Pear type – how to become the mostattractive?

tip-figury-grusha-dieta-i-sportYou may be surprised, but
type of figure pear in women with seductive curves and mouthwatering
Forms – the most attractive for men. And many of them
they are not even aware of this, because this process takes place on
subconscious level.

Narrow waist, pronounced hips and elastic buttocks – attributes
�“Pears” are designed for the process of pregnancy and
childbearing Even, loved by all, reference hourglasses
represent a proportional physique modification

The main line of maintaining feminine pears is not
pay attention to the “thin and voiced” models, insanely
imposed, as a stereotype, by mass media.

Free from delusions, your self-awareness will understand that the figure
pears not only protects you from health risks, but also
makes you feminine and attractive to men.

What is the difference between the female pear figure and other types?

Such a figure is often called a “triangle”, since it
represents the small proportions of the body in the upper part
torso, including chest and shoulders, and heavy forms – at the base –
wide hips.

To determine the type of triangle shape, you must measure
waist and hip volume. The ratio of these two parameters may not be
above the coefficient of 0.8. That is, dividing the waist value by
hip volume, we should get a figure of no more than 0.8.

How to measure the waist and hips?

  • Stand up straight without pulling in your belly. Measure the waist at the narrowest
    parts of the body (from the navel line up to 2.5 cm above it – from different people
    waist line may vary in levels, but always around
    this zone);
  • Measure your hips by the widest circumference of your

Separate the results. If the figure was 0.8 or
below, then you are a typical “pear”, if above — then your body has
apple shape.

Pros and cons physique triangle

Girls with the figure of a pear (in medical terminology – “ginoid”,
which means “woman”) possess high levels of estrogen. This
sex hormone gives attractiveness and charm to any
the fair sex. In the body chemistry of pear estrogen
is the maximum amount!

But as a result, this female hormone is a brake on
the process of thermolipolysis. The rate of metabolism in pears is very
slow, any excess fat is stored in the subcutaneous layers,
mainly on the hips and buttocks.

Perhaps this can reassure you, however, the right strategy
weight loss can bring significant results!

Pear Build: Health Risks

The good news for such girls is the news that
their typical health risks are far from trouble
peers, whom nature has awarded an apple shape figure.

Pears are usually predisposed to the appearance and development of:

  • Osteoporosis;
  • Cellulite;
  • Varicose veins;
  • Outbreaks during menopause;
  • Eating disorders caused by aggressive advertising
    skinny women with asexual forms, persuasively propagated by long
    time on the catwalks of fashion houses. Fortunately, recently this
    strategy redefined and some brave models show
    real female forms instead of comfortable clothes for designers
    anorexic creatures.

As can be seen from the list, these risks do not threaten the vital
organs, but during menopause, if your weight exceeds 9 (and
more) kilograms above the norm, then the risk is high to get the same
problems that women with an apple figure.

This may occur due to a sharp decrease in the level
estrogen – the female hormone – in your body. Therefore, all
�“Pears” need to strictly monitor body weight so as not to
gain weight exceeding optimal.


The best diet for the figure of pear

The main task of healthy pear food is to help eliminate fat in
problem areas, stubbornly persisting under the skin, and
минимизировать риски, связанные с повышением массы body.

Along with cellulite reduction (subcutaneous “orange
crusted “), the diet is aimed at losing excess weight and requires
diet low in fat.

Three prophetic tips for healthy nutrition “pears”:

1. Eat a minimum of fat, preferring exceptionally healthy types:
flaxseed oil for salad dressing, low-fat pouring and sauces
(yogurt and others), nuts (not more than a handful per day), salmon,
mackerel, mackerel (as rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids),
promote weight loss, cook with a small amount of
coconut oil, speeding up your metabolism.

2. Eliminate refined simple carbohydrates from the diet and
animal fats: fatty meats, butter, cream, whole milk,
yoghurts, cheeses, mayonnaise and sour cream, fatty and deep fried
foods, delicacies, pickles, rich sauces and dressings.
Avoid using table salt, use it instead.
Himalayan pink or Celtic sea salt with reduced
the amount of sodium (retaining water in the body) and rich
useful minerals. These types of salt can be found in
online stores or shops “Health”.

3. Prefer in nutrition complex, indigestible,
carbohydrates (whole grains, rye bread, brown rice, buckwheat,
quinoa, oatmeal (oats), vegetables, beans, fruits. Satisfy hunger
high-quality proteins: homemade eggs, white turkey meat
or chicken (skinless breasts), lean beef or lamb,
fish, seafood, “zero” – milk, yogurt, cottage cheese,
yogurt or whey.

Always remember that the figure of a pear is associated with the threat of
osteoporosis, therefore, consume foods high in
Calcium: Seaweed (Wakame, Kombu, Nori – Ingredients
Japanese miso soup, sushi, rolls, salads), greens, cabbage, turnips,
garlic, arugula, broccoli, spinach, okra (okru or gombo),
Brussels or cauliflower, celery, Beijing (Chinese)
cabbage, chard (relative of spinach or beet tops),
potatoes, tomatoes. Include calcium-rich fruits in your diet:
oranges, apples and pears!

You can also replenish your body with calcium from vitamin
supplements with this trace element, taking 500 mg three times a day,
since your body can absorb only 500 mg of calcium in one

Important!!! When taking calcium, do not include fiber
into your diet, as it prevents the assimilation of this
trace element, making it difficult for you to get it in full.

The ideal diet for “pears” in nutrients looks like this:

  • 45% complex carbohydrates;
  • 45% quality proteins;
  • 10% healthy fats (flaxseed oil in a salad and coconut – for
  • A diet rich in calcium, plus this mineral in dietary supplements.

Training for the figure “pear”

The ideal complex should include strength exercises and

  • Strength training for the figure pear must be performed three times in
    week to maintain healthy bones, speeding up
    metabolism, strengthening muscle tone and slender body shapes;
  • Half-hour mid-intensity aerobics
    preferably carried out in the early morning. It stimulates acceleration.
    metabolic processes for the whole day. Protecting yourself from osteoporosis,
    include workouts that put pressure on the bones and
    joints: light walks, jumping rope, dancing and swimming,
    cycling, ball game.
  • Strength training and aerobics are divided into different days. If a
    prefer to do them in one day, then do aerobics right away
    after strength training – be surprised by the result!
  • Good balancing exercises: 5 Tibetan pearls, powerful
    burning fat; bone strengthening exercises – dancing,
    step aerobics, hiking, jumping rope, climbing
    ladder, tennis, and workouts with free weights.

In conclusion, we can say that losing weight can transform
you into a smaller pear, but you can never change your type
physique on some other. Is it necessary? …

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