Pearl Slimming

perlovka-dlya-pohudeniyaTrying to lose weight, many women are looking for
complex exotic products that are often ineffective and, to
the same, not cheap.

In fact, there are very simple and effective ways
to reduce the weight of the budget and without harm to health. One of them –
barley for weight loss. This low-fat cereal is not only
fills the body with most vital elements, but
also makes the skin healthy, supple and silky.

Nutritionists treat pearl barley differently. Their opinions
divided into opposites. Barley diet supporters praise her
for high fiber content and good cleansing ability,
rapid weight loss and increased metabolism.

Opponents of nutrition only barley porridge and soups
recommend to pay attention to contraindications, not to get involved
these dishes three times a day. Soft diet options for barley
porridge with vegetables, dried fruits, boiled lean meat and other
useful products give lower results than tough
one-piece food, but do not harm the body. And at
Exiting the diet does not contribute to a large weight jump.

Barley: useful properties and secrets of cooking

Barley barley is rich in vitamins of group B, A,
E, PP. From trace elements in pearl barley contains: iodine and chromium,
manganese and strontium, copper, nickel and zinc, iron, cobalt,
molybdenum, phosphorus and bromine.

Barley porridge is prepared as follows: one liter
drinking water poured 200 grams. cereals and leave for 12 hours. Then
poured and boiled porridge in three glasses of water until cooked (takes
about half an hour). Next, you need to remove the pan from the stove,
cover with a towel, and after a quarter of an hour porridge can be served to
the table. No salt, no sugar in this dish can not be put!

The essence of barley diet and menu options

The toughest version of the three-five-day pearl barley monodiets
porridge suggests that all days you can only eat barley,
boiled in water without salt or oil.

Barley porridge for weight loss has a dehydrating effect,
therefore, water balance must be maintained by consuming
drinking water and mineral water without gas, herbal decoctions and green tea
sugarless. In the evening, you can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or
kefir (1%).

The second option – allows for breakfast to cereal 3-5 dried fruit
(prunes) per serving or green apple in a grated form. For lunch –
boiled chicken breast or lean beef with cereal and vegetable
salad (cucumbers, carrots or cabbage). In the evening you can have dinner
low-fat kefir (200 ml) or cottage cheese (150 g).

The free, easiest diet option includes dishes from
barley for slimming, but does not limit the variety
low-calorie foods: lean meat and fish, dairy and
fermented milk “zero” drinks, cottage cheese and eggs, dried fruits for
cereals, vegetable salads, fragrant herbs and spices, a little
sweet and sour fruit. Portions should be small, no more
fist size (150 gr.).

Losing weight on this type of barley diet helps refusal of sweets,
bakery products, smoked meat, fatty meat and fish, alcohol and
carbonated drinks with sugar. Water normal and mineral without
gas, teas and herbal infusions can be drunk in a volume of 1.5-2.5 liters per
day, depending on the starting weight for weight loss. Also first
half a day a cup of savory coffee is allowed.

Attention! Harm and benefits of barley for weight loss

While nutritionists argue whether it is possible to eat barley for weight loss,
many girls successfully lose weight. At the same time reasonable
the use of dishes with pearl barley:

  • Due to the abundance of fiber cleanses the intestines and normalizes
  • Reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood;
  • Stimulates the immune system;
  • Promotes the removal of sand and stones from the kidneys and gall
    a bubble;
  • Improves the cardiovascular system;
  • Strengthens bones and teeth;
  • Enriches the skin with “beauty vitamins” – A and E and improves it
  • Stimulates brain activity;
  • Strengthens the growth of nails and hair, strengthening them.

Calorie pearl barley is 350 kcal per 100 grams.
product, and 100 gr. porridge – only 120 kcal. No matter how
low-calorie pearl barley, you can lose weight with it if
do regular exercises at least 20-30 minutes a day, walk
walk, lead an active lifestyle!

But barley diet is not for everyone. Even in a healthy diet
People barley porridge should be present no more than 2-3 times a week.
Otherwise, gluten – component of barley – in high doses can lead
to increased leaching of calcium from the body, and as a result – to
osteoporosis. Increased bone fragility – the result of abuse
pearl barley.

In addition, people suffering from gastritis with increased
acidity and constipation, barley porridge can worsen the symptoms, so
as it is difficult to digest by the stomach and can lead to a violation
digestion. Children under 3 years and pregnant women pearl barley

The minus of pearl barley is its cooking duration. If a
the steamed steamed from the evening can be ready in 30-40 minutes, then
dry will have to bring to readiness for at least 3 hours!

Who helps the barley for weight loss: reviews for and against

Olga, Kemerovo: “Groats on the water are a real treasure! Skin hair
nails are transformed before our eyes! The figure is slim, barley does not
starve, saturation is felt. No fitness muesli, loaves and
bran with an unknown composition is not needed! Budget and efficient! ”

Ksyusha, Moscow: “I want to lose 7 kg. Sat down on hard barley.
Started yesterday with 67.4 kg, today – minus kilo! In addition to porridge without
salt and sugar eat apple, orange and grapes, and then porridge – tin! But
for a good figure I will suffer a week! “

Nastya, St. Petersburg: “This is nonsense barley! I sat down in front of her
Butвым годом, пила 2 л воды, не то, что 5 кг, даже ни один не ушел!
Sister also tried and no result! I became
irritable, I want to eat all the time, no matter how much weight
dial! ”

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