(sometimes large) white scales and itchy.

In severe cases with oily dandruff on the hairy part of the skin
there are erythematous spots and plaques with greasy scales and

Why does the scalp flake off after washing

Some people experience intense itching after washing their heads. More often
In all, this is caused by the reaction of sensitive skin to chemical
facilities. In this case, you need to wash your hair as much as possible.
carefully, as not all hair care products
A positive effect on the scalp, for example, balm.

If, even after thorough rinsing, the scalp does not
stopped peeling, it is better to change the shampoo and other means for
hair care.

Шелушение scalp: способы лечения

В лечении шелушения scalp можно сначала попытаться
get by with a little blood. First of all, improving nutrition,
adjustment of the regime, the balance of proteins of fats and carbohydrates,
reducing the amount of sugar consumed – it should be
стартом лечения scalp. Since dandruff may cause
professional series products it is better to change them to shampoos for
everyday use.

If the change of detergent and the above measures did not lead to
result, you need to contact your dermatologist or

For the treatment of dandruff, doctors use physiotherapy.
means, for example, cryomassage which conducts liquid nitrogen.
The procedure leads to a narrowing of the blood vessels and then
capillaries expand and nutrition of hair follicles improves.

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect is achieved
also exposure to the skin by electric current (darsonvalization).
It is carried out before treatment with keratolytic agents.

Notредко лечение scalp проводит с использованием шампуней.
it могут быть противогрибковые шампуни и способствующие замедление
cell growth epidermis. The content in the latter is sulfur, zinc and
selenium, does not allow to appoint them often. More often doctors
prescribe a tar shampoo and tar that help
remove excess sebum.

For the treatment of fatty type of dandruff, skin treatment is used.
head cover with 60% sodium thiosulfate solution, 2%
salicylic ointment, sulsen paste.

With шелушении scalp врач непременно посоветует аптечный
multivitamin complex. Do not self-medicate – doctor
you know what exactly vitamins you lack, and what will help in
your case.

Как лечить шелушение scalp при себорейном дерматите

The basis of treatment is the use of ketoconazole-based shampoos.
(“Nizoral”), having degraded selenium sulfide (“Sulsen”) or pyrithione
zinc (“Friederm zinc”, “Algopiks”, “Skin cap”). Very effective
Ketoconazole showed itself – it is used as in the acute stage
treatment, and once a month for prevention.

If seborrhea has passed into a severe stage, doctors use
corticosteroids. In particular, fluorinated corticosteroids in the form
lotions or gels, and hydrocortisone with clioquinol.

It is very important to follow the diet during seborrhea – at least
greasy, salty and spicy foods, as well as sweets. Exclude all
which increases sebum secretion.

Лечение шелушения scalp при псориазе

Despite the abundance of folk recipes for psoriasis, treatment gives
effect only with proper medical approach using
different groups of techniques.

• With подозрении на аллергическую природу заболевания,
antihistamines are prescribed: “Erius”, “Suprastin”,
�Telfast, Tavegil, and others. Kestin showed itself well. They
используются также для устранения itch.

• When the scalp is severely affected and with a generalized form
diseases used for desensitization of the body drugs
calcium – gluconate and chloride. For detoxification, polysorb is prescribed and
Activated carbon.

• In the case of an autoimmune form of psoriasis, prescribe
immunosuppressants – Azathioprine and Cyclosporin.

• Psoriasis, which affects certain parts of the body, in particular,
hair coat, successfully stopped by glucocorticosteroids
(“Prednisolone”) in the form of ointments and creams. They снимают воспаление и
снижают шелушение scalp.

• Withсоединение к бляшкам псориаза бактериальной инфекции
It also forces you to prescribe antibiotics.

• Keratolytics and synthetic vitamin D – relieve inflammation and
accelerate healing.

Шелушение scalp: народные средства

Relief in peeling, redness and itching of the scalp
scalp приносит применение некоторых народных средств. But
pay attention: what suited the patient with seborrheic dermatitis,
will be completely useless for psoriasis and dry dandruff. Not
neglect the services of a health professional in treatment.

So, traditional medicine claims the effectiveness of the following
средств при шелушении scalp.

Olive Oil Mask

In 100 grams of olive (can be mixed in half with linseed) oil
Pour 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Lubricate the skin
heads, cover with a package and hold for 20 minutes. Please note: in
The composition of a lot of acid, so the mask can not be overdone. By
deadline wash off with a warm decoction of nettle. Byвторять регулярно
once in 3 days for a month.

Oatmeal Mask

Two glasses of cereal pour a small amount of nettle broth
or chamomile. Byлученную кашицеобразную массу втирать мягкими
movements in the affected places, cover with cellophane and wrap
a towel. Leave for a couple of hours, then rinse with warm water
by adding shampoo.

Egg ointment

Byложить целое (в скорлупе) сырое куриное яйцо в 200-граммовый
glass, pour the vinegar to the top, cover and leave for a day. Byсле
chop the shells thoroughly, mix with the egg mixture and
add 1 tablespoon of pork fat. Healers claim that
tool helps with psoriatic plaques, if you hold them
�”Egg ointment” for half an hour. By истечении времени средство
wash and smear the skin with zinc ointment.

Onion-based mask

Grind the peeled onion in a meat grinder and apply
gruel onto a wetted head. Wrap with polyethylene and leave
for half an hour. Rinse with warm water, dry hair, and after a day
wash with shampoo as usual. If there is a burning sensation and / or itching,
procedure immediately stop and wash your hair with shampoo.

With регулярном применении не только кожа станет здоровее, но и
hair will gain strength and shine.

Herbal Cleaners

Long known effect of rinsing hair from dandruff. One of
the most effective herbal preparations – 2 tablespoons of calamus root,
nettle and coltsfoot for 1 liter of boiling water. Within 10 minutes
torment in a water bath, then cover with dense material
(so as not to cool) and leave for 1 hour. You can use as for
rinsing the head after shampooing, and instead.

Notплохой эффект дает также отвар календулы с добавлением
a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice.

If folk remedies were useless, or led to
deterioration, urgently consult a doctor!

Шелушение scalp: профилактика

Just a few simple rules will save from annoying peeling.

• stick to a balanced diet with plenty of
vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, dairy products and nuts;

• drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day;

• use a wooden comb for hair with sparse teeth;
wash it every day with shampoo;

• minimize the use of styling products;

• do not wash your hair with hot water, rinse after washing
decoction of herbs;

• do not blow dry hair;

• adhere to the rules of personal hygiene.

With появлении красных пятен, itch или боли, не занимайтесь
self medicated!

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