Peas in a slow cooker – cooking inpleasure! Recipes сытных, простых и ароматных горошниц вmulticooker

ATт, 16 авг 2016 Автор: Марина ATыходцева

Peasant-old Russian porridge.

Ее очень легко приготовить в multicooker.

There she does not burn, does not run away and always turns out

Porridge recipes a huge amount, here is a selection of the best and

Introduce relatives with peas?


Горошница в multicooker — общие принципы приготовления

You can take any peas for a dish absolutely any, but better
use peeled and crushed beans. Of these, porridge will cook much
quicker Also speed up the process of pre-soaking the beans.
They are always filled with cold water and kept until swelling. If a
time is short, then just washed beans fall asleep in the slow cooker and
add water. On average, a glass of product is 2-2.5 glasses
fluid. If a бобы набухшие, то количество сокращают.

With what peas cook:

• just with spices, butter;

• with meat, poultry;

• with a variety of mushrooms, including canned;

• with vegetables;

• with fish products.

For a meal, you can use processed foods: stews,
sausage, canned food. Peanut welcomes
all sorts of spices, sauces, cheese. If a нет желания добавлять их
directly into the porridge, you can cook separately and put in
serving plate.

Для варки каши в multicooker обычно используют программу «Суп»
or “Quenching”. Time depends not only on the recipe, but also on
beans. Sometimes peas are boiled for a very long time and require more water. AT
In this case, you can always add additional boiling water in
saucepan from the multicooker. Cold water is not added.

Простая горошница в multicooker

Рецептура обыкновенной горошницы в multicooker, в которую не
nothing is added except butter and spices. Dish can serve
garnish for any meat, poultry, goes well with fish and


• a glass of any peas;

• 2.5 glasses of water;

• 30 grams of oil;

• salt, paprika, pepper, garlic clove.


1. Pour peas into a convenient bowl and select damaged grains.
We rinse in cold water and shift to the slow cooker.

2. Add prescription liquid. It is not necessary to take
water ATкусней гороховая каша получается на бульоне или овощном

3. Close, set for an hour stew by selecting the mode.

4. Open, salt, season with any spices, which
like, throw a clove of garlic.

5. Add oil. If a блюдо не постное, то кидаем кусочек

6. Stir peas, cook another twenty minutes.

Горошница в multicooker с копченой свининой

Для ароматной горошницы в multicooker понадобится любой кусочек
smoked pork. You can take smoked bacon, if not scare
calorie dishes.


• 0.5 kg of split peas;

• litere of water;

• onions 200 grams;

• 200 grams of pork;

• 30 ml of oil.


1. For this porridge it is better to take split peas. We wash it and
we send in a cup from the multicooker.

2. Add water according to the recipe, close it and prepare it on the program.
soup until the end.

3. While peas are boiling, pour oil on the pan and put
sliced ​​pieces of pork. If a используется сало, то можно
dispense with oil.

4. Fry pork for a minute, then add chopped to it
on small cubes of onions. We pass to rosy color.

5. Check the peas. If a он сварился, берем толкушку и
we knead. Salt porridge.

6. If a горох еще твердый, то довариваем дальше.

7. Shift the onions browned with pork, stir.

8. Give the peas to insist that the porridge soaked with aroma
smoked meat

Горошница в multicooker «Два в одном» с котлетами

Чудный рецепт горошницы в multicooker. Porridge immediately prepared
together with the chops, which allows you to get a full meal without
unnecessary trouble It will take a bit of mixed mince. Get three


• 300 grams of minced meat;

• a glass of split peas;

• 1.5 glasses of water;

• spices, oil;

• 0.5 onions.


1. Rinse peas, cover with cold water for half an hour.

2. Then pour the liquid, transfer the beans to the slow cooker,
pour water from the recipe. Add a little salt, throw a piece

3. While peas insisted, it was necessary to chop half
onions and combine with minced meat, salt weat and form three

4. ATыкладываем котлетки на корзинку пароварки.

5. Set the tray over the peas.

6. Close the slow cooker, prepare a double dish for two hours
extinguishing program.

7. ATот и все! It remains to get the meatballs, stir the garnish and
put on a plate.

Горошница в multicooker с тушенкой

For such a pea porridge you will need a can of any stew, weighing
300-400 grams. Immediately do not stir the product, first remove from
surface fat, as vegetables will roast on it.


• 500 grams of peas;

• stew;

• onion pair heads;

• one carrot.


