Pearl for weight loss – make up the menu

Among the new-fashioned diets for losing weight, the old is undeservedly forgotten.
good barley. But you can use it without any special material
costs quite quickly and significantly lose weight.

You do not have to deal with the painful feeling of hunger –
the main culprit of most failures and failures from the cherished dream
get rid of extra pounds.

Перловка для похудения

Use pearl for weight loss

Pearl barley nature as if specially created for losing weight. AT
She has a huge amount of fiber, which is difficult
digested, quickly creating and permanently retaining the feeling

Slowly moving through the intestines, its fibers actively absorb
assume all toxins, slags and excess liquid encountered on the way.
The result of such a cleansing of the body will be noticeable after
several days: healthy skin color, the disappearance of edema. And most importantly
– regular soft stools provided.

ATареная перловая крупа сладковатая на вкус. With this her
the glycemic index is only 22 – 5 times lower than glucose.
That is, after eating barley insulin hormone levels,
the main regulator of the exchange of sugars, increases very slightly.
This means that absorbed carbohydrates will be immediately consumed and
will not be stored as fat. And the amount of insulin will slowly decrease,
without causing a sharp feeling of hunger.

Perlovka – the leader among the groats in the content of vegetable protein.
It is poorly cleaved in the intestines of a person, but absorbed
the quantities are still enough for the body not to burn its own
muscle. In addition, pearl barley is rich in lysine, an amino acid from
which forms the collagen framework of the skin and mucous membranes
body. That is, the skin will sag, the kidneys and uterus will drop,
wrinkles will appear, even with rapid weight loss

AT перловой крупе много витаминов, поддерживающих иммунную
a system to cope with depression and apathy without jamming
their mountain of sweets. Good mood and optimism are the best.
support for losing weight.

Calorie and how to cook

The energy value of dry pearl barley – about 320 kcal. AT
depending on the duration of cooking, ready-to-eat porridge
will be from 80 to 120 kcal per 100 grams.

Those who wish to lose weight are strongly recommended to cook it in
pressure cooker or pressure cooker. So she is completely
cooked a maximum of an hour, and without soaking,
destroying a lot of nutrients. At the same time the cereal will be boiled
so that it will increase in volume by at least 4 times. AT
As a result, half a liter of half a glass of dry barley
finished, which will be only 250 kcal.

ATиды диет на перловке

Groats can be used for a fasting day or
short monodiets.

Монодиета Утром сварить на воде 150 гр.
barley or its finely chopped version – barley grits (worse).
Salt and sugar do not add.

The resulting liter of cereal divided into 6 meals, drink
water, tea or compote without sugar. Weight loss up to 1 kg per
day, including due to the removal of slag and edema.

Diet on pearl barley

Softer and healthier diet option – a combination
0.5 liters of welded barley with other products. This type
nutrition can be the basis of a long diet. Only important
to choose the right combination, so as not to cause indigestion,
increased gas and abdominal pain.

We make the day menu with barley

Barley porridge in one meal is useful to add tender
vegetables – tomatoes and cucumbers, boiled beets, cauliflower
or broccoli.

Try how unusual and tasty is the vegetable salad,
if you add to it the “grains” of coolly welded barley.

It goes well with low-fat sea fish cooked
steamed or boiled – up to 300 grams per day. Sweet tooths can
treat yourself to fruit with fiber without peel in the form of mashed potatoes to porridge
or separately.

AT дневное меню в отдельный прием пищи можно смело включать:

– vegetable soups puree (30-50 kcal per 100 g.); – omelet from mix
eggs and milk (120 kcal); – 100 gr. boiled chicken breast (113
kcal) or other lean meat; – low fat cottage cheese.

What combinations should be abandoned

  1. From raw and sour vegetables and fruits containing coarse
    fiber. Their combination with pearl barley can become intolerable.
    stiff brush for intestines, causing pain in the abdomen.
    Carefully with white (“late”) and red cabbage,
    carrots, radishes, beets, radishes, pears, skinned apples, greens
  2. For the same reason – from meat juices, bran, dried fruit and
    black bread.
  3. From any dairy products that have acidophilic acid added.
    leaven. Cellulose barley already causes increased
    gas formation. AT сочетании с «живым» кефиром или йогуртом она
    will swell up the belly and may cause embarrassment.

An unloading diet on pearl barley does not cause feelings of hunger, not
requires a melancholy monotonous repetition of the same
dishes. It is so easily perceived that a healthy diet
quietly becoming the norm of life.

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