1. Soak peas in cold water. It is advisable not to stand
less than three hours to swell.

2. Washed peas fall asleep in a saucepan.

3. Add enough water to cover the grits. on three

4. ATключаем варку, периодически снимаем пенку и готовим до

5. Remove the fat from the stew, transfer it to the pan. If a
жира мало, то можно добавить любого oils. ATключаем огонь.

6. Cut the onions into cubes, fry.

7. Add grated carrot, cook together.

8. We disassemble large pieces in stew, you can cut with a knife and
we shift the meat to the vegetables. Heat well and cook until
soft onions with carrots. Pieces should not crunch.

9. We open porridge, we check readiness. If a горох мягкий, то
add vegetables with stew from the pan, salt and stir.

10. Leave to boil for another ten minutes, at the end peas
You can fill with greens.

Горошница в multicooker с грибами

Cooking грибной горошницы не займет у хозяйки более
quarter of an hour, the slow cooker will do everything itself. The only thing about
care must be taken – soak the peas beforehand so that it swells


• a glass of peas;

• 1 onion;

• 250 grams of mushrooms;

• spices;

• 1 carrot;

• 30 граммов oils.


1. We throw in the pan any oil and turn on the cartoon
baking program.

2. Cut the mushrooms into slices, but not finely, throw in the preheated
butter. It is very important that the mushrooms do not start to let the juice.

3. Cut the onion into cubes, cut carrot into slices. Throw
to mushrooms about five minutes after the start of frying.

4. Slightly fry the vegetables, then we run to them swollen
peas. ATоду, в которой он стоял, нужно слить, желательно бобы

5. Fill in clean boiling water, about 1.5 cups.

6. Close the slow cooker, set the peas stew on the program.

7. Open, throw in any mess seasoning. Stir,
we estimate the density of porridge. You can add a little boiling water.

8. Close and prepare another twenty minutes, the program does not change.
need to.

Горошница в multicooker с куриным филе и адыгейским сыром

Another delicious pea option that is made with
adding chicken fillet. Although, other parts can be used.
Chicken, which will turn fine chopped.


• 0.1 kg fillet;

• 0.2 kg of peas;

• 0.1 kg of Adyghe cheese;

• onion head;

• spices, oil or fat.


1. Pour the washed peas with water, leave for six hours. Or
put in the fridge for the night. ATоды должно быть как минимум в три
раза больше, чем beans.

2. Drain this water, pour in a new one and set boil porridge in
multicooker. The soup mode, prepare the hour.

3. Cut the onion into cubes, also diced minced fillets, and
Adyghe cheese

4. Put chicken fillet on frying pan with butter and fry for minutes
ten, throw onions and cook until golden brown.

5. The last is laid Adygei cheese, it is enough
chew a couple of minutes.

6. Put any spices to the chicken and cheese, you can add a couple
garlic cloves, greens.

7. Open porridge, salt, optionally knead a little
толкушкой, приправлять больше ничем не need to.

8. Put peas into plates, sprinkle with fried
a mixture of chicken with cheese and onions.

Горошница в multicooker с колбасой

Simple, but very nourishing and fragrant pea. ATид и сорт
sausages do not matter. Porridge turns out equally tasty as with
smoked and cooked sausages.


• 0.2 kg sausage;

• 1 cup of peas;

• 30 grams of oil;

• 2.5 glasses of water.


1. Peas can be soaked in advance, in this case 1-1.5 is enough
glasses of water. If a бобы сухие, то добавляем к ним жидкость по

2. Put the beans, pour the odes, close and cook for an hour. We use
soup program.

3. Cut the sausage into cubes, fry lightly in butter.
We use сковородку. To taste, you can fry a sausage with vegetables,
for example, with onions, peppers.

4. Open the slow cooker, check the porridge. Pea should be
soft, disintegrate when pressed.

5. Salt and add fried sausage.

6. Stir, готовим еще минут десять. The pea is ready!

Горошница в multicooker — полезные советы и хитрости

• Pea porridge will be much more tasty if, instead of ordinary
water use broth. You can take a mushroom or vegetable decoction.
ATкусно, хоть и не очень полезно, получается с добавлением бульонных

• Peas will never fall apart, they will cook for a very long time,
if hard water is used. If a каша уже варится долго, то
You can add a small pinch of soda, it neutralizes the stiffness
воды и поможет блюду свариться quicker

• Do not keep soaked beans for long at room temperature
temperature, they can sour, an unpleasant smell. If a
there is no time to cook now, then you need to change the water and
put the product in the fridge.

• If a горошница готовится без мяса, то улучшить вкус каши можно
cheese Add some grated food to a hot dish,

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